Nursing Science Society Meeting

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Nursing Science Society Meeting

    Nursing Science Society Meeting ndDate: January 22 2009

    Location: Mackintosh-Corry Rm B204

    Time: 5:30pm


    1. Approval of Agenda

    ? Open up agenda to include:

    o Motion 1

    o Motion 2

    o Motion 3

    o Motion 4

    o Discussion of Queen‟s First Aid Nursing Specific Course

    ? Motion for the NSS to approve new agenda

    o Motioned by: Christiane MacPherson

    o Second by: Kathleen Kramer

    o Motion passed

    2. Approval of Previous Meeting’s Minutes ? Motion for the NSS to approve the previous meeting‟s minutes

    o Motioned by: Chritiane MacPherson

    o Second by: Kathleen Kramer

    o Motion passed

    3. Guest Speakers

     Stacey James Head Cape

     Representing the NOC requesting funding for the Frosh Week BBQ

     Representing the NOC requesting extra funding for Frosh Week 2009

    4. President’s Report

     AMS Assembly

    o Currently AMS Executive elections are running

    ? Two teams, MAP and CYZ

    ? Please check their online forums/campus debates

     Please vote, they affect the nursing society

     E.g. Fee increases, changes in academic discipline issues

     NSS Social Event

    o After an NSS meeting or on the weekend

    o Suggestions welcome

    ? E.g. dinner, bowling, wine and cheese, pot luck

    ? Decided on doing a pot luck during the next NSS meeting, February 15


    ? Start thinking of what to bring

    ? Email to Rosanna so we don‟t have repeats

     NSS Clothing

    o Last year did golf shirts, zip-up hoodies and polo shirts

    o Suggestions on type and colour are welcome

    o Good to have when doing NSS events

    ? E.g. Frosh Week BBQ

    o Will talk to AMS merchandising about getting deals

     NSS Meeting Information tho Please check the January 15 2009 minutes to ensure you are listed

    under the correct committees

    o Please have reports in by 4pm the Monday before the next meeting

    ? If you cannot, please just bring it up at the meeting

    o We will being taking turns bringing snacks in starting after the next


    ? Christiane will be the first one to do it

     Free CPR offered by Queen‟s First Aid

    o In the Lower Ceilidh, JDUC from 9-5pm

    o Monday January 25, 2009

     Career Services having a Summer Career Fair

    o Wednesday January 28, 2009

    o Gordon Hall from 10:30am-2:30pm

    o Will have summer camps looking to hire nurses

    o Class Presidents:

    ? Please announce this in your class

    o Academic Affairs:

    ? Please send write up a message for the NSS Weekly Update


    rd Still waiting on 3 Year Class Counsel information

    5. Vice President’s Report Met with Barb Bolton about the March Break Open House ththo Set for March 18 and 19 2009 th? Nursing specific is on the 19

    o Need volunteer to help tour and answer questions

    ? Need about 10

    ? Will ask again closer to the date

    o Need to supply drinks and ? the cost of the pizza

    ? The Director is paying for the other ? of the pizza

    o Would like to put together a slide show showing Frosh Week

    o NOC are going to put together an information pamphlet

    o Should the NSS put together a pamphlet


    o Meet every Friday

o ORT is just assembling

    o Looking to do more Engineer-Nursing events

    o Looking to do an Engineer-Nursing formal

    o $150 donation given to Easterseals last year

    ? Looking to do circulating jars to raise funds again tho Doing a Bottle Drive on February 8, 2009

    o Need ideas for charity events

    ? Not doing the car smash this year

    o NOC BBQ

     NaHSSA Conference

    o March 20-22, 2009

    o Kingston is hosting

     Nominations Committee needs to find a CNSA Associate Delegate

     May also need to locate a new CNSA Official Delegate as Charles is

    applying for a higher up position with the CNSA

     Bulletin Boards in the Cataraqui Building

     If you have a board please go decorate it

    6. Class Presidents’ Reports

     Year IV tho 4 Years are consolidating

    ? Back in Week 12

    o Graduation Information

    ? Yearbooks starting

    ? Looking for the Queen‟s Nursing Crest if anyone has it on file

    o Convocation th? Monday June 8, 2009

    ? Ceremony at Grant Hall

    ? Luncheon at Ban Righ

    ? Pining at Grant Hall

    ? Need volunteers

    ? If anyone available please email Sanja

    ? Pin order is being placed

    o Yoga Jackets

    ? Been having lots of problems with manufacturing/screening

    ? Should be ready in a week

    ? Class Presidents:

    ? If someone in your year has ordered a yoga jacket and

    cannot go pick it up, suggest they get someone else to pick

    it up for them o Pillow Cases nd? Thursday April 2, 2009 in Wallace Hall

    ? Time TBD

    ? Need sewing machines and volunteers

    th? Not just for 4 years

    ? Do not need to know how to sew

    ? Kathleen suggested to ask to borrow the floor models from


    o Commies would like to thank the NSS for the donation in Memory of


    ? Need to double check amount decided to donate at the AGM

    ? Donation to be listed as from “Nursing Science Society”

    o Has class check from the Career Fair for each Class President

     Year III

    o Absent

     Year II

    o Invited to Sci ‟11 Semi-Formal at Joy Supper Club th? February 5, 2009

    ? Tickets are $7 in advance/$10 at the door

    ? Profits from those tickets going to Nurs „11

    o Bake Sale nd? Starting February 2, 2009

    ? For 2 weeks

    ? On Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesdays

    o Nursing Sweaters

    ? Wondering if classes would be interested

    th? 4 Year President thinks yes

    th? 4 Year AST President thinks no

    o Just finished their own sweater sales o Alfie‟s Social Event last night

    ? Had a house gathering and then went to Alfie‟s

    ? Good turn out

     Year I

    o Absent

    th 4 Year AST

    o Met with Cynthia Baker about AST Graduation Awards

    ? Idea Passed

    ? Doing 4 Awards

    ? 2 for Professors

    o 1 for “Awesome-ness”

    o 1 for Best Clinical

    ? 2 for Students

    o 1 for Top Academic Standing

    o 1 for Nursing/Extra-curricular

    ? Still be ironed out

    ? The “Cynthia Baker” Award

    ? Tentative name

    ? Should get the Awards Committee to run the student awards

    ? Especially the “Cynthia Baker” Award th? 4 Plaques are to be purchased by the 4 Year AST students which

    will remain in the Cataraqui Building

    ? Cynthia Baker and Pam “______” have agreed to purchase

    the small plaques given out to the students

    ? New Awards need to be added to the Constitution

    ? Will meet later with Christiane and Kathleen to iron out details

    rd 3 Year AST

    o Absent

    7. Senator’s Report st? Having 1 Caucus meeting on Monday night st? Having 1 Senate meeting on Thursday night

    8. Internal Affairs’ Report

    ? Would like suggestions on what information to put on

    o Textbook sales/CPR certification/March Open House was suggested

    o Suggestion to like to AMS website once it is up-to-date

    o Suggested that an email be sent to the web designer because it is very

    slow to load

    ? Will bring in a camera next meeting to take photos of the executive

    ? Would like the executive to write a short paragraph describing their position

    8. Treasurer’s Report

    ? Absent

    9. Committee Reports

    ? Athletics

    o No BEWICS Teams for Nursing this year

    ? Bad timing with transitions

    ? Will start recruiting a team for January 2010 in

    November 2009 to avoid the next transition time

    ? People did show some interest

    ? Although not enough for a team

    ? Talked to Mech Eng about doing a combined team next

    year to fill the male/female requirements

    o BBQ

    ? Only event going to happen this team

    ? During last week of classes

    ? Still working out date as formal is also in the last week nd? Tentatively Thursday April 2, 2009 from 11:00am-


    ? Need volunteers

    ? Email Stefanie if interested

    ? Social Issues

    o Tried to email the Blood Clinic to set up a blood drive for February

    ? Email wasn‟t delivered

    ? Need proper contact information rd Year Council just finished a blood ? Kathleen said the 3rddrive, contact the 3 Year President for contact


    o “Send a Kid to Camp” Bookmarks

    ? Second week in February, tentatively

    ? Need to book a room in the JDUC/Mac-Corry

    ? Lower Ceilidh by the AMS office is best location in


    o Positive Space Training

    ? Emailed Mutsa about giving a seminar

    ? If we get a group of 15-30 people

    o Would be good for the NSS to go to

    ? Should open up to all Nursing Students

    o Year Presidents:

    ? Please tell your classes

    o Mutsa:

    ? Please send an email to Rosanna for the

    NSS weekly update and to Carol Davidson

    to send out another email

    ? Workshop to help people be respectful and knowledgeable about

    gender differences etc.

    ? Will check for interest and then get the information as to


    ? Academics

    o Started to put a list together of agencies to contact regarding the Career


    o Had flyers put up, but got covered up by the AMS elections posters

    ? Health Sciences Facilities

    o Library Committee met

    ? Have major cuts to budget

    ? Are losing 80% of staff

    ? Cutting out journals

    ? Only 200 journals to be ordered to Bracken

    o Initially cutting paper copies

    o May eventually cut electronic copies

    ? Hours

    ? Will still be extending during exams

    o Looking at exam schedule to figure out times

    ? Nursing 403 Textbook

    ? Book was coming in late because the professor changed

    the textbook

    ? Mentioned that people would like to have extra copies

    o Was shot down immediately

    o Said they would not have multiple copies because

    that‟s what the bookstore was for

    ? RNAO

    o Planning a Movie Night

    ? Early September

    ? Playing the movie “Sicko”

    ? May also look into bringing in Nurses to talk about the

    differences between nursing in the US and Canada

    o Political Activism Day


    ? Talk about variety of issues, including nursing

    ? Might have money to send a Queen‟s student

    ? If not students can go with their own money

    o Or can look at the individual funding option

    through the NSS o Mentoring Program

    ? Looking to start one rdth? Pairs up a 3/4 year student with an RN mentor o Speakers Panel

    ? A tradition with St. Lawrence

    ? Will happen at Queen‟s this year

    ? Discusses the pros/cons of different nursing programs

    ? Would like suggestions as to topics

    ? Suggested for Will to speak with Alicia Cooper or

    Charles Mann about speakers and “hot topics”

    o Research Council

    ? Looking at getting more undergrads involved

    ? Creating a website to open up the research options

    ? Meeting with a tech next week to see what they can do

    ? CNSA

    o Going to the National Conference next week in P.E.I.

    ? Only 2 people are going

    ? Cost is a huge factor

    o $400 for flight, $150 for conference

    ? Queen‟s chapter is paying for hotel

    ? Was poor showing at the Regional Conference as well

    ? Are getting 8 or the 12 clinical hours missed forgiving

    o Would like to start a scrub/stethoscope sale after the Conference

    ? Social

    o Met last night with the Formal Committee

    ? Going to go ahead with the Confederation Hotel

    ? Meeting tomorrow morning to sign the contract and do


    ? Thinking about a Masquerade Ball theme

    ? Want to print “Save the Date” stickers

    ? Going to push ticket sales after Reading Week

    ? Thinking about doing ticket deals

    ? Thinking about inviting Meds/OT/PT

    ? Want to make it more of a formal than a dance

    ? Thinking about opening it up to First years

    ? Wrist bands for under-aged

    o Other event ideas

    ? Pub Crawl

    ? Nursing Wing Night at the Merchant

    ? Montreal Road Trip


    10. Discussion Period

    ? Topic: NOC Funding

    o Due to the fact that some NOC Executive sit on the NSS Executive, and

    no final decisions could be made since “_______” was not met, no

    discussion information will be posted in the minutes

    ? Topic: Nursing First Aid and CPR

    o Queen‟s First Aid thinking of hosting a First Aid/CPR course specific to


    ? Would skip over information that is common knowledge for

    nurses and thus speed up the time to complete the course

    o Would be on campus during the school year and offered at a reduced


    o QFA would like to know if they have NSS support

    ? Yes

    11. Question Period

    12. New Business

    13. Motions

I) Motion #1

    ? Motioned by: Kathleen Kramer

    ? Second by: Christiane MacPherson

    ? Motion passed

    II) Motion #II

    ? Motioned by: Kathleen Kramer

    ? Second by: Christiane MacPherson

    ? Motion passed

    III) Motion #III

    ? Motioned by: Kathleen Kramer

    ? Second by: Christiane MacPherson

    ? Motion passed

    IV) Motion #IV

    ? Motioned by: Kathleen Kramer

    ? Second by: Christiane MacPherson

    ? Motion passed

I) Motion #1: To create a stipulation on the Awards Committee that committee

    members must NOT be in their graduating year, and thus may be in Year I, II, III,

    or AST Year III. This will ensure a fair process for all.

Constitution Currently Reads:

     Section 12:

    12.1 The Awards Committee shall be responsible for the selection of the recipients of the

    following awards:

    a) The Eleanor Kelly Award, which shall be given to a fourth year student, past

    or present member of the NSS, who best exemplifies dedication to Queen‟s

    University and the NSS. The award will be presented at the Graduation

    Pinning Ceremony.

    b) The Nursing Science Award, which shall be awarded at the pinning ceremony

    to a graduating student who, in the opinion of their classmates, has made the

    most significant contribution to their class and the NSS. The award will be

    officiated by the PRESIDENT or another Designate.

    c) The Reddick Awards, which shall be awarded at the end of each academic year

    to a member of each of the four year‟s teaching team, including clinical and

    classroom instructors, who can be deemed as “excellent”. The voting for this

    award shall be conducted by each member of the NSS for their respective

    classes and the winner reported to the NSS PRESIDENT, who will present the

    awards at the Graduation Pinning Ceremony.

    12.2 The Awards Committee shall consist of:


    b) Three additional NSS members to be determined at the beginning of the

    academic year of the term of office.

    12.3 Membership of this committee is open to all NSS members.

Proposed Change:

12.3 Membership of this committee is open to all Year I, II, III and AST Year III NSS


II) Motion #2: That the make up of the Constitution Review Committee include the

    Mature/RN/AST Representative, or a proxy of an AST year president. This ensures

    all years and streams have a say in the policies of the NSS.

Constitution Currently Reads:

Section 17:

    17.5 The NSS Constitution Review Committee shall be comprised of:




Proposed Change:

    17.7 The NSS Constitution Review Committee shall be comprised of:





III) Motion #3: That the Improvement Committee and the Student Lounge

    Committee be merged into the Improvements and Student Lounge Committee.

Constitution Currently Reads:

    Section 14: 14.1 The Improvement Committee shall be responsible for making recommendations to

    the NSS on improvements to the School of Nursing facilities and equipment, which

    would enhance the Queen‟s Nursing student‟s professional development.

    14.2 Recommendations should benefit all Queen‟s Nursing students, and not overlap

    with improvements that the School of Nursing is responsible for. 14.3 The NSS will accept a number of recommendations before approving a specific


    14.4 The NSS will approve recommendations based on their financial budget for that

    year, and the feasibility of the proposed project. 14.5 The Improvement Committee shall consist of:


    b) One representative from each year.

Proposed Change:

    Section 14: 14.1 The Improvements and Student Lounge Committee shall be responsible for making

    recommendations to the NSS on improvements to the School of Nursing facilities

    and equipment, which would enhance the Queen‟s Nursing student‟s professional


    14.2 Recommendations should benefit all Queen‟s Nursing students, and not overlap

    with improvements that the School of Nursing is responsible for. 14.3 The NSS will accept a number of recommendations before approving a specific


    14.4 The NSS will approve recommendations based on their financial budget for that

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