The Cinecism of No country for an Old Man

By Katherine Cooper,2014-05-31 14:21
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The Cinecism of No country for an Old Man

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    The Cinecism of No Country for Old Men

     No Country for Old Men can be classified to the feature

    film. As usual, this kind of movie only can be understand by a few of people, but this movie, No Country for Old Men, just

    few people can really understand what the movie shows. As for me, one of the people who can not be clear about the movie do have some comments to make.

    The movie named No Country for Old Men tells a story

    what happens in New Mexico, west of the United States.

    The story opens up about Moss, an old cowboy, he discovers several corpses, a box of heroin, two hundred dollars in cash and a lot of guns occasionally when he is hunting. Obviously, it is the scene of fighting between two drug traffickers, and they both lose. Moss wants to pocket the money without sharing with anyone else so that he can improve his life. But things go contrary to his wishes, when Moss goes back to the same spot, he meets a man who also wants to own this money, so he is chased by the man----the coldblooded killer

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    Anton. Anton likely to be an abnormal man, he always carrying something like oxygen bottle, but it is an air gun actually, he kills almost everybody whom he meets by this air gun, just a shopkeeper and a boy escape from his hands. There is also another important character named Bell, he is the sheriff in the state. Bell wants to protect Moss and puts Anton into the prison. After a series of battle of wits and courage, although Moss is smart, he is found and killed by Anton eventually. As for Bell, he does not catch Anton and protect Moss, the only thing he can do is recalling the passed peace and humanity.

    No Country for Old Men is an unexceptionable movie in

    professionals’ eyes, and it wins four Oscar Golden Statuettes,

    while almost everyone thinks highly of this movie, I don’t think so. Because I have my own criteria of evaluating a movie.

    First above all, a good movie should have an excellent title which has strong connection with the story.

    Just take No Country for Old Men as an illustration.

    When the audiences have the first sight at the title of the movie, they may imagine a lot of episodes about an homeless old man who lives a vagrant life, nobody cares about him, and maybe he will die in a winter nightfall, thus arouse the conscience in the depth of people’s heart, in order to encourage people to give a

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    hand to others who need help. But the truth is, this movie tells a immoral story about a homicidal maniac chases an old cowboy and kills him ultimately. Besides, the killer nearly murders everybody he comes across, and he gets away with murder all the time. After watching this movie,I search on the internet, over 60% people do not know who is “the old man”, and they do ask the same question with me: “Why should the movie have this

    name?” My roommate jokes to me: “I think the movie should change its name to Kill without Batting an Eye, perhaps it can make box office higher;” Although she just makes fun, the title is really irrelevant to the subject.

    Secondly, an illustriousness movie must have a clear theme. In other words, the person who writes the scenario should make the audiences understand what the writer says.

    I have seen this movie over three times, except for the uncanny plot and continuous murders, I did not get any other information. Many film critics say, this movie is famous as an inference film, only a few people with high intelligence quotient can understand. The point is, movie is a kind of entertainment, people who goes to see a film almost want to have a rest or get something fun, so why should the audience spend a lot of time to be entangled with the chaotic plot? When they get out of the

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    cinema, everyone looks confused and frustrated because they do not know what they have seen a moment ago. I do not think that is a good impression what an excellent movie should leave to audience.

    In addition, as an out-standing movie, it should have a complete structure, that means: somebody puts forward a question, finally this question should be solved. Just like a normal man should have head and feet.

    No country for Old Men shows a puzzle at the start of the

    movie, but it does not give spectators a clear final result. When Moss is killed, the coins and open air-vent reveal that Anton has already been there. But Anton finds Moss’s wife explains that he does not get the money, and the old police man also draws a blank. So the biggest question is: where is the money? Audience all want to know, but no body knows the answer!

    It cannot be denied that the actors and actresses really do good jobs, they act vividly and authentically. They can pull the audience into the movie. The audiences’ feelings also are drove by the actors and actresses. For example, when Moss starts escaping, I worry about him all the time. Every place he arrives, I am afraid that Anton will find him and kill him. When he dies, it truly hurts my heart.

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    In my point of view, although the actors and actresses are good at performing, it can not paper this movie’s three disadvantages over: heading is irrelevant to the subject; theme is unsharp; structure is imperfect.

    Therefore, I have a totally different perception with other people who likes this movie, especially the judges who give

     Oscar to No Country for Old Men.

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