New Plymouth Girls High School

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New Plymouth Girls High School

    New Plymouth Girls’ High


     Private Bag 2049 Hostel Phone (06)757 3840 60 Northgate Hostel Fax (06)758 5641 Scotlands Hostel New Plymouth E Mail New Zealand

     April 2008

    Hostel Newsletter

Hello parents and caregivers,

    Here we are at the end of the term and my

    goodness hasn‟t it just flown by? We have had so

    many things happening here that it‟s hardly

    surprising everyone is tired. The Swimming Sports

    and the Athletics Sports were the main school

    organised activities and as usual the Hostel girls

    played an enormous part in the success of these

    two great events. We have had a couple of themed

    dinners, thanks to Helen Leppard and the kitchen

    staff who provide us with special meals to suit the

    occasion. The matrons too, are always enthusiastic,

    helping to decorate the dining room and offering support and ideas to their year groups in the never Lauren Smart in action! ending quest to come up with new ideas. The year NPGHS Touch team won the 2008 Central Region

    13 Captains have organised Top Form, a Social Tournament in Palmerston North. Hostel students

    Dance at Boys High and most recently a dinner were - Laura L, Lauren S, Kelsey M, Brooke S, swap with Boys High. Zoe K, Kanya J, Huia H, Ashley C, Billie

     Kerehoma and Monique Cleaver.

    Many of our students play sport to a high level and TSSSA Rogaine 2008 Georgie Opie First Senior represent school teams in all codes. The NPGHS Girls.

    Rugby team, that includes Scotlands girls, Laura Last weekend the NPGHS teams were very

    Lobb, Lauren Smart, Kanya Janett, Brooke Sim, successful at Western Heights , Rotorua.

    Kelsey Morgan, Ashley Crowley, Huia Harding, Letitia Hansen, Sharni Lynch and Ashley stTrea Marshall, Marika Anselmi, Alesha Ford and McDonald played in the 1 X1 Football Team. Zoe Kensington have seen plenty of action over Maddie Best and Paige Bower played in the strecent weeks. They soundly beat the Canadian Hockey 1 X1 that beat St Matthews Collegiate, College visitors 49-0 when they toured NZ in March. Masterton in the final. (where I taught before

    I think their coaches were amazed at the high coming here!) standard of rugby played by the High School girls. Snr A Basketball team- Zoe Kensington.

    Jnr A Basketball team-Monique Cleaver, Megan

    Cosgrove, Ashley Crowley, Greer Patterson and

    Holly Schrader.

    Snr A Netball team - Alice Goodwin, Laura Lobb,

    Renee Matoe, Greer Patterson and Megan


    Snr B Netball- Natalie Bedwell-Curtis, Nikaela

    Boshier, Huia Harding and Kelsey Morgan .

    Jnr A Netball Hannah Butler and Amy Rush.

    To quote staff from school who travelled with the the holidays the manager of City Fitness will make NPGHS teams The girls played hard and played a presentation to the girls. They offer numerous fair. They were great advocates for NPGHS and classes including yoga, aerobics, pilates as well as Scotlands Hostel”. What more can we ask? having a fully equipped gymnasium. Girls will have

     to make a commitment for the whole term and Things are beginning to settle down in Prep and whilst we don‟t know the exact cost yet we‟re

    girls are working well in a congenial and supportive confident it will be a good deal. atmosphere. The staff will continue to be pro-active Things to remember

    and do their best to ensure all girls attend prep Term Two Uniform requirements Winter shoes

    regularly, complete homework on time and are and stockings, and a winter coat or warm jacket in generally on target. Please contact me with any black, navy or red, preferably waterproof…..we will

    concerns. surely pay for this hot, dry summer! Our sporting From next term we are able to offer small groups of girls are likely to get a few injuries as they become two or three students the opportunity for peer heavily involved in their sporting activities so tutoring in Maths and Science. We are keen to be strapping tape and deep heat might be useful. able to offer the same facility in English later in the term. At the hostel girls will need a hotties, warm pj‟s and

    For the past two weeks we have had access to the dressing gown. Perhaps skimpy shorts and t-shirts computer suite down at school. This offers our will need to be replaced by sweat pants and senior girls ready access to the internet to complete hoodies. Please remember to name all items of important research work during Prep time. This in clothing. turn allows our juniors more time to use the hostel computers in the prep room. Could you have a search at home for any hostel Two new computers will be installed in the Prep library books. We are desperately trying to build room over the holidays, together with a second our stocks, encouraging the girls to read as much printer and a scanner. as possible, but sometimes the girls are a little Our goal is for Boarders to achieve high standards careless with the books. There may well be a few in all areas of life; on the sports field, socially and hidden under their beds or in the bottom of academically. We want our girls to exceed all wardrobes at home. expectations. To use the girls own words “Boarders are Best”. Our Hostel Open Day will take place on Saturday

    th 24 May between 10am and 2pm. If you have We are currently holding an AA Defensive Driving friends or neighbours who haven‟t yet decided

    course here at the hostel. As more of our senior where they will send their daughters, they may be girls bring their own transport we want them to be interested to come along. Please ask them to as well prepared as possible to face and cope with contact me on 06 7573840 ext 790 the dangers on the roads. or email We have invited Bounceback Physio to run another strapping course in the hope of encouraging students to be responsible for the treatment and

    prevention of minor sports injuries.

Those of you who regularly come into the hostel will

    have met one of our newest matrons, Emma Jones.

    Emma damaged her achilles tendon before

    Christmas and made a very slow recovery even

    after 6 weeks in a cast. She has now had an

    operation, will be in a cast for another few weeks

    but we are hopeful she will make a full and speedy

    recovery. Over recent weeks she has been

    negotiating with various gyms in town to arrange a

     „deal‟ for hostel girls. Some of our girls are not Briar Cleaver, our year 9 matron, with our lovely involved in team sports and do very little exercise. 2008 year 9’s, and Head Boarder Laura Lobb We‟re hopeful this programme will attract students hiding at the back! who are keen to get fit. The first Monday back after

    th May from 2pm. The Hostel will open on Sunday 4

    If your daughter is returning to New Plymouth by public transport and needs a lift from the bus station or airport let us know as soon as possible. For your diary thTerm Two ends Friday 4 July stthTerm Three - Mon 21 July to Fri 26 Sept. thTerm Four Mon 13 Oct to Wed 17 Dec.

    Have a lovely holiday. I look forward to catching up with you at some time during the next term. Kind regards


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