Newsletter 9 - Wendywood High School

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Newsletter 9 - Wendywood High School

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24 June 2009 Vol. 9/09

    From the Principal’s Desk

This passage was taken from a child’s report. Could it be your child?

“Patrick is a spontaneous little boy who initiates conversation easily. He is

    blessed with a great deal of ability, but because of his bad behaviour he

    does not always perform to his full potential. He fidgets in class and does

    not concentrate. This leads to poor listening skills and results in his failure

    to complete tasks accurately. My biggest concern is the negative attitude

    he sometimes projects. These problems tend to fluctuate. On good days he

    works well and participates enthusiastically. On bad days a host of

    problems are manifested which include being disruptive in class, not willing

    to do written work, losing things and spending the whole day looking for

    them, ignoring instructions and blaming others for his mistakes.” The

    teacher then wrote: “Patrick needs a structured environment at home and

    at school in order to help him.”

Fortunately Patrick was only in Grade 1 at the time. His parents worked

    hard to structure the home environment and the school did likewise.

    Patrick grew into a fine young man. He developed successful study skills,

    displayed a good work ethic and learnt to work with rather than against his

    teachers and peers.

    Our pupils are already in high school and yet a number of them display similar behaviour to that of Patrick. If this is not acknowledged and corrected very soon by teachers and parents it will be very difficult to change these habits. These children will lose the opportunity to develop positively and reach their full potential.

Structure plays a critical role in a child’s life. We certainly offer a

    structured environment at school and those who work within the structures manage their school years without much difficulty. Those who constantly row upstream, disagree with teachers and friends always try to buck the system are the children who hate school, see no value in coming and generally do not achieve academically.

    If you want your child’s passage through school to be an easy one, where he/she comes out of it at the end as a respectful, independent and mature person, start now by creating structures in your home. There must be a time for work and a time for play; a time for friends and a time for family; a time for going to bed and a time for getting up. There must be rules regarding going out, rules regarding socialising with others, rules about behaviour both at home and beyond the home, and rules about money and transport. Negotiate these rules with your child. He/she is old enough to do this. Your family life will be far happier and the improvement in your child’s school work will be marked.


    At the recent RAPS Festival Wendywood entered their winning play from the 2008 school play festival Jive Down Sophiatown. The cast performed

    to the acclaim of the judges and later in the week the performance was given further accolades by the pupils who were given the opportunity to watch this performance at an assembly.

    Congratulations go to Charlotte Mosana, chosen as best Actress and to Denzel Rooke and Chulumanco Gladile who shared the Best Actor Award. Grateful thanks to Miss Fitchet for all her time, effort and guidance.


Frequently parents arrive at school during the course of the day wanting

    to see teachers. Often this is not possible as teachers are in lessons and

    cannot leave their classes. Should a parent wish to see Mrs Johnson, Mr

    Naicker or any other member of staff please book an appointment in

    advance so that you will not be kept waiting unnecessarily.



Please collect your child’s report from the hall between 08:00 and 10:30.

    Thereafter parents may proceed to classrooms to meet teachers and

    discuss the child’s progress. Teachers will be in their classrooms until

    12:00. Governors will be available in the office from 08:00.

We urge parents to take advantage of this opportunity to help their

    children and to show interest in their work and their achievement. The

    June exam should give a good indication of how learners are coping at

    school and how they are likely to cope with examinations at the end of the

    year. Their success or failure at school will greatly influence their futures.

    Parental support is essential for children to reach their full potential.


Employees from The Department of Home Affairs visited the school on

    1 and 12 June to process documents for learners. These will be delivered

    to the school when ready. We thank the representatives warmly for their

    trouble. It certainly saved parents the inconvenience of queuing for hours

    at Home Affairs offices.


If you’re looking for something to do next term consider the following:

    Basketball and Soccer for all ages boys and girls (consult Mrs Makola) Drama Play / Cultural Festival (Miss Munnik or Miss Fitchet)

    Best Speaker’s Competition and inter school Debates (Mr van Wyk)

    First Aid (Miss Sibanda)

    Interact (Miss Crichton)

    Peer Counsellors (Mrs Gibbins)

    Magazine (Mr Schell)

    Matric Dance, Debs’ Ball, Talent/Fashion Show (Mrs Hattingh)


    Monday 20 July School opens Friday 24 July Debutantes’ Ball Tuesday 28 July Blood Donor Clinic

    Saturday 1 August Parents collect reports and meet teachers

    Monday 3 August Senior Best Speaker’s Competition

    Tuesday 4 August Cycle Exams begin

    Monday 17 August Junior Best Speaker’s Competition

    Saturday 22 August Cultural Festival (subject to support)

    Tuesday 24 August Meeting for Parents of Grade 9 top achievers

    Thursday 26 August Grade 9 Subject Choice Evening

     Grade 12 Prelim Exams begin

    4 6 September Grade 11 Camp

    13 18 September Grade 9 Camp Glenmore Wednesday 23 September School closes

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    mornings at Wendywood High to help your child get up-to-date with all the

    work covered so far before the next term starts. Don’t let your child fall

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