QCF Unit of Assessment Template

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QCF Unit of Assessment Template

    Title Understand how to use fish/shellfish quality assessment methods

    Level 2

    Credit value Provisional 3

    Learning Outcomes Assessment Criteria

    The learner will: The learner can:

    1. Know what the factors are that 1.1 Outline the causes of fish/shellfish spoilage

    affect the quality of fish/shellfish

     1.2 State the impact of handling and temperature control on fish/shellfish quality and spoilage.

    2. Know how to assess the quality of 2.1 Describe the methods used to assess the quality fish/shellfish of fish/shellfish, and their limitations, including;

     ; manual

    ; chemical

    ; microbiological testing

    2.2 State the quality assessment methods that use

    taste and smell

    2.3 State the quality assessment taste calibration

    2.4 Outline the QIM fish quality assessment methods

    for seafood

    2.5 Outline the TORRY fish quality assessment

    methods for raw and cooked seafood.

    3. Know the importance of 3.1 Outline the role of quality assessment in quality fish/shellfish quality assessment assurance

    3.2 State how to develop new seafood quality

    assessment schemes

    3.3 Outline the management of quality assessment in

    the fish/shellfish industry

    3.4 State the food safety legislation that controls

    fish/shellfish quality assessment.

    Additional information about the unit

     This unit supports workforce development for those Unit purpose and aim(s) who understand how to use fish or shellfish quality

     assessment methods, according to job role, in a

    fish/shellfish processing or related business.

    The unit is designed for use primarily by operatives

    and others who carry out these workplace activities.

Unit of Assessment in Fish and Shellfish ? Improve Draft February 2010

    The aim of the unit is to assess knowledge and

    understanding to recognised National Occupational


Unit expiry date

    Details of the relationship between the This unit of assessment relates directly to Improve unit and relevant national occupational Sector Performance Standard (approved as National standards or other professional Occupational Standard) knowledge unit FP.137K

    standards or curricula (if appropriate) Understand how to use fish or shellfish quality

    assessment methods.

    Assessment requirements or guidance This unit is designed to assess the knowledge and specified by a sector or regulatory body understanding of learners in the workplace context, (if appropriate) when using fish or shellfish quality assessment

    methods, according to job role. It can be assessed on

    or off the job.

    The learner must demonstrate their current knowledge

    and understanding, to meet all assessment criteria.

    Assessment methods appropriate to the needs of the

    learner must be used to generate satisfactory

    evidence of knowledge and understanding.

    The Improve Assessment Strategy for Proficiency

    Qualifications in Food and Drink sets out the

    overarching assessment requirements.

Support for the unit from a SSC or

    appropriate other body (if required)

Location of the unit within the

    subject/sector classification system

Name of the organisation submitting

    the unit

Availability for use

Unit available from

     Provisional 18

    Unit guided learning hours

Unit of Assessment in Fish and Shellfish ? Improve Draft February 2010

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