Minutes of the Bangor University Students Union Senate (7) Date

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Minutes of the Bangor University Students Union Senate (7) Date


    Minutes of the

    Bangor University Students’ Union

    Senate (7)

Date & Location:

    th19:00 Tuesday 24 March 2009, Council Chamber, Main Arts Voters Present:

    Tom Hecht (SEO), Rhion Glyn (UMCB President), Matt Ison (Elections Secretary &

    Communications Chair), Simon Atha (IS), Jo Caulfield (IS), Iain Dalton (IS), Stephen

    Davies (IS), Rich Gorman (IS), Jez Harvey (IS), Lloyd Harris (IS), Becki Law (IS), Abi

    Methley (IS), David Moon (IS & Deputy Chairperson), Chris Saville (IS), Helen

    Shadbolt (IS), Drew Turner (IS), Sharyn Williams (IS), Emma Whitlock (IS), Dan

    Williams (IS), Trefor Alun (Education Chair), Biddy Andrews (SVB Chair), Joe Firth

    (Environment & Community Chair), Chris Reid (AU Chair), Dafydd Wyn Jones (Welsh

    Affairs Chair), Emily Collins (RS), Alex Gillespy (RS)

    Others Present:

    John P Jackson (President), Spencer George (Deputy President), Rob Samuel (AU

    President), Pete Banks (Student Trustee), Mark Jessett (Student Trustee), Sean

    Baxter (Ordinary), Stephanie Black (Ordinary), Lucy Bryning (Ordinary), Alix Davies

    (Ordinary), Rebecca Farrell (Ordinary), Elizabeth Mullins (Ordinary), Tigz Noyce

    (Ordinary), Katy Sandford (Ordinary), Ceri Brown (D&C Administrator), Gareth Sion



    Geraint Rowlands (Union Chairperson), Joe Butler (Trustee), David Craggs (IS), Emma

    Dixon (IS), David Jinks (IS), Rebecca Milne (IS), Rob Hobbs (Union Events Chair), Kris

    Caci (RS)

    Absences without apology: Alex Golden (IS), Jessica Little (IS), Jake Basford (Societies Chair), Anthony

    Albequerque (RS)

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

    Due to the absence of GR, DM stood in as Chairperson and conducted a quoracy

    check to ensure there were enough voting Senators present.

    A guillotine was set for 10pm.

Notice of Elections

    MI read a statement regarding the recent SU Elections.

    MI announced the result of the Senator Cross Campus Ballot Elections. They were as


    Independent Senators

     All Candidates reached quota and were duly elected.

    Representative Senators Students with Disabilities Senator

    957 votes were cast.

    Tigz Noyce received 496, Drew Turner received 401 and RON received 60.

    Tigz Noyce therefore reached quota and was duly elected.



    LGBT Senator

    924 votes were cast.

    Jake Basford received 793. RON received 101.

    Jake Basford therefore reached quota and was duly elected.

Mature Students senator

    913 votes were cast.

    Kris Caci received 812. RON received 101.

    Kris Caci therefore reached quota and was duly elected.

Applications for Speaking Rights

    Gareth Sion and Ceri Brown, Students Union Staff Members


    Gareth Sion and Ceri Brown were given speaking rights for the duration of the


? 48/SUS - Minutes from the last meetings

    The minutes from the last meeting were accepted as a true record.

    Vote to accept minutes:


? 49/SUS - Matters arising from previous minutes

    o 46/SUS Questions (24/02/09) SG reported that the link to the No 2 ID site is now on the Site.

? 50/SUS Constitutional Amendments

    o 50a/SUS Sabbatical Officers as Senators MJ spoke for the Amendment

    CR spoke against the Amendment

    There was a period of questioning:

    AGi Won’t adding more Senators dilute Senate?

    MJ The number of Senators is remaining the same, it would just be that the

    Sabbatical Officers would not be Senators.

    CR The Sabbatical Officers need to be held account to Senate and this can be done

    well if some of them actually have a position within Senate.

    PB How long has this change been discussed for?

    MJ Before the last Senate meeting an ANE meeting was held where the idea was

    discussed. We took advice from NUS and they agreed with the idea as we are trying

    to sort out issues that have come about due to the Governance Review.

    POINT OF INFORMATION JJ The Governance Review is an ongoing process and has not finished.

    CR It may be best if all the Sabbatical Officers do not attend the Board Meetings if

    they do not have to.

    CS There must have been a valid reason for there to be two Sabbatical Senators

    what were they and why have they changed?



    MJ The Board should be equally split into 3 Student Trustees, 3 Sabbatical Officers and 3 outside members to make it fairer.

    CR There were problems last year but I believe that there should be more discussion on this matter before it is decided on. It should be looked at during the

    next Senate.


    AGi That the matter be referred to the next GM.

    Vote to hear the procedural motion:


    Procedural motion was not accepted and questioning continued.

    ID Do we feel there has been enough discussion on the topic in order for us to make a decision?

    MJ It is here at Senate to be discussed.

    CR At the Second Senate of the year, a Constitution Working group was set up with myself and MI elected onto it. There has only been one meeting. Senate has been

    excluded from these decisions and therefore need more time to look at what is being



    CS That a further round of speeches be heard.

    Vote to hear the procedural motion:


    CS spoke for the procedural motion.

    No-one spoke against the procedural motion.

    Vote to accept the procedural motion:


    Procedural motion was accepted a further round of speeches would be heard.

    PB As a current student trustee, I see how useful it is having the Sabbatical Officers present at Board meetings. They do not need to be on Senate as they are held to

    account to it anyway.

    CR This may be true but I believe it best to bring this item back to another Senate meeting so that we can make a decision after some serious thought.


    JJ This is the last scheduled Senate meeting, but there could be another after Easter if 10 days notice is given.

    DW If the issue is that Sabbatical Officers who are on Senate are signing for things when they technically shouldn’t, they need to be checked carefully by the Board

    Senate is an important body and the Sabbaticals should be involved in decisions made


    ID If all the Sabbatical Officers are on the Board, how will this affect the majority on the Board? Would the students still have a fair say?

    JJ Yes, there would still be a student majority.



    RS Do you not think that having the Sabbatical Officers on the Board helps with the

    strategic direction?

    CR Possibly but Senate also helps run the political direction of the SU. The current

    Officers have been in charge nearly a year now and nothing ‘bad’ has happened.

    MJ The Sabbaticals should be on the Board to assist with the strategic decisions

    currently the Sabbs have input but no vote.

    PROCEDUAL MOTION 16.5.9 CS That the motion now be voted on.

    Vote to hear the procedural motion:


    AGi spoke for the procedural motion.

    CS spoke against the procedural motion.

    Vote to accept the procedural motion:


    Procedural motion was accepted and the motion has gone for a vote.

Vote to accept Constitutional Amendment:


    The Amendment was not passed by a two thirds majority and is therefore not


? 50/SUS Constitutional Amendments

    o 50b/SUS Nominations, Elections and Audit Committee Amendment MJ spoke for the Amendment

    No-one spoke against the Amendment

    There was a period of questioning

    CS Who is currently on ANE?

    MJ The Chair, All Board, Elections Secretary, Returning Officer and University Rep.

    CR In this new proposal there is no mention of the Elections Secretary who would

    they be accountable to?

    MJ The plan is to put in another amendment would make the Elections Secretary

    and the Elections Committee accountable to ANE.

    CR So if this amendment were to go through today, the Elections Secretary is not

    accountable? Isn’t that dangerous?

    MJ The Election Secretary has no voting representation and therefore could not

    sway a vote.

Vote to accept Constitutional Amendment:


    The Amendment was passed by a two thirds majority and is therefore accepted.

    POINT OF INFORMATION JJ explained that following motion was not included in the original agenda because a

    decision had to be made whether to include it. This was because the motion had not

    been sent directly to the ANE Committee. JJ remained all Senators that any motions



    must be placed in the motions box or sent via e-mail to the ANE committee only.

    They should not be sent just to the Chair or the Secretary.

    POINT OF ORDER 15.3.1 PB That the Quorum be challenged.

    A check was completed which revealed that there were 22 voters present.

? 51/SUS - Motions

    o 51a/SUS Continuing the Debate on Higher Education Funding ID spoke for the motion No-one spoke against the motion.

    There was a period of questioning

    HS What is the current issue with the funding?

    ID It is being looked at by the Welsh Assembly at the moment currently they pay

    part of any Welsh students top up fees but this may be changing. It may also change

    in England too.

    Vote to accept policy motion:


    Motion passed and is now Union Policy.


    DM called a 10 minute break.

    ? 52/SUS - Reports

    o 52a/SUS Sabbatical Team Report JJ, SG, TH, RS and RhG gave the report

    AGi Which new societies are there?

    TH The freethinkers Society, Rock Appreciation and Improv.

    JH What is the definition of an UMCB member?

    RhG The Constitution currently states that all Welsh Speakers or learners are

    UMCB members.

    EW Has there been any progress with the fair-trade hoodies?

    TH Pearl in the shop has been in contact with the suppliers who are looking into it

    and hopefully from next year we will have the fair-trade hoodies.

    BL Has there been any progress with the condom machines on Ffridd Site?

    SG It has been agreed that they are needed and it is thought that the machine will

    be in the laundrette so that there is 24 hour access. Estates are currently looking into

    costs of machines and are due to report back to us.

    EW Would it be possible to stock fair-trade condoms in the machines?

    SG That can be looked into!

    o 52b/SUS - AU Committee

    CR gave the report

    AGi What are the super teams?

    RS Teams of six, boys and girls, will compete in 6 different ‘minigames’ such as

    archery, weights and the bleep test and will be given points.

    o 52c/SUS - Communications Committee

    SG gave the report



    o 52d/SUS - Education Committee TA gave the report.

    EW Which schools did not send representatives to the Education Committee? TA 6 out of 24 schools attended if you wish to know which I can let you know.

    BL How are the meetings advertise?

    TA An e-mail was sent to all course reps we knew about.

    JL Are there any plans to use Blackboard more? Some tutors don’t use it as much

    as others.

    JJ at the Teaching and Learning Task Group this was discussed and there is an issue with copyright.

    o 52e/SUS - Environment & Community Committee JF gave the report.

    o 52f/SUS - Equal Opportunities Committee JH gave the report.

    AGi Has there been any feedback from the planned Sports Day? SG Not at present.

    o 52g/SUS - Societies Committee

    TH gave the report.

    o 52h/SUS - SVB Committee

    BA gave the report

    SG Can you clarify the makeup of the Nightline Committee at present please? BA Nightline has a larger and different committee makeup than other projects and so some positions on the committee will be voted in and others will be interviewed


    o 52i/SUS - Union Events Committee DW gave the report

    HS Is the Hot Chocolate in the Basement fair-trade?

    JJ- We are pushing to have all beverages fair-trade in our venues in line with the


    CR Why do Fair-trade matters come under Events jurisdiction? DW Because the Events Committee liaise with Undeb Trading who supply the goods and services.

    EW Will the views of students be taken into account when planning the Summer Ball?

    DW There have been many meetings with Adam regarding the Ball and any suggestions we have received are taken for discussion. Obviously we cannot

    accommodate everything but we are trying.

    JJ The Trading Liaison Task Group that has been set up and meets regularly is a huge step forward and is working well.

    EW The University are supporting Earth Hour by putting a link on the website and turning off the lights outside Main Arts. Can the SU also support this by putting a link

    on the SU website please?

    JJ I will make sure it goes up.

    JJ to put link on SU website regarding ‘Earth Hour.’

    o 52j/SUS - University Committee RG gave the report

    o 52k/SUS - Welfare Committee



    SW gave the report

    DM What is the discussion on Smoking about and what is the SU’s position on it?

    SG The University have a 5 metre smoking ban where people cannot smoke within

    5 metres of any structure. We were looking to see whether people know this, what

    they thought about it and whether anything could be done to help. Obviously we are

    concerned with the Welfare of our students and do not want them outside in the

    cold unnecessarily.

    PB Is it likely that the SU will bring a similar policy to Senate regarding this?

    SG It is possible that this will happen we will look at it after we get the report

    back from the University.

    o 52l/SUS - Welsh Affairs Committee

    DWJ gave the report.

    JH Will you be putting forward recommendations to those people who only

    publicise in Welsh?

    EW Are all societies and club e-mails supposed to be translated?

    GS Yes anything sent through the SU should be translated.

    JC What is considered to be a ‘mass e-mail’?

    JJ An e-mail that is sent o more than one person.

    EW That would make for a lot of work. Would Gareth be able to cope?

    JJ We are looking to get Gareth some help as we realise there is a high demand for

    his services.

    EW - How much time do we need to give Gareth for translation?

    GS A day or two.

    AGi Are the Welsh Affairs Committees minutes available?

    SG Translation and availability of minutes is something we are working on.

    TA Could someone please look into the translation in the Basement the grammar

    is not good.

    JJ Didn’t know that – we will look into it. JJ to look into Welsh translation in the Basement.

    ? 53/SUS Elections There were no elections.

? 54/SUS Items for discussion


? 55/SUS Questions

    CR Could the Elections Secretary please give a response in writing to the AU

    candidates regarding the Elections.

    JJ That will be passed on to the Elections Secretary and Returning Officer.

    JJ to inform Elections Secretary and Returning Officer of request for written

    response on the AU Election.

    AGi There was a problem with the results of the Senator elections. Could the

    Elections Secretary please comment on this please?

    JJ The Elections Committee are not required to report to Senate and so the issue will

    not be discussed here.



    CS Could someone from the Elections Committee please give another short

    statement on the Election results as I do not feel the earlier statement was sufficient.

    PB If you have any questions then you should contact the Elections Secretary or the

    Returning Officer.

    JC Is it possible at some point to send an explanation of what happened to all

    students? I believe that they have a right to know too.

    JJ I believe that will happen in the near future and I agree it should happen.

    EW - Are the Union Policies online?

    JJ I believe so but not in Welsh unfortunately. It is being looked into.

? 56/SUS - Any Other Business

    EW There is a Fair-trade stall in the Weldon Building tomorrow please attend! JJ It is 90% certain that there will be another Senate after Easter notice will be given.

? Date of next meeting



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