what is ideal education

By Sylvia Kennedy,2014-07-28 12:21
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what is ideal education

    What is ideal education?

    It is well-known that education is very important for a country

    economic and politics. Because of a good education system, people can

    get very excellent knowledge, and their thought level can improve very


    But there are so many problems in the education system in China. And examination- oriented education system has governed decades of

    years. Because of the old education system, our students and teachers are

    always seeking for high mark and enrolment rate in order to make

    students enter into a very famous high school and a university. And the

    students are always paying attention to learn knowledge from books not

    taking part in activities. So they can not develop their integrated skills to

    adjust to the society.

    Now, I will describe my ideal education thoughts from the two points as follows:

    Firstly, the Elementary Education is the basic part in the whole education system. And Elementary Education is still affected by

    examination- oriented education system even though Ministry of

    Education has carried out a new education system that is Quality Oriented

    Education. But the school leaders and teachers dont

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