Neighbourhood Governance

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Neighbourhood Governance

Neighbourhood Governance

    Note of North Greenford Ward Forum Meeting


     thNorth Greenford Ward Forum meeting held on Wednesday 28 January 2008, 7.00pm at Horsenden Primary

    School, Horsenden Lane North, Greenford

    Present: Councillors Walker (chair) & Ahmed

    Apologies: Cllr Sandhu

    Attendees: 47

    Note taker: Tan Afzal (TA) - Neighbourhood Co-ordinator North

No. Note Action Point/Information

    Welcome and Introductions 1.

     The meeting started at 7:05 pm in the Main Hall within Horsenden

    Primary School Cllr Walker (chair) welcomed all. Chair explained

    that the meeting would consist of a set agenda allowing for informal

    discussion on all matters. Those residents wishing to make

    comment should allow themselves to be known. Matters that do not

    pertain to the ward and are considered as private should not be

    raised, instead left to discuss with Councillors at the end of the


    Transport for London Consultation for new Bus Routes 2. Action Point/Information

     Cllr Walker explained the officer representing TfL, Richard Shirley,

    could not attend the ward forum meeting and wished to send his

    apologies to all attendees.



    A meeting will be arranged with TfL to take place before the end of ? A route from Ealing to Wood End is required

    March 2009. This consultation event will be publicized through the ? Buses should be going to Northwick Park Hospital and not

    web, via email/post to all attendees who register their email or postal Harrow bus station. There would be more standing room at

    address with the Neighbourhood Governance Coordinator. Northwick Park Hospital whilst better facilitating patients

    and visitors of the hospital.

    ? A meeting between residents of the three affected wards

    (Northolt Mandeville, Greenford green and North Greenford)

    and TfL is required prior to the consultation period ending.

    Local Officers Safer Neighbourhood Team 3. Action Point/Information

     Introduced Sergeant Adrian Tither, manager of North Greenford Contact Number: 020 8721 2914

    Safer Neighbourhood Team. He introduced PC Tither (his wife)

     ? Burglary has become prevalent to the ward, to combat this;

     plain clothed patrols are deployed often to the area. The ward

     is highly residential which makes it attractive to offenders,

     especially those homes with PVC doors, which are a convenient

     method of gaining entry to properties when they are not secured

     properly. Most residents leave the doors with the handle up

     which is not recommended, as the door can be opened using a

     wooden handle through the post box. The lock should be

     secured using the key.

     ? Motor vehicle crime is common where individuals leave property within their car, in particular satellite navigation systems. ? All emergencies must be directed to 999 ? A recent investigation led to the discovery of a cannabis factory within the ward, which was immediately closed down ? The team is going on a cycling course, which will enable better transportation, when the shared motor vehicle is not available ? A recent six-phase partnership day in conjunction with the Council resulted in many successes including arrests for fraud, laundering and drugs; 2 warrants; possession of untaxed vehicles; burglary patrols on the Wood End Estate and a large scale street clean up. Individuals subletting their council properties were identified, with 4 individuals facing prosecution for claiming benefits fraudulently SNT Residents ? The SNT consists of very proactive officers, three of which ? Do you have a sufficient number of officers to man the ward? are PCSO’s who are predominantly engaged in reassurance work, encouraging residents to target harden themselves against crime. ? Burglary is very difficult to narrow down to a location; it is a

    travelling crime, which makes it impossible for the Police to ? As a resident of Ashness Gardens I am concerned about the 8

    use all their resources for one particular end of the ward. burglaries that took place there within one week, a greater

    However, a burglar was recently caught in the locality, which police presence is required.

    may result in a reduction in the burglary rate.

    ? The Police does not have the power to convict, the Crown ? How much evidence does the Police require in order to make a

    Prosecution Service takes the decision to prosecute. The conviction?

    Police aims to provide as much evidence as possible to seek

    a conviction.

    ? The local SNT has a good rapport with the young people who ? Wood End Estate has its share of gangs and youths who walk

    gather at Wood End Estate, and are hoping to work with them around in groups with their ‘hoodies’ on, do the Police

    in finding a suitable diversionary scheme that can get them communicate with them and do you have intelligence pertaining

    off the street. The fear of crime associated with these young to their whereabouts?

    people is greater than the actual committed crime, which is

    no more than minor anti-social behaviour.

    Funding For Local Projects 4. Action Point/Information

    Cllr Walker

     ? All recommended improvements have been cross checked with

     services to ensure that they do not conflict or duplicate existing

     plans, they complement Council plans and are considered value

     for money.

     ? All works will be carried within the ward of North Greenford.

     ? Recommendations (Appendix 1 of Ward Recommendations report) were considered as noted; a report to Cabinet will lead to implementation in early March.

    Public Forum - Residents Action Point/Information 5.

    i. The carriageway and pavement by Horsenden Hill Primary School requires upgrading, it is in a terrible state of disrepair, in particular at

    the junction to Greenford Road, which is hazardous to both parent s

    and children.

    ii. Can wheelie bins be added opposite to the surgery at Greenford Road, where piles of rubbish are constantly being dumped?

    iii. There have been two attempted rapes at the Rosewood footpath

    joining Whitton Avenue East; can this area be made any safer? iv. Whitton Avenue East has a minimum of ten traffic islands; this is an

    excessive use of a road calming measure, which makes the area

    hazardous rather than safer to drive through. Can we have clarity

    and understanding on why such measures were implemented.

    Resident v. A zebra crossing is needed at Wood End Way to create a safer

    environment for pedestrians in particular those individuals using Residents need to write to their school Governors to initiate such as

    Wood End School. scheme. The School Travel Planners have a budget available from

    Statistically three children have been knocked down along the TfL to implement a zebra crossing.

    Wood End Way.

    vi. The area at Rosewood Open Space stretching along to Whitton

    Avenue East and the adjoining alleyway.

    The clearing of the area encouraged rats to enter the surrounding

    residential homes. Previously the brambles had helped to hinder

    burglaries, since their removal, passers by are looking into the

    gardens of surrounding properties.

    vii The pavement on Horsenden Lane North leading to the school is

    often covered in dog excrement; local dog owners need more


    6. Steve Luniss Volunteer Link Scheme Action Point/Information

     The VLS is a registered charity providing one to one volunteer

    befriending to people who are housebound and socially isolated as

    a result of a disability or long-term illness. Volunteers can help a

    housebound person to get out of the house if they wish, or spend

    time talking with them at home. Currently volunteers are required for

    1-2 hours per week; linked up to someone locally.

    Currently there is a real shortage of volunteers for this service,

    interested parties need to be over the age of 18 years and should

    contact Volunteer Link Scheme via email/telephone: or 020 8832 7422

8. Meeting Concluded Action Point/Information

     Cllr Walker and Cllr Ahmed thanked residents for attending the


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