By Timothy Young,2014-05-21 17:20
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    APRIL ’09

    Monash University Central Netball Club

Hi everyone,

    I hope by now you've settled in well to your team!

    The games I've seen so far have invariably ended in

    Monash victories which is a great sign of things to Be part of TeamMONASH and support the come. As you may have noticed, there are plenty of

    National Breast Cancer Foundation. social events happening this year: Trivia Night, Mothers Day Classic, Sports Ball and Uni Games Registration is open, places are going fast! are just some of the key events. These events are a Go to to register great way to get to know the new people in your

     team, as well as others in the club, so please try and support them! Also please make the effort to

    get to training with your team, as the club has

    invested a lot of time, money and effort into training.

    Good luck for the rest of the season! Where? TBA Thommo- President '09 When? May 1st CALENDAR: APRIL Exclusive sponsorship merchandise and prizes thWed 8 Social matches at Caulfield awarded including limited edition Hoodies! thThur 9 Training (Competitive only) See event flyer for full info ththth12/13/15 *No games* (due to Easter)

    th Thur 16 *No Training* (due to Easter)

     stTues 21 uniform collection (Mothers Day Classic) rdThur 23 Training

    Team Captains have been announced as follows:

     Social Women’s: Uno: Emily Erwin L’Equip: Jess Van Gent Team Six: Jessica Pannam Tropical: Lucy Greco Trivia Night ‘07 Development Squad: Melanie Gray BLT: Karen Sun

     Social Mixed:

     MUNT: Toby Vinycomb

    Own Goal: Amy Tan

     Competitive Women’s:

    Diamonds: Pip Ulbrick Platinum: Jenny Galea