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By Alma Peters,2014-05-19 23:55
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    Rio de Janeiro

    Name : Huang Yingyin Class : 091 Class Number : 33

    My dream location? The first place that comes up in my mind is a city full of tropical atmosphere, the second biggest city in Brazil-------Rio de Janeiro, which I have dreamed of visiting for a long time. In my opinion, it’s one of the most

    spectacular cities in the whole world.

    In China, we usually celebrate our national festivals peacefully and commonly. But in Rio de Janeiro, festivals are always lively and free. For example, carnivals are ordinary in Rio de Janeiro, they have the reputation of the largest events in the world. The carnivals in Rio de Janeiro are the most attractive compared to other countries’.

    During the carnivals, everyone crowds into the streets and dance without any restriction, no matter what nation you come from and whether you are rich or poor. The carnivals are equal to everyone, all people have the rights to participate. If I am a member of them, maybe I will become a crazy dancer though I don’t know how to

    dance at all. Ladies who dress in sexy clothes will dance samba with the male dancers. A few years ago, I always told my Mum that I would become a fashion designer in the future, because some pictures of the carnivals in Rio de Janeiro had shown many gorgeous and shinny clothes. To Dance samba with the people there must be an enjoyable thing. Enthusiastic samba can bridge the gap between different people, it’s a

    kind of common language without borders. The revealing dresses, cool music, hot samba and charming beauties must attract your attention.

    It is said that in Rio de Janeiro, ancient architectures are protected excellently with little damage and have become museums or monuments. People can realize a

    kind of specific culture from the architectures. In the city, there are several old but magnificent castles. Many modern buildings are built beside them. These architectures indicate the harmonization of history and development. Every country has its own style of architecture. Brazilian architecture is quite representative in South America, and I really want to pay it a visit, in order to broaden my horizon.

    Although I'm not a Christian, I really desire to go to visit the Cristo Rendentor. Cristo Rendentor, elected one of the "New 7 Wonders of the World", is not only the

landmark of Rio de Janeiro, but also the symbol of Brazilians’ enthusiasm and

    generosity. I have been to the Great Wall and the Taj Mahal before, and next, I hope that my dream of visiting the Cristo Rendentor will come true. In many TV programs, it seems that the statue can be seen almost everywhere in Rio de Janeiro. The large and splendid statue of Jesus with open arms, and gives his warm hug to everyone, both natives and visitors. Brazilians always say, The Cristo

    Rendentor indicates philanthropy and independence. Viewing from some pictures,

    the statue will be surrounded by brilliant light in the evening, and look like a golden bird touching the sky. I think every Brazilian must be proud of it.

    In addition, the beaches in Rio de Janeiro are also very famous. The pavements in the beaches are built with both black and white stones. These two colors are opposite, but people there put them together. This reveals that Rio de Janeiro welcomes both integration and separation. I want to visit those beaches, but not for relaxation. I always consider that I will get some profound comprehension of different lifestyle there. Different nations have different culture and values. The best way to understand this, I think it must be going to the place and getting in touch with the people there.

    Everyone has their dream location, some like Romantic Paris, some like traditional Kyoto, some may dream of Hi-tech city----Los Angeles, but my dream location must be Rio de Janeiro, which has Beautiful landscape, lovely people and permanent passion.

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