Nippers 20082009

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Nippers 20082009

    Nowra-Culburra Surf Life Saving Club


    2009/2010 Season

Welcome to another nippers season. After record numbers at our club last year we are

    hoping to build on that success, continuing your child’s development, and further involve

    your whole family.

In the end we had nearly 200 nippers last year, an indication of how popular surf life

    saving has become in recent years, and a reflection of the tremendous work done by the

    age managers and helpers.

This year will see a few minor changes to Nippers, and a continuation of the Junior

    Development Program commenced last season. This is a structured program with an

    ongoing record kept of your child’s achievements through their time in Nippers.

All of the age managers have done further training on the new program, and your child

    will receive a “passport” which they will keep through their nippers “career”. Here they

    will have recorded their progression through their awards leading to the Surf Rescue

    Certificate (at 13) and bronze medallion (at 15)

Along with the junior development program, our emphasis will stay on participation,

    aiming to build water confidence and develop skills. Again this year, points will be

    awarded for attendance as well as competition performance.

Age Managers

Several of last years age managers are continuing with their groups this season, and

    we’ve had several more parents put their hand up to assist. Age managers this year will


    Under 6’s: Tanya Heald and Charlotte Smith Under 7’s: Jasmine Ashford and Maddi Fisher Under 8’s: Stephanie Stretton

    Under 9’s: Kirsty Higgison and Isabella Adlington Under 10’s: Mitchell Pakes and Chad Carey Under 11’s: Col Lwarence and Natalie Brown Under 12’s: Peter Stretton and Julie Lawrence Under 13’s: Andrew Fisher, Melissa Williams and Corinne Le Gall

    Under 14’s: Jenny Urquart

We still need a parent for Under 7, 8 and 9 age groups, so if you would like to get

    involved, we’d love to hear from you. (no qualifications or special surf skills are required - so please volunteer if you are interested!). It will be a big job for the age managers and

    we encourage parent’s participation. We appreciate any assistance offered in planning, coordinating and running our Nipper days. So don’t be shy – see JAC Peter Adlington.

Age Group Requirements

One of the changes this year is to the swimming proficiencies (preliminary evaluations)

    with the pool swim no longer timed, and the Competition Evaluation done in the surf.

    Details of age groups/requirements are as follows:

    Date of Birth Age group Preliminary Skills Competition Skills

    Evaluation Evaluation

    1/10/1995 to Under 14 200 metre swim 200 metre open

    30/9/1996 water swim 3 minute float

    1/10/1996 to Under 13 150 metre swim 200 metre open

    30/9/1997 water swim 3 minute float

    1/10/1997 to Under 12 100 metre swim 200 metre open

    30/9/1998 water swim 2 minute float

    1/10/1998 to Under 11 50 metre swim 200 metre open

    30/9/1999 water swim 2 minute float

    1/10/1999 to Under 10 25 metre swim 150 metre open

    30/9/2000 water swim 1.5 minute float

    1/10/2000 to Under 9 25 metre swim 150 metre open

    30/9/2001 water swim 1 minute float

    1/10/2001 to Under 8 25 metre swim Nil shallow water

    30/9/2002 competition only 1 minute float

    1/10/2002 to Under 7 Nil shallow water Nil shallow water

    30/9/2003 activities only competition only

    1/10/2003 to Under 6 Nil shallow water Nil shallow water

    30/9/2004 activities only competition only

More New Boards

After the success of the 16 new nipper boards purchased last year (thanks to an

    amazing donation from a club supporter), we have been fortunate to receive another

    donation enabling the purchase of ten new “Bennett” foam nippers boards, thanks to the generosity of another of the club’s sponsors.

    The new boards were incredibly popular last year, with the under 11’s and 12’s scoring some great results on the “Perpetual Motion” fibo’s, and the Under 9’s and 10’s as keen

    as we’ve ever seen them on the foamies. These were purchased with a view to

    increasing participation, and the kids have gained incredible confidence over last season.

    We hope to build on that, and look forward to hours of Sunday morning paddling over

    this season.

    This season we also intend to continue with more skills days” at Tilbury Cove, like we did last year, and depending on conditions at Main Beach, we’ll be over there several

    times this year.

Membership fees

Again the club is endeavoring to keep membership costs as low as possible, and while

    fees have been revised slightly, the fees remain lower than most other sporting or youth

    activities. The club’s fee structure this year will be as follows:

    ? Patrolling member: $50 st? 1 Under 18 member $50 nd? 2 Under 18 member $40 rd? 3 Under 18 member $30

    ? Any additional Under 18 member $30

    ? Social member $20

    ? Associate member $45

This year we are encouraging as many parents as possible to become members. The

    benefits of membership are many, as it allows you to be involved with Nippers, and

    provides the necessary insurance cover. Social membership costs just $20.

Calendar of Events

    We’ve attached a club calendar, which highlights important dates such as point-scores and carnivals. Some dates to remember are:

     th? Nippers start date Sunday 25 October at 9.15am th? Christmas break-up 20 December nd? Gerringong Carnival 2 January th? Culburra Carnival Saturday 9 January th? Presentation day Sunday 13 March

Other Requirements

Uniform the only compulsory uniform item is the Nipper Cap, which is required for

    identification and visibility reasons. Additional items are available including rash shirts,

    swim wear, shorts, shirts, hoodies, swim jackets and baseball caps, but these are all

    optional. A full price list is attached. For more info see Natalie Brown on rego days and

    on Sundays between 8.30 and 9.00 am.

    Fundraising - there will be several fundraising events through the season, including our traditional caravan park meat raffles, annual door knock and Chocolate fund raiser. Each

    Nipper family will be required to sell a box of Cadbury Chocolates, which will be given to

    you on registration.

    Parental assistance - The barbeque at nippers is a great fundraiser for our nippers and also provides a focal point for socialising after nippers. With this in mind this year we will

    require that each age group provide parents to help with the barbeque in rotation, e.g.

    Week 1 3 parents from Under 14s, Week 2 3 parents from Under 13s, and so on.

    You should end up doing barbeque duties only once or twice through the season. The

    age group will be announced at the start of the day. No Nipper activities will be

    commenced before the barbeque is manned.

Parents Code of Conduct

    ? Do not make an unwilling child participate in an activity

    ? Children should be involved in sport for their enjoyment, not yours.

    ? Encourage children to play by the rules.

    ? Encourage the effort being as important as the result.

    ? Work towards improving skills and sportsmanship.

    ? Do not yell or abuse a child for making a mistake.

    ? Do not yell or abuse an official for making a mistake.

    ? Recognize and encourage good play or efforts.

    ? Recognize the efforts of volunteers.

    ? Do not publicly question an official’s decision.

    ? Your child must have a supervising adult bring them to and stay at nippers.

Supervision of Children - while Age Managers are responsible for supervising and

    guiding the children in their age group safely through each Sunday’s program, and all care is taken, parents are principally responsible for their own children while they are at

    Nippers. Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in following the activities of their

    children, or better still, assisting Age Managers in running activities.

Child Protection Legislation All members over the age of 16 who are involved with

    Nippers in any way are required to complete a Prohibited Employment Declaration form.

SLSA Photographic Policy

Before taking photos on the beach please refer to the photographic policy on the Surf

    Life Saving Australia website: ttp://


Our great club is primarily focused on providing and fostering a fun, family orientated

    environment for our Nippers to grow and develop. You can help in many ways, so don’t

    be afraid to put your hand up this is your club and we want you to be involved. We

    appreciate your feedback on what work’s well and any opportunities for improvement.

If you’re really keen, why not do an award yourself. The Bronze Medallion course is run

    twice a year, and enables you to participate in water safety, patrols and surf sports. This

    is a great thing to do with your kids, and a great “life skill”. See club trainer Lloyd Smith

    0412 970836 for more information.

Contacts and details

Don’t forget to make sure we have all your contact details including mobile phone

    numbers and emails. There will be times through the season that conditions dictate that

    we move to a different beach, or in the case of storms, have to call off Nippers. In these

    instances we will usually send an SMS or email, or have Power FM put it over the radio.

    We also place regular news items in Wednesday’s South Coast Register.

    The Club Web page-

If you have any feed-back, suggestions, enquiries or issues through the season, please

    don’t hesitate to contact the Junior Activities Co-ordinator Peter Adlington on 0410 553

    955, or Club Captain - Peter Wright-Smith 0409 287 598.

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