New School Logo Since we adapted a new school logo this year

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New School Logo Since we adapted a new school logo this year

    HCS Uniform Guidelines

     Uniform Policy New School Logo We believe that the use of a school uniform reinforces our efforts to Since we adapted a new school logo this provide a Christ-centered, quality education. The uniform is basic in year, uniform shirts that have the old logo nature and helps establish a more formal atmosphere where learning is will only be permitted to be worn until June

    enhanced and relationships are built upon character qualities rather 2009.

    than outward appearances. Extra Casual Day Please note… We will offer an extra casual dress day Only styles found in Lands’ End and JCPenney Uniform catalogs are each month for students to wear uniform acceptable. (Most items may be purchased from other stores, they just bottoms with HCS t-shirts (sports, musical, need to be the same styles as what’s offered in Lands’ End and etc.) JCPenney uniform catalogs.) P.E. Uniforms

    All P.E. classes will wear the same uniform (no substitutes will be Boys allowed) which will be available for purchase at the beginning of each

     semester at minimal cost. The uniform consists of a T-shirt and shorts thK-5 through 8 in school colors and with the school name. In colder weather, students

    Neckties will be permitted and are encouraged to also wear navy blue or white

    Neckties are now an optional uniform sweat suits during P.E. class. A pair of inexpensive sneakers (tennis

    piece. Colors must compliment school shoes) reserved for indoor wear only are required for P.E. classes. For

    uniforms no “character” or cartoon style safety reasons, canvas slip-on shoes and canvas platform shoes will

    ties are to be worn. not be permitted.

    Required Uniform Pieces Shirts

    Boys: Navy blue pants and white dress or white polo shirts Colors: White, pale yellow (no gold), pale stthGirls: Grades 1 5, Plaid or Navy jumper or plaid or navy skirt and blue, navy blue, true red (no burgundy),

    white blouse or white polo shirt. hunter green or evergreen (no kelly green). ththGrades 6-8, Plaid or navy skirt and white blouse or white polo Solid colored shirts in these colors may be

    (JCPenney plaid only) worn in either polos (long-sleeved or short- sleeved), turtlenecks, mock turtlenecks or Socks collared dress shirts in white or light blue. The following color choices are permitted: white, navy blue, true red, No more than 2 buttons are permitted to evergreen or hunter, pale blue or pale yellow. Socks, minimum ankle-be unbuttoned on button front shirts. length, (with the option of tights and hosiery for girls) must be worn. Sweaters Shoes Colors: White, navy blue, true red, pale Casual or tennis shoes are permitted. No slides, clogs, flip flops, blue, pale yellow or hunter green. sandals, platform, plastic shoes, skate shoes or boots (other than ankle Sweaters may be worn in cardigans, pull-style boots-which look like shoes) will be permitted. All shoes must over, or vest in either crewneck, v-neck have a full back including “croc” style shoes. Rain or snow boots worn zip-front or cable knit styles. Sweaters to school must be stored in lockers & appropriate shoes worn during must be worn with a shirt. school time. Heels must be 2 inches or below for any type of footwear; all shoes must have non-marking soles - NO hard soled shoes will be Pants and Shorts permitted on the gym floor at any time. Pants and shorts in flat-front or pleated- front styles as pictured in the uniform Pants, Shorts & Capris catalogs only may be worn in navy blue or Pants, shorts & capris in pleated-front or flat-front chino styles only as khaki color. (No jeans or cargo styles and shown in the JCPenney or Lands’ End catalogs are acceptable. No shorts may be no shorter than 3” above the jeans, cargo, flared leg or low rider styles are permitted. No knee.) corduroy pants are permitted. thth6 through 8 grades only Undergarments

    Middle School students may wear Undergarments under uniform shirts must be plain white and not longer crewneck (no hoodies) sweatshirts in true than uniform shirts. red, navy blue or hunter green (they must

    Uniform Room be purchased through Lands’ End and Please check out the school’s uniform room Monday-Friday from 8:30 sporting the school logo). (Other

    am-3:00 pm. distributors may be approved as per school

     policy and could be announced during the

    Belts year). Sweatshirts must be worn over a Belts are now optional. uniform shirt.


    Hemlines thKindergarten through 4 grade girls shall wear shorts, skirts, skorts, or jumpers no shorter than 3

    inches above the knee.

     thth5 through 8 grade girls shall wear their hemlines NO shorter than the top of the knee and

    shorts no shorter than 3” above the knee.

    thKindergarten through 8 Grades

     ththPlaid skirts or jumpers (from JCPenney uniform catalog only) (6 through 8 grade girls are not

    permitted to wear the jumpers)

    Solid navy or khaki skirts, skorts, or jumpers in styles shown in Land’s End uniform or JCPenney

    uniform catalogs. (Again, please note that this does not mean that you have to purchase from

    JCPenney or Lands’ End uniform catalogs, only that the uniform pieces must be similar to the styles

    offered in their catalogs.)

    The knit polo dress that is offered in Lands’ End catalog is not permitted.

All girls must wear shorts under their skirts or jumpers. (Shorts must be shorter than the


Capris, pants and shorts in flat-front or pleated-front as pictured in the uniform catalogs in navy blue

    or khaki. (No jeans, cargo, flared leg or low riders are permitted.)

The following list may be worn in solid colors of white, true red (no burgundy), navy blue, pale blue,

    pale yellow (no gold), hunter green (no kelly green):

    Polo Shirts (capped sleeves, short sleeves, ? length sleeves or long-sleeves)

    Johnny collar shirt (from JCPenney uniform catalog only)

    Turtlenecks (long or short-sleeved) Mock turtlenecks (long or short-sleeved) Lands’ end offers a puff sleeve option in this style that is

    also permitted.

    Oxford shirts

    Blouses (short, ? length or long-sleeved) Lands’ End now has ruffle-collared blouses and knit

    polos that are permitted.

    Sweaters (crewneck, v-neck, cardigan, vest, zip front, hoodie zip up, turtleneck, ruffle-front

    cardigans, cableknit) in a uniform shirt must be worn under it)

    6thth through 8 grades only

Middle School students may wear crewneck (no hoodies) sweatshirts in true red, navy blue or

    hunter green (they must be purchased through Lands’ End and sporting the school logo). (Other

    distributors may be approved as per school policy and could be announced during the year).

    Sweatshirts must be worn over a uniform shirt.

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