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     Results E

     Wth Arena Event 15 March st Nursery1 Helen Meikle Lady Luck V Snd 2 Katie Dun Jimbo st Sec B 1 Laura Sanderson Basil Lnd 2 Jane Aitken The Rookie stE Novice1 Claire Crichton Chocolate nd 2 Katie Dun Leo rdT 3 Helen Meikle Lady Luck V st Sec B 1 Lindsey Millar Just Charles Tnd 2 Sarah Page Paper Classic st Open1 Louise Clark Luke End 2 Tessa Harrison Coleman’s Original rd 3 Fyonnah Thomas Advanta Gold R st Dressage 1 March st Class 1A 1 Laura Sanderson Andy’s Law nd 2 Heather Thomson Marty rdJ 3 Little Zorro Sarah Johnstone st Class 1B 1 Mr Guille Rooney Rhona Young ndU 2 Just Jeremy Cheryl Bunton rd 3 Divine Light Lisa Hendrie N st Novice 1 Tessa Harrison Colman’s Original nd 2 Jane Aitken The Rookie E rd 3 Rhona Young Glenside Red Admiral st Show Jumping 1 March st Nursery 1 Heather Thomson Marty nd 2 Natasha Heard Humbug II rd 3 Lauren Piercy Everything Eventual st2 Novice 1 Christine Gray Ettrick Diva nd 2 Jane Aitken The Rookie 0 rd 3 Karen Gillie Seek st Intermediate 1 Sarah Page Paper Classic 0 nd 2 Karen Gillie Seek rd 3 Christine Gray Ettrick Diva 9 st Open 1 Sarah Page Paper Classic

    REPORT FROM THE CHAIRMAN: Here we are approaching the middle of summer, when the weather is good at this time of

    year; it is heaven for horse and rider, as the flies have not got going. I hope you are

    enjoying it. The events we have held have been very successful. It is always very

    interesting for me to see old partnerships progress and new partnerships being born. I

    hope you take advantage of all the training we organised for you. There are not many

    clubs who do as much as we do. Please don't let opportunities to help out pass you by,

    the committee is always in need of a hand with setting up and taking down and any

    assistance is gratefully received. Here's hoping the rest of the summer is blessed with

    some good weather and I look forward to seeing you out and about.

    Fiona Busby


    Training and Schooling Dates (please book beforehand)

    Wed 10 June : Fiona Busby (see Laura Sanderson)

    rdTuesday 23 June :Pairs and dressage training at Timpendean thTuesday 25 August: Cross Country Training at Bowden


     Tuesdays 11.00 at Cavers with Fiona Busby

    Thursdays 7.00 at Broomhill with Ann Cranston

    Thursdays 11.00 and Tuesdays at 7.00 at Timpendean with Anne Millar

    ?7 per rider in class of 3 or more

    ?10 per rider if only 2 in class

    If only one rider then still ?10 but shorter less

     thNext Events: 14 June Summer Show Jumping and Dressage League th 5 July Annual Show



     ……………… COMMITTEE. Chairman: Fiona Busby. Secretary: Janet McRitchie

    Treasurer: Chris Hall. Subs Secretary: Angela Barrowclough.

    Website: Fyonnah Thomas. Committee Members: Jane Aitken,

    Elma McLaren, Lyn Galloway, Christine Gray, Augusta Greenlees.

    Teams Trainer : Anne Millar. Training: Laura Sanderson,

     Merchandise: Jane Douglas

    Hoodies, Rugby shirts, polo shirts, fleeces in any colour, are all Show Jumping Teams Selections available with the EFRA logo. Please contact Jane Douglas

Novice team: Katie Jo Walling, Lauren Piercy, Jennifer Stott, Lindsay Dun

    Reserve Jane Aitken.

    Intermediate team Sarah Bett, Sarah Page, Claire Crichton Nina Cessford

    Reserves Rhona Young and Lynsey Miller

     Style teams Lindsay, Sarah B, Sarah P, Claire Crichton.

    Katie Jo, Jennifer, Lauren and Nina

    The team has been receiving training weekly and are looking forward to the

    qualifier to be held at Biggar and run by Peebles Riding Club.

    The Dressage training is ongoing with Fiona Busby, anyone interested in being

    on the dressage team pleases see Fiona.


Many thanks for your interest in the dressage events Broomhill Dressage

    Evenings 22nd & 23rd May 2009 - Unfortunately the evenings have been

    postponed as a precaution due to a case of strangles , which is being

    contained located in the vicinity near by. We feel that it is safer to err on

    the edge of caution and respectful to postpone the events in the

    circumstances. Many apologies for any inconvenience caused and we

    hope to rearrange in the future I will let you know the new dates etc

    Regards and Best Wishes! Anne Cranston


    Spring Arena Event thMarch 15 saw EFRA hold its first outdoor competition of the year. Spring

    like weather and a super location at Riddell ensured an enjoyable day for

    everyone present. Catering provided by the team going to the Hartbury

    Championships raised a sum of ?100 towards team costs. The team would

    like to thank everyone for their support and generous donations.

    Many thanks to all the judges, stewards and helpers for making the day a

    success and thank you to Virginia and Andrew Grant for providing us with

    a great venue.

Dressage Lecture Demos at Cavers

    Both of the recent dressage lecture demos with Les Smith were excellent. At the first

    demo we saw how transitions and lateral work can be used to improve a horses paces at

    all levels while at the second demo terms such as leg-yielding, shoulder-in, traverse and

    half-pass were demystified.

    Thanks to the ‘guinea pigs’ Lindsay Dun, Jane Aitken, Wendy Bell, Rhona Young,

    Carolyn Gospel and Fiona Busby and thanks also to Cicely Thorne for use of her



    th The Annual Getogether was held at The Woll Golf Course Restaurant on 20February and was attended by 60 members, guests and friends who all enjoyed

    a lovely meal. After being well fed and watered special guest Caroline Powell

    gave a very interesting talk and slide show on her experiences in the New

    Zealand Eventing Team at the Bejing Olympics. The Winter Show Jumping

    League medals were presented to the winners of the various classes.

    Nursery: Rhona Young & Mr Gillie Rooney Novice: Jane Aitken & The Rookie

    Intermediate: Sarah Page & Paper Classic Open: Rhona Young & Glenside

    Red Admiral. Jane Aitken then told us all she had done with The Rookie after

    receiving the Catriona Arres Memorial Award in 2008 before this year’s award

    being presented to Rhona Young. Laura Sanderson gave her usual very

    entertaining report on the National Championships at Lincoln which was followed

    by the raffle. A very enjoyable evening was had by all, the only downside being

    that the people at the back of the room could not hear the speakers clearly, but

    this will be addressed for future years.



    A full 2 days teaching kept our birthday boy very busy. David has been

    coming down to teach EFRA members for 10 years now and being very

    popular left some unlucky members on a waiting list. Training started at

    9:30 on Saturday and ran on till 5pm. (half hour earlier for each group on

    the Sunday) with horses ranging from youngsters to eventers. Poles, grids,

    balance, aids were all part of day ones training, the importance of a good

    canter rhythm became apparent. Sunday was based on a course, related

    distances, dog legs and curves, making riders really sit up and concentrate

    on where they were going next, using the aids that they had all

    concentrated on the day before over poles.

    Congratulations to this years winner of the Jean McAulay Cup

     Rhona Young / Mr Guille Rooney

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