Newsletter April 2009 - The Cotswold Childrens Choir

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Newsletter April 2009 - The Cotswold Childrens Choir

May 2009

Dear Parents and members

1. Welcome to new members

    Welcome to some new members who have joined having come to the Easter Workshop. We now have 75

    members from a catchment spreading 20 miles all around Burford.

2. NEWS National Festival of Music for Youth

    The Junior/Senior/Chamber group who were the CCC Senior Choir for NFMY at the end of March have

    won a place in the National Finals CONGRATULATIONS to all concerned! We are one of 22 choirs in

    this class to reach the Finals in the Junior Class. This is a fantastic achievement. Your hard work has really paid off, and you should all feel very proud of yourselves. There’s just a little bit more hard work,

    then a memorable and exciting day lies ahead in Birmingham.

Having said this to the Senior and Junior Choir members, we must not forget the huge achievement and

    very positive comments that the Boys Choir and the Chamber Choir received. Jacki is convinced that they

    would only take one of our choirs, instead of all three…

So, CCC will be on stage on Tuesday July 7th, at Symphony Hall Birmingham. Full details will follow (not

    until early June), together with a letter for Head Teachers, explaining the reason for requesting a day off

    school. There’s also a Fringe Festival, and Jacki is putting our Choir forward to sing on the Outdoor Stage

    in either Centenary or Chamberlain Squares, to showcase to a wider audience. There will also be Singing

    Workshops through the day, bringing together NFMY Junior and Senior Choirs (ages 8 to 21 years old) to

    sing “something inspirational and new”,” working in new creative ways”.

Supporters are welcome in Birmingham. Chaperones (1 adult to 10 members) will be given a free day

    Festival Pass. We will provide a coach for Choir members and chaperones. Other supporters (travelling

    independently) wishing to book tickets need to phone 0121 780 33333 (Symphony Hall Box Office) or go

    online to . The Box Office opens on 1 May. Festival Day Pass costs ?8 adults, ?4

    concessions. If the Promotional Code GRP09 is quoted when booking tickets before Monday 15 June, this

    will give you a 50% discount on all bookings. Please note there will be a ?2 fee per transaction except for

    purchases made on the day.

2009 NFMY t-shirts and hoodies are available for purchase. Your orders need to be placed by Friday 29

    May at the latest. T-shirts ?6 each, Hoodies ?12 or ?15 depending on size. Jacki is prepared for these to be

    CCC Uniform for informal events alongside uniform. An order form will be circulated to NFMY families


3. Preparation for NFMY Changes to the Calendar

    You all have the Calendar this term, in the form of the Parent Rota. Jacki would like to alter the rehearsal

    schedule as follows, to prepare for the July event in Birmingham:

With immediate effect:

    All Chamber-Senior cross-over members to attend both Senior & Chamber Choir rehearsals from now on.

Rehearsal Schedule, June 13, June 20, June 27

    Boys Choir 9.15 10.00 Boys not in any other choir leave 10.00 Break * (boys also in Junior & Senior Choirs) 10.00 10.15 Junior Choir rehearse 10.15 10.45 Break ** (Boys in Senior Choir) 10.15 10.45 Senior Choir 10.45 11.15 Break *** (Boys in Junior Choir) 10.45 11.15

    Cotswold Children’s Choir 124 High Street, Burford, Oxon OX18 4QR. E-mail: Musical Director: Jacki Pattenden (01793 764802); Chair: Ruth Reavley (01993 823957) Secretary: Vacancy ; Treasurers: Simon & Rachel Burnell (01993 878352)

    Chamber-Senior Cross-over members arrive 11.15 Junior, Senior, and Chamber-Senior cross-over members as the 11.15 12.15 (there will be a 10 minute NFMY Choir break in this hour Junior Choir members leave 12.15 Non-NFMY Chamber Choir members arrive 12.15 Senior & Chamber Choir joint rehearsal 12.15 12.30 Senior Choir members leave 12.30 Chamber Choir 12.30 1.30 (there will be a 10 minute

    break during this hour)

* Break for Boys Choir members in Junior/Senior Choirs

    ** Break for Boys Choir members in Senior Choir

    *** Break for all Junior Choir

Can we thank you all in advance for committing this extra time to preparing for both the end of term event

    in Burford, and the NFMY event in Birmingham. If these proposals present any family with problems,

    please discuss them with Jacki.

An updated Calendar is included with this letter.

    4. End of Term Concert this term Saturday 4 July, Burford Parish Church We are part of Burford Festival this year, offering “a rehearsal … which is open to anyone who wants to

    take part or just to listen” between 10.00 and 12 noon. This will be our end of year performance. We are

    not charging, but there will be a retiring collection, and fund-raising activities. More details later.

     th July, but have We were also considering holding a concert at Kingham Hill School on the evening of 4decided against that it would make too long a day, and we need to make sure those going to Birmingham

    are not too tired!

     thThe timetable for 4 July is:

9.00am Boys Choir & Chamber Choir brief rehearsal

    9.25am Junior & Senior Choir brief rehearsal

    9.45 break for members, coffee & cake for audience

    10.15 12 “Open Rehearsal”, (informal concert), to include optional audience participation

     thThen we’ll see you on September 12 unless you are singing in Birmingham.

5. Flu Pandemic

    If Schools are closed, then CCC will automatically not happen. If your child feels unwell, then please do

    not struggle into CCC rehearsals bravely depending on Calpol to pull him/her through.

6. Uniform

    The Committee has decided to change the Junior and Senior Choir uniform, with immediate effect. We will

    be buying polo shirts in the range of “jewel” colours CCC already has in use for the pashminas of the

    Chamber Choir and ties of the Boys’ Choir. These will be owned by the Choir, and issued to members at

    the beginning of each year (a bit like a library book). If they are not returned in a wearable condition at the

    end of the year, parents will be charged. These shirts will not have a logo.

    There will be an option to buy a hoodie to wear as uniform if we perform outdoors at colder venues (hoodies are, of course, too informal to wear for indoors performances). Details will be circulated later.

    This will be in a contrasting colour to the grey hoodies the Chamber Choir have, and will be embroidered

    with “Cotswold Children’s Choir”.

We are looking into ways to recycle the old uniform and raise some money.

7. 2009-2010

    We are already planning the shape of next year, and venues for concerts. If you have a local venue you

    think would work for the Choir (remember 75 choir members plus audience needs seating for at least 250

    people), Jacki would be pleased to hear from you. The Committee hopes that if you offer a local venue, you

    will also take on the local arrangements in consultation with Jacki and the Chairman.

    Cotswold Children’s Choir 124 High Street, Burford, Oxon OX18 4QR. E-mail: Musical Director: Jacki Pattenden (01793 764802); Chair: Ruth Reavley (01993 823957) Secretary: Vacancy ; Treasurers: Simon & Rachel Burnell (01993 878352)

Jacki will be talking with members soon about whether we take part in two competitions next year:

    National Festival of Music for Youth (NFMY) and the BBC Radio 3 Choir of the Year Competition.

Swindon Choral Society have invited us to provide a Children’s Choir for their concert on Saturday 3

    October, singing Carmina Burana, and extracts from Fanshawe’s African Sanctus.

    Negotiations are ongoing about details. Jacki will be offering this opportunity to members of the Senior

    and Chamber Choirs for this event. Rehearsals arrangements and Box Office information will be advised


8. Easter Workshop

    This was, once again, a great success. Participants greatly enjoyed the Samba Drumming, and working on

    songs telling the story of The Emperor and the Nightingale. The numbers were lower than in some previous

    years, but it remains an important part of what we do to encourage local children to sing.

9. The CD Project

    The Committee took a long look at this project, and has decided that it is too important to rush. So, don’t

    count on having a CD to give as a Christmas present this year (sorry to mention that before the summer

    holidays…..!) Jacki plans to build up a repertoire of recordable songs in the next 12-15 months, and to plan recording in a year’s time.

10. Music Library CRISIS

    We have a crisis. The Container on a CCC parent’s farm, where all our crates of music are currently stored,

    is being moved off the farm in September. We MUST find an alternative location to store our valuable

    stock of songs. The place has to be dry, and secure, and accessible. Does anyone have space in a

    warehouse, for instance?

11. Who’s doing what

    Things are moving, and the Committee is very grateful for the commitments to help which have been

    received. We will circulate the list of who does what soon.

    As ever, thank you for your support not least in getting children to rehearsals on time, awake, and with their music. Do ring or email us, or any member of the Committee, if you have something to say about how

    Choir is going.

Best wishes

01793 764802 01993 823957


    2009-2010 calendar

    Cotswold Children’s Choir 124 High Street, Burford, Oxon OX18 4QR. E-mail: Musical Director: Jacki Pattenden (01793 764802); Chair: Ruth Reavley (01993 823957) Secretary: Vacancy ; Treasurers: Simon & Rachel Burnell (01993 878352)

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