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Unit8 Why don't you get her a scarf.doc

    Unit 8 Why don't you get her a scarf? 翻译

     收到……的来信______________在他六岁生日那天宠物狗 ____________在舞台上


    以不同的方式 参加比赛 e 你家的某个人

    如今 建造一个特别的猪圈 需要很多关爱 不同种

    类的礼物 树上的树叶 全中国 通过唱歌

     竞赛的获胜者 是谦虚的 使某人各个年龄段

    对做某事感兴趣 提高英语的办法 填空

    1. My brother is __________young to go to school. 2. Why dont you buy a scarf? Thats not __________. (足够有创意?

    3. He takes an __________ in collecting stamps. 4. Shall we have fish _i_________ meat? 5. He gave me food _a_________ clothes.

    6. Dont worry! She can take g________ care of herself. 7. Why dont you a________ for some help? 8. What about s_________ an English song?

    9. Whats the best gift he __________ ever r________? 10. Its important __t__ c a good friend.

    11. When __________ you __________ your birthday party? ;你何时举办的聚会!?

    12. Do you know what the word__m________?

    13. The movie was boring. I f_________ half way through it. 14. Its dangerous for a __________ (五岁的?child to cross the street.

    15. Who else do you know __________;除了Tom in my class? 16 The dictionary c_________ me $20.

    17 Mr. Lee was _______ tired that he couldn't keep his eyes o________. 18. --May I go now? --No. You m____ let the teacher know first. 19 Mr. Smith s_______ an hour on this work.

    20 I called you at about half past eight last nightbut nobody answered.

     --OhI __ __ (work)in my office at that time.

    21 Why not come and join us in the game?-I' ____. But I must go to meet Mr Smith at the airport.

    22 --Would you like some tea? --Yes. Just a l____.

    23 The teacher tells the students _ ___(not eat) in class.

    24 --I have finished my homework. --When ____ you ____ it?(finish) 25 What ____ good idea it is! 26 Mr Li told his little son to answer teachers' questions _p


    27 It's _d__ _ to swim alone in the river. 28 --I want to report a traffic _a_ __.

    29 --I thought I'd buy James a new bike for his birthday. That's a ____(精彩) idea.

    30 Harbin is in the _ ___(东北) of China.

    31 Susan couldn't catch up with her classmates w__ __ your help.

    32.----Shall we go to visit the Museum ?

    32 You look so terrible,youd better ______ to see the doctor.

    33 Why not ______ a good rest after woking hard? 34 Her voice s________ very sweet. The scarf is too c_________ .

35 --_______should I get my mom for her birthday?

     --Why _______ get her a camera?

    36.His pet watches TV_________the sofa every night.

    37 What p______ should I give my mother for Mothers day?

    38 I think dogs are the________ popular pets.

    People like hamsters____________ they are quiet. 39

    40 I want to buy a photo__________ and put all my photos in it. 41 Many people like to keep small animals as their p_____________. Im going to i____________ myself this year. 42

    43 A girl n____________ Lily called you.

    44 He took us out to dinner at an e________ restaurant, but the food was not good at all.

    45 Who is the ________ (win) of the game? 46 There are a lot of ________ (mouse) in the old house.

    47 Can you hear me ________ (clear)? 48 My father made the ________ (suggest) that I should go

    there by bike. 49 Many people in China have ________(person) computers at home.

    50 He made p________ in English and math.

    51 Have you ever h________ the movie The Long Weekend? 52 John Green is very kind to the kids, so they all want to _m_ ______ him.

     53 Be careful. You n fell off your bike.

    54 Our English teacher e us to speak English after class.

    55 One of his a is that he likes helping others.

    56 I decided to stay at home r _____ going to the cinema.

    57 He often f________in class, which makes teachers a .

    58 He is ill today, so I go to the meeting _i________. 59 请把它还给我Please ____ _____ ___ __ me.

    60 他去年放弃了学业.He ____ ____ ____ last year.

    1 Please pass me the hat.(同义句?Please _____ _____ _____ _____.

    2 How do you like the story?;同义句? _____ ____ you ____ ____ the story? 3 He is too weak to carry the box.;同义句?He is ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ the box. 阅读

    Everyone likes (1) _____(礼物).But different people like different kinds of them. Some (2) _________(孩们)like animals, such as (3)______(老鼠)(4) ______;兔?、 (5) ____;猪?

    even (6) _______;蛇?They think they are lovely(7) ________(足够的).And old people also like animals, because they think they can be their(8) ___________(伙伴).Young people like something (9) ________(特别的). I’ve (10) _________(收到)many gifts. But one of them is very meaningful. On my tenth birthday my father (11) _____() it to me. When I (12) ________(打开) it, I was surprised. That’s an English book with CD (13) _________(而不是) a doll. He (14) ___________(建议) me

    learning English well. And his words (15)___________ (鼓励) me to learn English. I became(16) __________(感趣的) in it. 17 ________() there was an MP3 under the book. My father wanted me to listen to English every day. With my father’s help, I made great 18_________(进步).

    Now I am good at it. And I listen to English every day, until I 19__________(入睡). I also

    (20)_____________ (交友) foreigners.

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