Tools, Operating Systems, and Languages

By Annette Wagner,2014-08-21 18:36
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Tools, Operating Systems, and Languages




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April 2001-May 2003 The Green Room

    The Green Room is a spectacular loft residence and photo studio in a converted warehouse building on Williamsburg Brooklyn’s waterfront. Over several years, I transformed it from a raw, barren space containing hundred year-old beat-up floors and two musty windows (with Manhattan views)into a luxury penthouse

    residence exhibiting objets both antique and technologically elaborate.

    The hardwood floors were sanded and aniline-dyed a deep saturated forest green, giving the space its indelible trademark color. The columns in the space were blackened, to contrast sharply with the floor and bring focus to the height and volume of the space. Twentieth-century modern furniture and objects

    heavy-duty metal barrister bookcases from the Pentagon, brass and chrome-bladed electric fans from the ’20s, and an assortment of rangefinder cameras—mix with vintage electronicsa late 1950s German cabinet radio, an Altec stereo vacuum tube amplifier, a brushed aluminum reel-to-reel recording deckto

    effect a captivating mixture of the old and the new. [All of the ‘gadgets’ in the Green Room are in mint condition, and fully functional.]

    Lighting is a focal point of the loft’s features, acting as both a showcase for an elaborate collection of luminaires assembled over a decade, and drama-heightener for the action taking place on the ‘stage’ of the main floor. A number of new 220-volt circuits were installed on the ceiling to power remotely controlled ‘intelligent’ and stage fixtures, serving the purpose of allowing disparate moods

    to be established through light: soft pinspots falling on the large sheepskin rug in the living area for a romantic soirée à deux; highly focused white beams

    spotlighting the vintage objects and electronics for an intimate gathering or dinner; and dramatic dichroic-colored motion and strobing effects for a small fashion show or rock concert. Italian and American table and pendant lamps from the ’50s and ’60s, and a large eye-catching chrome-and-stainless steel

    surgical lamp with a mottled glass lens dot the interior landscape and make optical diversions. Several rolling vintage photo spotlights on stands provide the main illumination for the space, and connect it to its alter-ego as a venue for entertainment. Twin video projectors complete the space’s lighting array,

    generating 20-foot pictures on the space’s walls for parties or movie screening.

    The bathroom has been painted in nine assorted and contrasting hues, in a striped pattern reminiscent of the signature style of fashion designer Paul Smith. The outside of the bathroom has been paneled in black-dyed pine to match in width and grain the planks of the green-dyed floor. The door has been replaced by a French door, which was given a handle on the inside only; dyed fire-engine red, and affixed with custom-made Venetian blinds to prevent unwanted ‘sightseeing’.

    Moving upward, the space above the bathroom has been converted to a small office/VJ/DJ area, accessed by ladder from within the adjacent bedroom; maximizing use of the loft’s double-height. It is connected to the main sound

    system and the two video projectors by means of custom-made video and audio cables and a video ‘multiplier’. For the space’s alternative use as a photo studio, a 12-foot wide electrically-automated backdrop roller is tucked away behind a ceiling support beam, and the vintage photo spotlights are able to move into more task-focused positions, reclaiming their raison d’etre. A Chinese screen

    conceals further photo accessories and a rolling wardrobe.

    For its tenants and guests, the Green Room serves its dual purposes of living and work equally well. Entertainment emerges as a natural third use for the space, one which its furnishings and design happily facilitate.

    Other Interests: Architecture, Lighting Design, Photography, Management

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