news letter - Bridgwater Hockey Club

By Harold Lopez,2014-05-21 17:05
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news letter - Bridgwater Hockey Club

Welcome to Bridgwater Hockey Club for the 2009/10 Hockey season.

As you can see from this newsletter, Bridgwater Hockey Club is looking to change the way the club is

    organised and this is the first step on a long road that will hopefully lead to Bridgwater Hockey Club

    being awarded the England Hockey nationally recognised ClubsFirst accreditation. (This is the Hockey

    equivalent of Footballs’ “Club Charter” and Crickets’ “Clubmark” awards).

In order to comply with the ClubsFirst guidelines, Bridgwater Hockey Club will be restructuring the way

    the Junior section is run and it is hoped that this will make it easier for players, parents and coaches alike.

By making this commitment, Bridgwater Hockey Club will be looking to provide high quality coaching

    to Junior players with the aim to promote the understanding and enjoyment of the game of Hockey.

With immediate effect, Bridgwater Hockey Club now have a Junior Section Committee. During the

    season, the contact details and role descriptions of each person will be available to view on the

    Bridgwater Hockey Club Website along with the Junior fixtures, player registration forms and copies of

    each newsletter. It is hoped that by the start of the 2010 season, that clear and precise information will be available for the Junior players and parents.

Bridgwater Hockey Club Junior Committee

    Sheila Burridge Child Welfare Officer 01278 452891 07929 629922

    Bridget Hedaux Club Coach 01278 424842 07789 554676

    Julie Morrish Club Coach 01823 331617 07825 813706

    Phil Morrish Club Coach 01823 331617 07737 558617

    Steve Pigden Junior Coordinator 01278 420082 07599 803611

Membership & Subscriptions.

To comply with the ClubsFirst guidelines, Bridgwater Hockey Club are required to register all Junior

    players. Therefore, can I request that all parents complete the Bridgwater Hockey Club membership form

    as soon as possible and return it to any committee member.

Bridgwater Hockey Club subscriptions are now going to fall into line with the Senior club in the fact that

Junior subscriptions will be ?25 for the season and will include all matches and training. Parents still

    wishing to pay under the same rules as last season, namely only when their child attends practice can pay

    a one off payment of ?5 for subscriptions and ?1.50 a week for practices and matches.

Bridgwater Hockey Club Junior Fixtures.

Bridgwater Hockey Club has arranged to take part in a number of tournaments throughout the 2009/10

    season. These will obviously depend on player numbers and availability, however the fixtures arranged so

    far are as follows:-

Under 10’s Under 12’s Under 12’s Under 14’s Under 14’s Under 16’s Under 16’s

Boys/Girls Boys Girls Boys Girls Boys Girls

    7-a-side 7-a-side 7-a-side 7-a-side 7-a-side 11-a-side 11-a-side th th th thth11Oct 09 11Oct 09 11Oct 09 4 Oct 09 4 Oct 09 tba tba ththththth9 Nov 09 9 Nov 09 9 Nov 09 13 Dec 09 13 Dec 09 tba tba thththstst7 Feb 10 7 Feb 10 7 Feb 10 31 Jan 10 31 Jan 10 tba tba thththstst7 Feb 10 7 Feb 10 7 Feb 10 21 Feb 10 21 Feb 10 tba tba

All tournaments are to be held on a Sunday morning and are likely to start at 10am.

The Under 10’s Tournament will be held at Wells through Cheddar Hockey Club.

    The Under 12’s and Under 14’s tournaments will be held at both Bridgwater and Shepton Mallett

Hockey Practice and Coaching.

Bridgwater Hockey Club Junior practice will be held at the Astroturf Hockey Pitch at Chilton Trinity

    School between 11 12. If player numbers increase, then the timings will be extended. As with last

    season, Senior players will be invited to help with the coaching, however, unlike last year, the Junior

    practice session will not be used as an extra practice session for other Senior players, so the Junior players

    can train in a more comfortable environment.

     ththPractice sessions will run through from Sunday 13 September until Sunday 28 March. There will be a

    break for Christmas and players and parents will be advised nearer to the time.

Should there be any severe adverse weather such as heavy rain or snow, there will be no practice. Please

    contact any of the coaches if you are unsure.

Could parents ensure that players are dropped off at the Astroturf at the start of the practice and collected

    afterwards. This is to avoid players being left unattended for any reason.

Bridgwater Hockey Club Playing Equipment.

Bridgwater Hockey Club has purchased new playing shirts, goalkeeper’s uniform and other playing

    equipment for this season. These will be available for all training sessions and matches.

If parents which to purchase individual Bridgwater Hockey Club shirts, socks or hoodies, can you let any

    of the coaches know and an order can be made as soon as sufficient numbers are taken.

Juniors Playing in Senior Games.

To clarify the rules regarding Junior players playing in Senior matches. Junior players have to be 13 by st31 December 2009 to be eligible to play in a Senior matches from the start of the 2009/10 season. stPlayers born from 1 January onwards will have to wait until the start of the 2010 season to play.

    However, players will only be selected if it is safe for the player to do so and their skills and strength

    would allow them to play safely in a Senior game..

Finally, I would like to wish you all every success for this season and hope that you all enjoy your

    2009/10 Hockey Season.

Steve Pigden

    Junior Coordinator.

    Bridgwater Hockey Club

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