Minutes of the Students Union Welfare Campaigns Group

By Patricia Barnes,2014-05-21 16:03
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Minutes of the Students Union Welfare Campaigns Group

    Minutes of the Students Union Welfare Campaigns Group th Wednesday 8March 6pm Varisty


    Rachael (Dizzy) Hobbs, Laurel Morgan, Catrin Plumpton, Emma Prout, Rob Harris, Mark Jessett


    Zalihe Kamil-Thomas, Andrew Owen,

16. Matter Arising

     Item 10 Dizzy has forgotten to bring the training document so this matter shall be RH

    discussed at the next meeting.

    Item 12 Catrin informed the group that the letter to the Rt Hon. Gordon Brown

    was sent off and it has been indicted by a good source that tax on condoms will be

    reduced in the next budget.

    Item 14 Sophie was not present at the meeting and no-one was able to comment.

17. Smoking “Clean Air” Campaign

     Thanks were given by Catrin to those who helped with the audit. Cat distributed raw

    data & pie charts to explain the statistics collected. Dizzy reported that lots of people

    who said it didn’t bother them if smoking was banned had also indicated that they

    would prefer it if it was. Cat was mandated to produce a letter to Under Training CP

    Management that detailed: What we did, why we did it, our interpretations of the

    results and refers to earlier document for health states.

    This letter is to be circulated for approval before a final 5 copies are sent to Rob to CP

    distribute to the directors.

    Rob was requested to ask the Trading chair to hold a meeting once he had received Rob

    the document.

    Diz mandated to send Laurel all the documentation so far. RH

18. Sexual Health Campaign

     Laurel started by outlining the point that there are a number of different angles a

    Sexual Health campaign can take. Dizzy stated that she believe students know about

    STI’s & safe sex and proposed that we look at promoting the services available to

    students e.g. Advice Centre, STI testing,

    Rob stated supported Dizzy’s statement and said he wouldn’t be comfortable

    running a campaign that favours or promotes particular relationships compared to


    Dizzy proposed that we target groups within the SU Community & talk to these

    groups about specific things. She also proposed giving out freebies with useful

    information in.

    The idea of a questionnaire was raised and it was proposed that this information RH

    could be used to run an effective sexual health campaign at the start of the next LM

    academic term. Dizzy and Laurel to draft the questionnaire.

    Dizzy was mandated to investigated the possibility of an online condom shop. RH

    Laurel to phone Family Planning and other local organisations to find out what the LM

    state of student involvement was and whether they would be interested in a joint


19. Abortion

     Cat outlined case in South Dakota & it’s knock on effects gave out item on this

    topic. Laurel distributed the information that NUS currently have about abortion.

    The group then debated pro-choice vs pro-life.

     ? If we are pro-choice should we be lobbying NHS to provide the services?

     ? Should there be information in the Advice Centre?

    LM Outcome of the debate was that Laurel is to write a policy to council about abortion

     and also check that the advice centre has up to date information available.

    RH Rob is to contact the local NHS to find out about services provided in the area.

20 Hoodies

     Cat introduced Humphrey (the ONeills Fleece) to the group. Humphrey would cost

    ?19 each and then once they had been embroidered would cost approximately ?25 in


    During this agenda item the conversation changed and rob stated that “we can insult

    him as much as we like”.

    The group agreed on the hoodies and Dizzy was mandated to find out about colours RH

    and Laurel was to communicate this response to Nightline who would also be

    purchasing the hoodies.

21 AOB

     Website has been updated

    Claustrophobia campaign Marc got locked in Bryn Dinas, should this matter be

    discussed in council

    Meeting Closed at 19.10

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