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Meeting called to order at 7:37pm by President Randy Oing.

Treasurer’s report: Mark Malachin (absent)

    Motioned to approve Ken A. first; Gary C. second; all in favor.

    Coaches report: Mark Pfaff Coaches:

    Coach Gamble: girl’s soccer

    ? Record is 6/6/2 and 4/2 in our league.

    nd? If win on Tuesday, will be 2 in our league.

    ? Senior night is Wed.

    Coach Ritchie: girls cross country

    ? Suburban league this Saturday.

    ? Districts following Saturday.

    ? Girls are expected favorites

    Coach Whitmer: girl’s basketball

    ? Expecting a challenging but good year

Coach Cicolini: girl’s tennis

    ? Had sectionals last week. None moved on.

    rd? Finished 3 in league.

    ? Record 9/10

Coach Hicks: boy’s tennis

    ? Made a plea for more players.

    ? Will be losing 7-8 seniors

Coach Wirbel: bowling

    ? Thanked Randy and GASB for “bowling boot camp”


    ? There have been a couple of minor incidents at the new field. Stated

    the need for security cameras.

    ? Thanked Tony and Jeff and all who helped with the golf outing

    ? Congratulated Randy Oing for receiving the “wall of fame” honor.

    New Business:


    Jeff Plum He is a parent of two GHS tennis players. Presented request for 6 new tennis courts on GHS property. Stated he would go to the city for

    possible funding because the new courts would be accessible to the public.

    Preliminary estimates for 6 new courts: $300,000 - $500,000.

Coach Ciccolini Said the community is in need of more courts. Adults are

    reserving courts at the park. She also said they are trying to grow the

    program through summer programs.

    Coach Hicks Stated that the distance of courts from GHS was a problem. With the split seasons, they are monopolizing the courts at the parks. She

    also said they were in need of more courts to cut down on the time spent for

    matches. She also said proximity would enable the physical education

    classes to incorporate the new courts into their classes. New court proximity

    would most likely bolster fan support for their sport.

A parent liaison was in attendance and said time is a real issue for parents

    homework, etc.

    Mark P. said the next step is getting an architect involved. Funding possible through joint fundraising and PI funds.

    Randy O. stated GASB wants to support them in this endeavor.

Coach Whitmer asked if we could attach some outdoor basketball courts to

    this project?

    GASB awareness: Ken O. He had his marketing department invent two designs to possibly be marketed on rulers, vinyl clings, stickers, mouse pads, etc. Each design had

    information on the back (i.e. bullet points stating some examples of what

    GASB does).

Someone suggested a vinyl cling for the “G” design with the bullets on the

    back available only through GASB membership. Tony W. suggested

    putting the year on the cling because he had noticed in years passed that

people displayed each of their stickers showing their support through the


Parent liaison suggested giving away a t-shirt with membership.

Parent liaison suggested making a DVD with pictures of students from all

    sports set to music with information added regarding what GASB is about.

    Another suggestion was made to make several DVD’s (one for each sport)

    and make those available for purchase only through GASB membership.

Someone suggested student memberships.

Parent liaison mentioned having to buy/sell 6 t-shirts for baseball and

    mentioned she would rather buy a membership if given the choice.

    Mark P. mentioned the winter sports parent meeting will be the end of October.

GHS Theater:

    Josh Fisher (a GHS student) presented a request for GASB to place an ad in

    the upcoming program for the presentation, which will be showing the week

    before Thanksgiving. He stated he runs cross country and almost ? of the

    class are athletes. The Green Musical Theater had a budget of $60,000 last

    year and this year it is $45,000. The main source of revenue for them is

    ticket sales and ad sales. Ads run from business card size to full page. He

    gave the GASB board a quote page with prices. After a great presentation

    and a short discussion, the GASB voted in favor of placing a front cover, full

    page ad in the program. The cost would be $400 and the layout would need

    to be turned in by Oct. 24. Gary C. was first with the motion to accept.

    Steve S. second. All in favor. Gary Cook also mentioned he believed in

    “cross pollination”!

    Girls Cross Country: Coach Ritchie brought a request for clothing for the runners in the likely

    case they win our league and move on to districts and state. T-shirts would

    be awarded for league championship. Hoodies would be given for districts

    and jackets for state. Randy O. mentioned this is how it’s been done in the

    past and that is what the GASB is for. The highest total cost (depending on

    who makes it) would be $850. Steve S. motioned first to approve. Ken A.

    second. All in favor.

-Parent liaison for girl’s golf mentioned they have districts tomorrow and if

    they win they would like t-shirts as well.

Mark Pfaff:

    Handed out his budget request. He is asking $43,000 this school year in 6

    installments. Gary C. motioned first to approve. Second was Dave C. All


    Committee Reports: Discount Cards: Tracy Spurr

    ? Have made $12,700 so far and approximately $1,000 more.

    Golf Outing: Jeff Welch

    ? Gave handout of information from this first event. Stated super G

    raffle tickets and tee sponsors were big money makers. Said he

    thought we could easily improve it next year to make at least $5,000


    ? Coach Whitmer suggested possibly asking coaches to volunteer next


    Membership: Gary Cook

    ? 154 members currently.

    Pancake Day: Steve Schmidt

    ? Oct. 25, 2008. Stated that they are set to go.

    Reverse Raffle: Laura Spray

    ? They are meeting monthly and will be pushing harder after the

    Pancake Day.


    ? Need someone to chair.

    ? White House Chicken wants to donate $500

Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm. Next meeting is Nov. 3 at 7:30pm

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