Virginia Band and Orchestra Directors Association

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Virginia Band and Orchestra Directors Association

    Virginia Band and Orchestra Director’s Association

    District 15 Winter Meeting February 7, 2009

    Massaponax High School

1 Call to Order

    2 Introductions

    3 Roster Update Members present are highlighted in green.

    School Band Director Orch Director Asst Band Andrew G. Wright Middle Mandoudis, Arlene Forry, James Stone, Todd Battlefield Middle Woodward, Patrick Reilly, Shannon Brooke Point High Sutherland, Veronica Barricklow, Ron Caroline High Vowell, Courtney Caroline Middle Mott, Karen Chancellor High Addair, Ryan Medas, Jordan Chancellor Middle Lewis, Jennifer Reilly, Shannon Sarvay, Jessica Colonial Beach High School Dojan, Sierra Colonial Forge High Loft, Andrew Weaver, Dennis Courtland High Leonard, Don Hayslett, Eric Dixon Smith Middle Davis, Kathy Barricklow, Kelly Edward E. Drew Jr. Middle Patterson, Steve Mallery, Christine Essex High Josephson, Adam Essex Int. Wormley, Perry Fredericksburg Academy Titus, Ben Fredericksburg Area

    Homeschool Band and

    Orchestra Shirk, Amy Freedom Middle School Hoovler, Chris Medas, Jordan H. H. Poole Middle Nesbit, Caroline Lo, Min Hui Stone, Todd Holy Cross Academy Kendall, Laurie James Monroe High Mallory, Christopher George, Jim King George High Noe, Aaron King George Middle Fisher, Cathy Lancaster High Spiers, Robert Lancaster Middle Burtner, Glen Flester, Kenny Massaponax High Koch, Corey Hayslett, Eric Middlesex High Ranson, Justin Montross Middle Wright, Rob Mountainview High School Armstrong, Doug Forry, James Ni River Middle Jonas, John Bangle, Brandon North Stafford High Nicholas, Austin Lo, Min Hui

Northumberland High Mallorie, Walter

    Northumberland Middle

    Post Oak Middle School Jacobs, Donna Dick, Michelle

    Quantico High School Settle, Laurie

    Quantico Middle School Settle, Laurie

    Riverbend HS Cole, Laura Sweeten, Michelle

    Rodney Thompson Middle Reeves, Kate Ross, Cindy Turner, Tim Shirley C. Heim Middle School Gorski, Allison Nash, Elaine

    Spotsylvania High Pomerleau , Bob Dick, Michelle

    Spotsylvania Middle Steckler, Donna Tripp, Debbie

    St. Clare Walker Middle Guill, Daphne

    Stafford High School Hite, Chuck Barricklow, Kelly

    Stafford Middle School Carlson, Heather Barricklow, Ron

    T. Benton Gayle Middle Washington, Brian Piller, Elizabeth

    Thornburg Middle Coleman, Kevin

    Walker- Grant Middle School Mallory, Christopher George, Jim

    Washington and Lee High

    School Gardner, Antwon

4 Committee Reports:

    a. Archive Committee: Caroline Nesbit

    ; Middle School is complete from 2000-2008.

    ; High School still needs 2001-2007.

    ; Does not have strings info.

    ; The spreadsheets will be sent to the entire membership, please fill in all information that can.

5 Old Business

    a. Middle/High School audition recap

    i. Site

    ii. Event reports

     b. Handbook updates: Cathy Fisher

    ; The chromatic scale is still part of the middle school mallet audition.

    ; The financial forms have been removed. They are on online now.

    ; Arlene Mandoudis would like to make some changes to the handbook.

    ; Andrew Loft asked that changes to the handbook would need to be brought forward in the form of a motion at the

    next District meeting in December.

    ; Mr. Loft reminded the membership to read the handbook and follow it. He will answer any questions that the

    membership might have.

    ; Aaron Noe stated that the percussion auditions should be consistent with the handbook.

    c. Review of upcoming events/dates

    ; Doug Armstrong thanked the membership for volunteering to judge at All VA auditions. District XV will be well-


    Event Level Date Site Chair

    All-VA Band/Orch Aud HS Feb 28 JMU -

    Concert Band Festival: MS March 12,13 Brooke Point HS Mandoudis

    HS March 13,14 Brooke Point HS Sutherland ndOrchestra Festival: MS/HS March 26, 27*2 day Mountain View HS Dick/ Forry

    All VA Band/Orch HS April 2,3,4 Hayfield HS Burke

    Jazz Festival MS/HS May 6 King George HS Noe

    Solo & Ensemble: MS/HS April 28, 30 Massaponax HS Koch

     d. Logistics for Concert Band Festival Veronica Sutherland

    ; Ms. Sutherland described parking and entrances to use. This information will be sent out in a letter also.

    ; Arlene Mandoudis asked that any middle schedule concerns be addressed with her after the meeting. Then she

    will finalize the schedule.

     e. Review of contracted conductors for All-District events 2010, 2011

Middle School 2010 Symphonic: David Plack (contract sent 2/2/09) Concert: Mike Oare (contract sent 2/2/09)

    Middle School 2011 Symphonic: Linda Gammon (contract sent 2/2/09) Concert: Scott Humphries (contract to be sent)

High School 2010: Symphonic: Dennis Fisher (contract rec’d) Concert: David Enloe

    High School 2011: Symphonic: Steve Bolstadt Concert: Rob Carroll High School 2012: Symphonic: Emily Threinen Concert: Chris Knighten High School 2013: Symphonic: Scott Weise Concert: Scott Rickers

    6 New Business

    a. Selection of conductors in next sequence 2012, 2013

    ; Middle School directors need to work on 2012 and 2013 conductors

    b. All-Virginia Audition Information

    ; Packets were passed out to high school directors. Please read and follow the directions.

    ; Student packets were passed out to the students at lunch on Saturday.

    c. Outline event dates/hosts 2009-2010

    Event Level Date Site Chair/Host

    Fall Meeting All 9/13/09 Colonial Forge HS Andrew Loft

    Sr. Reg. Orch. Auditions HS Winds & Perc 9/23/09 Forest Park HS Don McGee Sr. Reg. Orch. Auditions HS Strngs 9/26/09 Forest Park HS Don McGee Marching Festival HS 10/31/09

    Sr. Reg. Orch Event HS 11/6 7/09 James Monroe HS Jim George, site chair

     HS:Michelle Sweeten

     MS: Michelle Dick

    All District Auditions HS 12/12/09 Colonial Forge HS Andrew Loft All District Auditions MS 1/16/09 _____________________ ______________ All District Event HS 2/5-6/09 King George High School Aaron Noe, Cathy Fisher All District Event MS 2/12-13/09 _____________________ _______________ Concert Band Festival MS 3/11-12/2010 _____________________ _________________

    Concert Band Festival HS 3/12-13/2010 _____________________ _________________ Orchestra Festival MS/HS 3/25-26/2010 James Monroe Jim George,________ All VA Band & Orch HS 4/08,9,10/2010 _____________________ __________________ Solo & Ensemble MS/HS 4/27, 4/29/2010 Massaponax HS Corey Koch

    Jazz Festival MS/HS 5/5/2010 King George HS Aaron Noe

     d. Marching Band Festival Committee- District XV representatives

    ; 4 directors volunteered. One will be our designated representative. Mr. Armstrong stated that “at-large” members

    are also welcome to attend committee meetings.

     e. Election of District Representative 2009 - 2011

    ; Andrew Loft was nominated.

    ; Chuck Hite was nominated.

    ; Mr. Loft recused himself from the voting.

    ; After discussion, a vote was taken.

    ; On a vote of 19-16, Mr. Loft will continue two more years as the District XV Chair.

    ; James Forry will be the Strings Representative.

    7 Motions

    ; Cathy Fisher brought forward a motion, seconded by Doug Armstrong. After discussion, the motion passed 26-2.

    ; Page5, Section II. Middle School All District Band A.1.b. Director Eligibility

     ii. in order for their students to be eligible, middle school directors must have judged at the December High School

    All District Auditions, sent a qualified substitute, or paid the $100.00 adjudicator substitute fee. This fee needs to be paid

    at the time of registration, along with any student and VBODA or MENC fees.

    Page 15, Section III. High School All District Band A.1.b. Director Eligibility

    ii. in order for their students to be eligible, high school directors must have adjudicated, sent a qualified substitute, or

    paid the $100.00 adjudicator substitute fee at the previous school year’s Middle School District Band Auditions. This fee

    needs to be paid at the time of registration, along with any student and VBODA or MENC fees.

    8 Announcements

    a. Next meeting date Sunday, September 14, 2009 at Colonial Forge High School

    b. Blue Ribbon Form Fill out by Feb. 11.

    9 Adjournment

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