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     Where Life’s an Education 21 May 2010

    Upcoming Events

    22-26 June School Spirit Week and mid winter swim

    23 June teacher only day

    27 June Reports sent home

    1 3 July Career’s Week

Principals Piece

Tena koutou e nga Matua;

Teachers Only Day next Tuesday 23 June is one of two extra days this year granted by the Ministry of

    Education of Education specifically for teachers and schools around the country to focus on the

    implementation of the new curriculum. Secondary teachers will be travelling to Whangarei to take part in

    subject specific professional development while primary school teachers will remain in school with the task of

    revising and updating school schemes. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, however it is a necessary and important part of whole school development.

     stCongratulations to the schools 1 XV who travelled to Auckland last week on a four day trip. The team played

    and won against Rosmini College and drew against Rodney College on the way home. The trip was well planned and supported in advance and there was excellent feedback received on the way the boys conducted

    themselves on and off the field.

    Due to concerns raised with the Ministry of Education and the School Board recently by a small group of parents about various aspects of the school culture including student achievement and bullying, the school will

    be working alongside the Ministry to collect evidence in these areas and in the area of student wellbeing in

    general. After looking at what the data is telling us, the school will then take any action necessary to address

    any immediate and future concerns. The school will continue to update the school community on progress in

    these areas and keep the Ministry informed. Please feel free to write or phone me directly if you have any

    further concerns regarding these issues.

There has been a lot in the media recently about the swine flu outbreak and schools have been put on alert

    about what to do in terms of prevention and in the event of an outbreak. There is a possibility of the school

    having to close if there are confirmed cases amongst our student population. It is important to keep your child home if they are sick.

    Looking forward to Spirit Week next week - we need to ward off these mid winter blues with a mid winter swim!

Naku noa

Pateriki Toi


    Dear Parents and Caregivers

    As you are aware from recent media releases, all NZ schools must have a plan to manage any students who are

    showing influenza symptoms.

    The most important things in our Management Plan are:








    ? To teach your children the importance of washing and drying their hands frequently.

    ? To blow their noses on paper tissues and dispose of the tissues into the rubbish, then washing their


    ? To cough or sneeze onto their arms if they don’t have a tissue ? You make yourself aware of the differences between influenza and common cold symptoms

    ? You have handy the mobile phone members of the Public Health Nurse Robyn Revington 0212445414

    and Health Clinic Nurse Rachel Kearney 0212125160 or 4060990 between 8:00 3:00pm Monday to

    Thursday who are available to give advice about swine flu if you need it.

    ? You let the school know your home, work and mobile numbers; your email addresses at home and at

    work; the phone numbers of two other people who could look after your child if you are not available.

    INFLUENZA SYMPTON COMMON COLD o Usual, sudden onset 38Fever Rare o 40 and lasts 3-4 days

    Usual and can be severe Headache Rare

    Usual and can be severe Aches and pains Rare

    Usual and can last 2-3 Fatigue and Sometimes, but mild

    weeks or more after the weakness

    acute illness

    Usual, early onset can be Debilitating Rare

    severe fatigue

    In children over 5 years Nausea, vomiting, Rare


    Rare Watering of the Usual


    Rare Runny, stuffy Usual


    Rare in early stages Sneezing Usual

    Usual Sore throat Usual

    Usual and can be severe Chest discomfort Sometimes, but mild to


    Respiratory failure; can Complications Congestion or earache

    worsen a current chronic

    condition; can be life


    Well recognised Fatalities Not reported

    Influenza vaccine; Prevention Frequent hand-washing, cover

    frequent hand-washing; your cough

    cover your cough

We had a lot of certificates to hand out at the last primary assembly, as we had a week where we missed an

    assembly. There are also back dated photo’s, as we missed out on getting them into the newsletter last week.

    We are very proud of all those students who have been working hard to achieve to the best of their abilities. We

    are also impressed with the large numbers of students who are still receiving 100% attendance certificates.

    Keep up the great work!!

Student of the Week June 3rd

    We are very proud of the following students, who were chosen from classes by their teachers

    for working hard, engaging in the work set and challenging themselves to do better.

     Well done to: Jessie S from room 19, Tisha K from

     room 24, Drew P from room 23, Karisma K from

     room 22a and Bowen M from room 22b

100% Attendance

    Well done to the following students for achieving 100% attendance at school for the period

    thndbetween May 20 and June 2. These students were recognised in our primary assembly with a

    certificate. Attendance is an ongoing concern for us. We are aiming for at least 90%

    attendance for all students (this means missing less than 1 day every two weeks). If your child

    is going to be away could you please notify the school on the day. You are able to ring us on 406-

    0159 or send us an e-mail to You can also send a note with your child in

    advance if you know they will be away. A medical certificate is a Ministry of Education

    requirement when students are away for more than three days for medical reasons. Please do

    not be offended when you receive a phone call to check up on where your child is, if we have not

    heard from you.

    thAnd, From May 6 19th

    Well done Derek C-D, Regan

     S, Phillipa L, Raniera K-R, Halle L, Chloe S,

     Coco B and Koko P

    Courtney S, Mitchell C, Tisha K, Tiana H,

    Chloe F, Tyriek P, Charlie L, Glen V L, Caleb A, Michael Finn T, Chloe H, Megan

     D, Jessie S, Anei C, Dawson P, Saraya O-

    H, Shane S ad Leo B

    Well Done!

    Well done: From Room 19

    Megan D, Misty Arna T, Jessie S, Putuo Cl, Norman L-W, Riria P, Chloe

     H, Michael T

    From Room 22a: Anichka P, Tuniwha E,

    Cassidy K, Niwa D, Sam M, Chloe S, Anthony-Ray C, Brodie ,

    From Room 24: Courtney S, Chloe Ft,

    Tisha Kg, Jordan K, Mikael Daniela, Glen V L, Cody L, Charlie L,

    From Room 23: Aaliyah M, Pearl H,

    Tommy E, Rewiti Tua, Maria H,

    Roharia P, Regan S

    From Room 22b: Dawson P, Anei C,

    Leo B, Luca H, Gavin E, Ashanti H,

    Makayla-Rose P, Taylor C, Jordon N,

    Saraya O-H and Bill T

Caught Being Good June 3rd

    Well done to Cody L, Charlie L, Putuo C, Journey T, Dawson P, Bryce K, Koko P, Leo B, Raniera K-

    Ri and Jarrad H for being chosen as the recipients of the Duffy Caught Being Good award for

    doing something special in their class over the past two weeks.

Nanas Koha

    The primary department would like to thank Mrs. Hudson, who organised story tellers Gillian

    Stewart and Betsy Young, who came into school on 29 May to read the story Nana’s Koha

    which was written by Mangonui localTunney McFayden. The story supports what has been

    happening on our own beach at Taipa. In a couple of weeks time, we have organised with the

    Taipa Beach Improvement Society to give every student in the primary an opportunity to help in

    the planting of pingao along our foreshore to help preserve our beach.


    To make sure all students get home safely, at the end of the day we organise them into bus

    groups and mark off who is present before taking them to their correct buses. We would like to

    remind you that all students must travel on their assigned buses at all times. We will only allow

    them to do something different if we receive a note or a telephone message from you. Now that

    rugby and soccer have started up, our walkers’ line has increased. We will help to cross the

    students over State Highway 10 once they have been marked on our rolls. All students are

    required to get marked on a roll at the end of the day and a note making us aware of

    afterschool changes would be greatly appreciated.

Starting School

    It is great to see all of the new enrolments that have been happening this term. Even more

    pleasing is that caregivers are pre-enrolling their nearly 5 year olds, so that they can come to

    thschool before their 5 birthday for visits to help them get used to school. This is very

    important to ensure a positive start to school. To accommodate busy lifestyles, we have no set

    day we limit visits to. Every family situation is different and we plan visits to suit everybody

    involved. Please contact Mrs. Muller in the new entrant room or Mrs. Edwards at the school

    office to organize a time to plan this important start to school life.

Free Books

    Did you know that because we are a Duffy Books in Homes school all pre-school children who

    are siblings of students at Taipa Area School are entitled to receive a free book every year on

    their birthdays? To do this is easy. All you need to do is contact the school and register your

    child on 406-0159 ext 211 (please leave a message if nobody answers the phone). What we need

    from you is your pre-school child’s name, date of birth and the name of their big brother or


    The Primary Staff at Taipa Area School

Kia ora koutou

    Pepi Patch Incorporated is hosting our next SKIP Event: MATARIKI

    ththCELEBRATIONS “Let our Stars Shine” on Sat 27 and Sun 28 June at the Taipa Area

    School whare on Taipa Beach. The team will be promoting „Positive Parenting in our Community and Healthy Choices‟.

    There are FREE workshops & competitions and loads of prizes and free giveaways!

    ? Manu Tukutuku

    ? Maori Arts Matariki poster/photography competition

    ? „Taipa‟s Got Talent‟ Show

    ? Hangi ($8 pre-orders available)

    Plus much more…

Please see attached flyer for more information.

    You can email us at or check out our website:

    MATARIKI CELEBRATIONS THTHSAT 27 & SUN 28 JUNE 2009 - “Let our Stars Shine” thth Saturday 27 Sunday 28



    Running from 10:00 am 3:00 pm 10:00 am 12:00 pm

    ? Manu Tukutuku Maori Kite Making ? Exhibition of Matariki Taonga from Matariki

    Workshops ? Matariki Poster/Photography competition

    12:00 pm 1:30 pm ? FREE face painting

    ? Hakari Hangi ($8 pre-orders available) ? HAUORA promotion healthy choices

    2:00 pm onwards ? Wearable Arts Workshop designing clothes

    ? Wearable Arts Display for under 5s

    ? Taipa‟s Got Talent Show Loads of prizes and free SKIP giveaways for

    ? Taipa Area School Kapa Haka performance every participant

    For further enquiries please contact the Pepi Patch team or visit our website

    Co-ordinators: Dianne Vette-Welsh (09) 4061457 & Hailey Tobin (09) 4060140

     Thistle Entertainment

    In conjunction with Kaitaia Blue Light

    are having a


     Friday 19 June 2009

     Taipa Area School Whare

     7pm-10pm Food and drinks for sale


     Children 8 - 14years

    Blue Light rules apply parents must drop off and pick up their children from the door.

     Not hoodies do rags,

     bandanas, and caps. Bags held by organisers, no alcohol or drugs

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