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Bani, I. A.; Saeed, A. A. and Al-Othman, A. M. (2002) Diarrhea and Child feeding practices in Saudi Arabia. J .Public Health Nutrition. 5 (6) :727-731


    CName Abdulaziz M. A. Al-Othman

    Dean of the Preparatory Year

    Associate Prof. of Clinical Nutrition

    Consultant of Dietetics

    College of Applied Medical Sciences

? Ph.D. in Clinical Nutrition (Pediatrics), Child Life and Health, College Qualifications

    of Medicine, Edinburgh University, UK

    ? Member of many national and university committees in different

    professional activities, i.e. Clinical Nutrition, Research, Curriculum

    development and educational planning. Referee for some academic

    committees in higher education, higher committee for health college


    ? Record of progression to positions of wide-ranging responsibility and


    ? Extensive background in recent administrative skills of staff and

    customer services.

    ? Skilled in training, development and mentoring using up to date

    technology and skills.

    ? Successful record in providing personal relations and professional


    ? Extensive experience in media i.e

    ? Writer and Editor of a weekly page on health and nutrition on Al-Watan

    Newspaper (2006- 2007).

    ? Editor of a weekly page on health and nutrition on Al-Jazeerah Newspaper


    ? Editor and supervisor of health pages in Manarat Magazine (2004 Now).

    ? Health Consultant for LahaOnLine Website

Learning and Teaching Development and Technology

    Childrens’ Health and Feeding Problems

    Assessment of Growth and Development of Children

    Health Administration Main Interests Communication Skills Development

    Metabolic Disorders and Diet

    Research Development in Health Specialities

    Degree Ph.D. Education


Year July 1998

    From University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Degree M.Sc.

    Year January 1994

    From King Saud University

Degree B.Sc.

    Year April 1985

    From King Saud University

    ? Member of the Saudi Autistic Association 2006 Membership of

    ? Member of King Saud Uuniversity staff club 2005/2006 Committees ? Member, National Commission for E learning and Distance learning.

    Ministry of Higher Education, 2005.

    ? Member, Clinical Nutrition Committee, Saudi Commission For Health

    Specialties (SCFHS), 2003- 2007.

    ? Member, of the Main Committee for Students Admission for Health

    Colleges, KSU, 2000- Present.

    ? Member, M.S.c program Committee, CAMS, 2002- Present.

    ? Chairman, Curriculum Development Committee, College of Applied

    Medical Sciences, 2004 -2005.

    ? Member of CAMS examination committee. 2000-2002

    ? Member of the CAMS council 1999-2000

    ? Member of the departmental appointment committee. 2001-2003

    ? Member of CAMS computer services 2002

    ? Chairman of internship committee 1999-2004

    ? Chairman of the CAMS academic committee 2005Chairman of the

    departmental appointment committee. 2004-2005

    ? Member of the master of clinical nutrition program admission

    committee 2004-2005

    ? Vice Chairman, Students Activities Department, Deanship of Student

    Affaires, KSU, (7 Years).

    ? Member of the Students Fund, KSU (3 Years)

    ? Developing Curriculum of Clinical Nutrition Program for BSc , MSc,

    and PhD, 1998 Present

    ? Academic Consultant for College of Applied Medical College, King

    Abdulaziz University 2005

    ? Supervisor and examiner of master students in clinical nutrition, 2000-



- Country representative of Saudi Arabia for the American Overseas Professional

    Dietetic Association (AODA) 2006- Present. - Riyadh Dietetic Club (Chairman) 2002 - Present - Nutrition Society- UK Affiliations

    - American Dietetic Association (ADA)

    - American Overseas Dietetic Association (AODA) - Saudi Association of Haematology and Blood Transfusion, Riyadh

- E-Learning and Distance Learning (Exploring the Experiences of Training

    some countries, and in particular Malaysia, Korea, Germany,

    France, UK, and Ireland).

    - Strategic Planning for Higher Education Institutions - Childerns' feeding styles, Department of child health, Glasgow,

    Scotland , UK, July, Aug 2002

    - Advanced in pediatric Nutrition and dietetics, (especially: Feeding

    of Disabled children, Spina Bifida, nutrition and disability,

    Swallowing problems) Children's Hospital, Los Angeles, Ca,

    USA, 9/7 3/8/ 2001

    - Pediatric Nutrition (Portion Sizes), Royal Hospital for Sick

    Children, Edinburgh, UK, Aug Oct 2000 - Haematological analysis (RHSC, UK) 1995

    - Medical Statistics (3 months) College of Medicine, University of

    Edinburgh, UK

    - 12 courses in computer skills and using statistical programs

    - Clinical Nutrition Course at College of Medicine, University of

    Leeds, UK

Al-Othman, A. M. (2006) The Lead Level in Breast Milk of Saudi Women Recent

    in different regions of Riyadh city, Saudi Arabia. Ain Shams Publications Medical Journal. 56: 22-26. Al-Nouri, D. M; Bakeet, Z. A; Al-Othman, A. M. (2006) The ratio

     between Arachidonic Acid 20:4 (?-6) and Docosahexaenoic

    Acid 22:6 (?-3) influences the growth and plasma fatty acid

    profile in rabbits after weaning. The New Egyp J Med. 117-

    122.Al-Othman, A. M; Reilly, J. J.; Belton, N. R. (2006)

    Comparative study between young children of different

    societies to evaluate the impact of feeding style on the

    nutritional status. Journal of Medical Science,6(1): 12-17. Al-Othman, A. M.; Ahmed, F, Aref, Z; Orf, S; Murshed, K.(2006) Effect

    of dietary supplementation of Ellataria cardamomum and

    Nigella sativa on the toxicity of rancid corn oil in rats.

    International Journal of Pharmacology, 2(1): 60-65. Al-Othman, A. M. (2005) Breast feeding practices in Riyadh city, Saudi

    Arabia. The New Egyp J Med. 33(1): 15-23 Al-Othman, A. M.; Saeed, A. A.; Bani, I. A. and Al-Murshed, K. S.

    (2002) Mothers' practices during pregnancy, lactation and care

    of their children in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Med J ,


    Bani, I. A.; Saeed, A. A. and Al-Othman, A. M. (2002) Diarrhea and


    Child feeding practices in Saudi Arabia. J .Public Health

    Nutrition. 5 (6) :727-731

    Al-Kanhal, M. A.; Al-Othman, A. M.; Ahmed, F, Aref, Z.(2002) Effect of

    pure and oxidized cholesterol rich diet on some biochemical

    parameter in rats. Int J Food Sci Nutr, 53(5):381-388. Al-Othman, A. M. ; Al-Qarni, S. M. and Osman, A. K. Dietary etiological

    factors of nephrolithiasis among Saudi. 9th World Congress on

    Clinical Nutrition. 24-26 June 2002, London , UK Al-Othman, A.M., Akmal Khan, M. and Al-Kanhal, M.A. (1997)

    Nutritional evaluation of some commercial baby foods

    consumed in Saudi Arabia. International Journal of

    Food Sciences & Nutrition 48, 229-236.

    1. 1 st Conference on the Study of Obesity in the Medical Practice 18-20 Recent

    April, 2006. Al Noor Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE (Speaker) Conferences: th2. 27 AODA conference, March 23-25, 2006, Dublin , Ireland 3. The Healthy Practices in Weight Reduction, Prince Salman Center, 2006 4. Common wrong misconception in Nutrition, Prince Salman Center, 2006 5. Complementary Medicine: Evidence Based Treatments. Arab Health

    2005, 12-13, Feb 2005. Dubai, UAE. (Attendance). 6. Symposium On Nutritional Care in Medicine 21-24 Feb (2005) Tabuk.

    Common Nutritional Disorders. (Main Speaker). 7. Symposium On Nutritional Care in Medicine 21-24 Feb (2005) Tabuk.

    Childhood Obesity. (Main Speaker).

    8. 3rd International Symposium on Update on Clinical & Community

    Nutrition (2004). Does feeding styles have an impact on nutritional

    status of young children? A comparative study between two

    different societies, KSA and UK. (Speaker). 9. 1st International Symposium and Workshop on Autism and Related ththDevelopment Disorders. 27 29 Sept 2004. King Faisal

    Convention Centre, Riyadh Intercontinental Hotel. (Organizing


    10. Diabetic Day 2004. Community Service Program, 15-18/10/1425H (28

    Nov- 1 Dec 2004G). King Abdulaziz University Hospital, Riyadh.

    (Speaker and coordinator).

    11. Update on Clinical Nutrition, Security Forces Hospital. (2004). Iron

    Intake and IDA Among Saudi Children. (Speaker). 12. Update on Clinical Nutrition, Security Forces Hospital. (2004). Using of

    NLP in Weight Control. (Speaker).

    13. Update on Clinical Nutrition, Security Forces Hospital. (2004).

    (Chairman of the Scientific committee)

    14. Obesity and Diabetes: A Regional Epidemic. Arab Health 2004. 19 Jan,

    2004. Dubai, UAE. (Attendance).

    15. Pediatric Nutrition Symposia (2003). Infant Feeding. King Khalid

    University Hospital, Riyadh. (Main Speaker).

    16. National Symposium on Nutrition (Monday 22

    ndth Shaban 1423, 28 Oct

    2002). Review in Pediatric Nutrition (Early Feeding and Metabolic

    Disorders). King Saud Hospital. Unayzah, SA, (2002) (Main


    17. Diabetes Care 2002- Working Together for Prevention & Control.

    ththMarch 5 and 6 2002 at King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital in


    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (Chairman of the Scientific Committee).

    18. The Cancer Conference October. 2002 at King Faisal Specialist

    Hospital and Research Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


    19. International Health Day, Saudi German Hospital Riyadh 2002. (Main


    20. 2nd International Symposium on Update on Clinical & Community

    Nutrition 15 October (2002). Physical Activity Among Obese

    Attending A Weight Control Clinic (Speaker).

    21. International health day. (2000). Good Nutrition and its impact on

    health. Diplomatic quarter. (Speaker).

    st22. The 1 symposium of health education and training (2000). Military

    Hospital. Riyadh. Use of Database in developing learning at

    College of Applied Medical Sciences. (Main Speaker). 23. Symposia (Iron deficiency, Problem and solutions), Department of

    Nutrition, Ministry of Health, Riyadh, S A (2000). Iron deficiency

    anemia in children. (Main Speaker).

? Many conference and workshops in E learning and distance Symposia and

    learning in the last two years. Workshops nd? 2 Diabetic Diet Course, 25 Safar 1426 (04 April 2005). Diabetes Center, King Abdulaziz University Hospital, Riaydh.

    (Speaker 2 lectures)

    st? 1 Diabetic Diet Course, 12-23 Rabi' I 1425H (1-12 May 2004).

    Diabetes Center, King Abdulaziz University Hospital, Riaydh.

    (Speaker 2 lectures)

    ? National Training Course on Lead Poisoning (8.10.2003).

    Ministry of Health and WHO. Prince Salman Hospital. Riyadh.

    Determination of Lead in Mothers’ Milk in Riyadh, and it’s

    Relation to Their Nutritional Attitudes. (Main Speaker and

    member of the recommendation committee).

    ? Sport Medicine Course 7/11/1425H(19/12/2004G). Prince Faisal

    Bin Fahad Hospital, Riyadh. Does Nutrition Important for

    Athletes. (Speaker).

    ? Update in Clinical Nutrition Symposium. March 2004 at Security

    Forces Hospital Program. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (Speaker). ? Organizing committee of the university and society weeks University and

    ? Participating in health awareness weeks since 1988 Community

    ? Organizing and managing awareness of drug abuse activities Service ? Presenting lectures to the public in the field of clinical nutrition in hospitals, centres, and universities .


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