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     January 2008

     We recognize that our students are very busy, with

    activities like athletics, drama, music, babysitting, and Important Dates to Note: sometimes after-school jobs. Since the completion of Jan 15 PAC Meeting 7:00 pm Library assignments and regular review are key elements of Jan 24-25 Double Blocks academic success, our hope is that this tutorial block will 8:50-11:00 give students extra support to help them be more 11:00 12:55 lunch successful in school. 12:55 3:00 Jan 28 - Feb 1 Provincial Exams January 2008 Provincial Exam Schedule Feb 4 First day of Semester 2 9:00-11:00 am English 12 Feb 13 Term 2 Report Cards January Feb 22 Non-Instructional Day Applications of Math 10 28 Feb 26 Parent Meeting Grades 9-11 1:00 3:00 pm Essentials of Math 10 Monday Course Selection Principles of Math 10 Mar 14 Last day of classes before Spring English 10 Break 9:00 11:00 am January French 12 Mar 17-25 Spring Break/Easter 29 Communications 12 Mar 26 (Wednesday) Classes resume Tuesday 1:00 3:00 pm Mar 27 Parent/Teacher interviews History 12 Apr 18 Non-Instructional Day Apr 23 Term 3 Report Cards 9:00 11:00 am Science 10 May 5 Non-Instructional Day January Civic Studies 11

    30 Wednesday 1:00 3:00 pm Principles of Math 12 Principal’s Message The end of the semester is quickly approaching and

    9:00 11:00 am parents are asked to help their student prepare for final Biology 12

     exams, projects, reports and assignments. How can you January 1:00 3:00 pm 31 do this? Talk to you child about what they are doing in Physics 12 Thursday his or her class and ask what assignments are remaining BC First Nations 12 to complete this semester. Encourage your child to

    review regularly and not to wait until the night before a 9:00 11:00 am February 1 Geography 12 test or due date to do the homework. Having a regular Friday 1:00 3:00 pm Chemistry 12 time each night to do homework and providing the

    necessary quiet space and supplies will assist your child immensely in his or her academic success. ALL EXAMS WILL BE WRITTEN IN THE SCHOOL Starting the second week of semester two, February CAFETERIA UNLESS OTHERWISE POSTED. th11 2008, we are introducing a mandatory tutorial and Grade 12 Government Exams homework block for students. Our daily timetable will not The Ministry of Education, as part of the 2004 change, instead, the twenty minutes after lunch which Graduation Program revision, has made significant has been used for silent reading will become a changes to the grade 12 government exam policy. structured block of time to give our students the Beginning in the 2006/2007 school year government opportunity to work on their homework or study with the exams will be required for English 12, Communications possibility of teacher help. During this tutorial class, our 12, and BC First Nations Studies 12. All other students will be expected to bring their homework and government exams at the grade 12 level will be optional. study materials. Students are expected to treat this class Government exams will continue to be required at the exactly the same as any other class in terms of grade 10 and grade 11 levels. punctuality, respect, effort, and cooperation. However, we strongly advise students to write all the

    government exams that they are eligible to write. While

    ?concentrate hardest on what you know the least. If students may not be planning on entering a post you are having difficulties with specific materials, ask secondary program right after graduation, it may be very your classmates or your teacher for help, BEFORE the difficult to catch up on exams that most universities and day of the test. other post secondary institutions will require. ?if several tests occur within a few days of each other, Please consider carefully whether or not to write a or perhaps on the same day, prepare a study schedule government exam. It is wise to write an exam so that you will have enough time to prepare for each immediately following completion of the school course. test. If you have any questions, please contact your grade

    12 subject teacher, counsellor or principal. ?try to study under conditions similar to those you will

     have while writing the test. Rules to be observed by students during ?the night before a test should be used only for a brief examinations: review. Cramming exhausts you both physically and ? Students must be in their appointed seats at mentally, and is unnecessary if you have an effective least ten minutes before the examination starting home study programme. time. ? Students must not leave the exam room until Buses during Exam Week one hour after the examination has started All students should be aware that buses will run at the ? Any student who leaves the exam room is not regularly scheduled times after 3:00 pm during exam permitted to return for the duration of the exam. week. There will be no early busses. ? Any student who is over thirty minutes late for an exam will not be admitted into the exam room. Honor Roll November 2007 ? Any student who is late for an exam is not Congratulations to our students achieving Honor Roll allowed to make up the missed time at the end status for the first term of 2007/2008 school year. of the exam session. Enclosed in this newsletter is the list of students who ? Note: Students should have worked so hard to achieve such an ccomplishment. have two pens and two Check out our display case in the school’s main pencils with erasers and entrance for pictures of our students with honor roll they may also bring water status….just like this one of our Grade 8 students. to the exam. During our honor roll presentations names were drawn from each grade to win a Future Shop gift certificate. Web access to provincial exam results is available The lucky winners: from the Ministry of Education website using your Personal Education Number at Grade 8 Dylan Sauer Your Personal Megan Ryan Education Number can be found at the top right corner Grade 9 Sophie Young of your report card. Cassandra Ivey Grade 10 Kelly Moore Helpful Hints for Test/Exam Preparation Palma Sermon ?keep a notebook aimed at making review for tests Grade 11 Dexter Armstrong

    easier. Is should be carefully outlined, neatly written, Daniela Corn carefully highlighted, properly dated, properly labeled Grade 12 Analeece Durant

    and complete with carefully filed worksheets, tests and Nicole Butler quizzes.

     ?know what topics your teacher thinks are important

    ?review each night, material covered that day

    create sample questions work with a friend on this task

    ?begin reviewing as soon as the test is announced.

    Remember that reviewing is going over information

    already learned, not learning new information or going

    over information for the first time. The latter two tasks

    should be done via a regular home study programme.

    ?when in class, keep your listening tuned for hints

    given by the teacher on days preceding the tests. All

    teachers give hints, even if they don’t mean to give them

     so stay tuned in during class.

    ?when reviewing, keep alert for points that would make

    good test questions. Which items did the teacher stress

    in class

    Counselling semester. Textbook replacement costs range from

     Students will be given their semester two timetables on $10.00 to $95.00 and students will be billed for textbooks Thursday, January 24th. If there are problems with their not returned to their teachers at the end of this semester. schedules students are encouraged to book time with Library books and materials also should be returned to their counsellor between January 28th and February 1st. Mr. Bailey -- this will make Mr. Bailey happy!

     Monday, February 4th will be the first day of semester

    Community News two and students are to proceed to their Semester two

    block A class that morning. 2008 Soccer Registration ~ Kamloops

     Youth Soccer Association registration From our District Resource Room is open. For registration forms or

     Our MS Read-A-Thon finished up on December 3 information on the new Registration & where we raised over $150 way to go class! Thank Team Formation Policy visit out website you to Ashley, Kristina and Daniel who actively pursued at or contact the KYSA pledges for their reading time. Part of our funds raised office at (250) 828-2734. Registration closes February 1, was collected by recycling and popcorn sales. 2008 and there will be no late registrations accepted this

     Early in December we attended Beauty and the Beast year (No Exception).

     at the Sagebrush Theatre. The performance was

    Parent Advisory Council awesome and we had a great time. Also in December

    Krystian Shaw won one of school’s DARES draw prizes TRAINING WINTER 2008 congratulations. Five of our students made the effort HELP! I’ve Been Elected to the PAC Executive!

    honor roll this semester congratulations to: Daniel SD73 DPAC invites you to a training session for PAC Graham, Ashley Joyce, Ashley Klugart, Olivia executives: Pentney, Krystian Shaw, Lana Shoemaker and Kyle Monday, January 14, 2008 Stelter for receiving Effort Roll certificates Excellent 9:00 am to 11:30 am

    Henry Grube Education Centre work!

    Topics to be covered include: To help others during the Christmas season, our class

    • Role of executive members collected 51 food items for the food bank contributing to

    • How to run effective meetings the several hundred collected by the school. What a

    • Basics of Robert’s Rules of Order great month the District Resource Room has had.

     • How to write good minutes Leadership News • Important financial practices

     Our leadership class was very busy in December. We All SD73 PAC are invited to send as many delegates as

    you would like. We encourage you to bring your PAC had a very successful Christmas assembly where

    budget and constitution to the session. several students showcased their talents. The stars of

    Please RSVP by Friday, January 11. the assembly were Mr. Bouwman as "Esmirelda" and his

    Wendy Matheson at 579-9944 or suitor played by Mr. Rustand. (Sorry, Bret, you came in

     Also School District 73 and the District Parent Advisory third). Thanks to Mr. Allen who was our emcee Santa.

    Council invite you to attend two upcoming seminars on We also had a very successful food drive. We donated

    February 5th and February 7th see the back page for 1400 food items to the Salvation Army U2Can do it drive.

    more details. Mr. Ollek's class won the prize for collecting 256 items.

     We sold 170 Christmas grams and were able to add

    Norky’s in-school store - Clear out pricing. $100 to our Humanitarian fund. Mr. Morgan's class won

    the prize for the door decorating contest. The Leadership Want to look cool and still keep warm? Show off your class has no events planned for January. We would like NorKam spirit with class. Check out these specials for

    held over from December! everyone to focus on successfully ending the semester

    -NorKam hoodies…….. $40.00 regular $45.00 and concentrating on final exam preparation. We wish

    -NorKam toque……….. $18.00 everyone a safe and happy new year in 2008.

    -NorKam thermos mugs $20.00 In semester two we have lots of fundraising events

    -NorKam sweatpants…. $35.00 happening so that we can reach our goal of $10,000 to

    Limited quantities. Please see Mrs. Crowther in room 31 build our school in Kenya. Our first fund raiser will be

    or at Norky’s to purchase. the February dance. The theme is Mardi Gras. Dress up

     in really cool masks. More details to follow in February.

    Textbooks and Library Books

     Board Notes Semester 1 is coming to a close. In that

     regard we are asking students to

    For copies of minutes of December check with his or her teacher to be

    School Board minutes, please visit the sure they have the book number

    website at assigned to them at the start of the

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