Officers meeting, 12-14-05, 7 pm, Stouffer annex

By Gordon Bradley,2014-05-21 18:20
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Officers meeting, 12-14-05, 7 pm, Stouffer annex

    Officers meeting, 12-14-05, 7 pm, Stouffer


Joint meeting of outgoing and newly-elected board

? Constitutional amendment midyear induction

    o Troupe vote on accepting amendment

    o Officers vote on induction

    ? Costume inventory

    o Jennie keeps until end of the year, updates from fall show

    o Next school year keep in Swinger house

    o Can charge dancers for costumes that they don’t turn in

    ? ALHC tapes

    o Joe has old ones

    o Looking into getting a copy for the troupe from this year ? 1920s Commons event

    o Timing farther in advance before show

    o Need to bring flyers, tickets, banners

    o Advertise, get more people

    ? Septa tokens

    o Assigned person to be at Upper Quad Gate to hand them out ? Revenues from show

    o Contact Onda

    ? Greg and David February workshops

    o Confirmed space in Houston

    o Start signing people up

    o Try to get a private lesson with Steven and Virginie ? Fundraising ideas

    o Run an “Uptown”-like dance, themed?

    o Gigs corporate events, school

    o World Café Live opportunity

    o Greg could help us put on a workshop weekend

    ? NSO, need decent bands, plan over summer

    ? Consensus: generally opposed ? All-troupe meeting schedule

    o Plan out, set dates

    o Definitely before big events like ALHC and shows

    o Way for members to voice concerns, forum ? Newbies

    o Information packets with listservs, passwords, etc.

    o Newbie buddies, like Big Brothers/Sisters ? T-shirts, hoodies

    o Asked Mike to help, Roe

    o “Swinger” appropriate on front?

    o E-mail troupe for ideas

    o Deadline, want in spring semester

    o Official logo?

    ? Attendance issues

    o Tokio, lessons, choreographies

    o Taking semester off abroad or busy

    o More than one semester off reaudition?

    ? Need to amend Constitution ? Formal at Four Seasons

    o Spring semester

    ? Carry-over choreographies

    o Choreography inventories

    ? Information sessions with lessons

    o Be aware of other troupes

    o National awareness

    o Once a month th? Church gig, February 25

    o Dinner show, $500 for half hour performance

    o Need to work out transportation

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