8A Test 13

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8A Test 13

    8A Test 13

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    Class No. Name Score 家长签名________

    .Read and choose the best answers (70%)

    1Everything is all right, _________?

    A. isn’t it B. aren’t they C. isn’t they D. isn’t everything

    2. The fat man always says his meat looks __________ and sells _________.

    A. good, good B. well, well C. good, well D. well, good

    3. There are trees on ____________ sides of the square.

    A. either B. every C. all D. both

    4. This sweater is very beautiful, but it’s ___________ expensive. A. too much B. more C. much too D. many

    5. The girl doesn’t run ___________the boy.

    A. much faster as B. as faster as C. more fast than D. so fast as

    6.------ ____________ will the rainy seasons last? -------About a month.

    A.How long B. How often C. How soon D. How much

    7. This key_________be Peter’s. His is still in the lock.

    A. may not B. can’t C. mustn’t D. needn’t.

    8. Today,______________ trees are still being cut down somewhere in the worlD.

    A. much too B. too much C. many too D. too many

    9. I have a serious pain in my shoulder, so I will have __________ X ray check.

    A. a B. an C. the D. \

    10. It is__________ to go fishing or to go swimming.

    A. fun B. a fun C. funs D. funny

    11. __________I repeat the question so that you can hear it clearly?

    A. shall B. may C. will D. can

    12. Customers_____________its good service welcome this shop.

    A. as B. since C. because of D. because

    13. I would like___________the passage.

    A. you read B. you to read C. for you to read D. you reading

    14. I often spent an hour_________ reading a newspaper.

    A. on B. in C. to D. for

    15. Judy likes Chinese painting and she______________ the hobby group at school.

    A. has taken part in B. has joined C. has attended D. has come into

    16.___________ happy life we live!

    A. What B. What a C. How D. How a

    17.We’ll go to Beijing ____________ next year.

    A. sometimes B. sometime C. some time D. some times

    18. I have more detective storybooks than _____________.

    A. you B. your C. yours D. yourself

    19. Her work is better than _____________ in the class.

    A. anyone B. anyone’s C. anyone’s else D. anyone else’s

    20. Im not afraid to ride a motorcycle and my sister.

     A. so is B. so does C. neither is D. neither does

21.The light in Mrs White’s bedroom is still on, she usually __________ late.

    A. work B. works C. worked D. working

    22.My father __________ his own car, so he has to go to work by bus.

    A. have B has C. doesn’t have D. has no

    23.Wendy __________ to the pop songs.

    A. enjoy listening B. enjoys to listen C. enjoy to listen D. enjoys listening

    24.The young man _________ TV 3 hours a day.

    A. watch B. watches C. watched D. watching

    25.Jack never has lunch in the office, _________?

    A. has he B. does he C. hasn’t he D. doesn’t he

    26.All of her family _________ in her business these years.

    A. works B. work C. working D. will work

    27.I will work there for ________________..

    A. two and a half year B. two years and a half

    C. two half years D. half a year and two

    28.It’s only about_____________ drive from here.

    A. two hour B. two-hour’s C. two hours D. two hours 29._________ a lot of new words in it, the book is difficult for me to read.

    A. with B. as C. because D. about

    30. It’s foolish _________ me to think like that.

    A. of B. for C. on D. with

    31.Jacks already used to the life here, _____ he?

    A. has B. hasn’t C. is D. isn’t

    32.I don’t like this pair of trousers. Will you please show me _____

    A. another one B. another pair C. the other one D. other pair

    33.Not only you but also he _____ to the meeting.

    A. go B. is going C. are going D. were going

    34.The Greens _____ China for five years.

    A. has been in B. has been to C. have been in D. have been to

    35. All the story books on this desk belong to .

    A. Peter and I B. I and Peter C. you and me D. they and me

    II.Fill in the blanks with the proper words. 10%

    1.You must have done you work ____________. (hurry) 2.He was made __________the work again. (do)

    3.This song __________ by most of us. (not like)

    4.It’s ___________ cold tonight. (terrible),

    5.They had a__________trip last summer holiday. (please)

    6. His grandfather has been __________ for nearly ten years. (die) 7.There are some__________________in the office.(woman doctor)

    8.The cup is______________ with orange juice. (full)

    9.Both his mother and sister work as______________ . ( wait )

10.Its______________ to swim in the swimming pool than in the river. (save)

    III.Rewrite the sentences as requires. 20%

    1.It took them only two hours to finish the work.(保持句子原意) _________ ____________ only two hours____________ the work.

    2.He went to the hospital to have a checkup on eyesight. (对划线部分提问)

    _________ __________ he go to hospital ___________?

    3.He failed to arrive on time. (改为反义疑问句)

    He failed to arrive on time, ___________ ____________?)

    4.They saved huge amounts of money. (改为被动语态) Huge amounts of money__________ _________ by them.

    5.He hardly has lunch at home. (改为反义疑问句)

    He hardly has lunch at home, ___________ ___________?

    6.He got up early in order not to be late for school. (保持句子原意) He got up early so ____________he _____________be late for school

    7. We have few eggs left.(保持句子原意)

    We are __________ _________of eggs.

    8. He has to finish the work before 5:00.( 改为反义疑问句) He has to finish the work before 5:00, ______ ________ ? 9. Peters mother is fat and tall .(对划线部分提问)\

    ___________ is Peters mother _____________?

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