Minutes from the April 22, 2006

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Minutes from the April 22, 2006

    Minutes from the September 15, 2007

    Hack’s Point Community Association Meeting

    To be reviewed at the first meeting of 2008

Meeting called to order at 9:00 AM by HPCA President John Bertinatti. 29 members/guests were

    in attendance.

Officers in Attendance: John Bertinatti, President Bill Colligon, Vice President

     Lucy Stephens, Treasurer

    Directors in Attendance: Gene Faulkner Jim Gipe

    The minutes from the August meeting were read and approved.

    The Treasurers Report was read and approved.

Old Business

    ? Clothing No update from the August meeting. Janet Force is looking into purchasing

    HP clothing items to sell, t-shirts, hats, golf shirts, hoodies. She will find out minimum

    order quantity and report back. Clothing will be available for sale Spring 2008.

    ? Directory - HP directory is complete. Each dues paying member will receive two copies

    of the directory. Members present at the meeting received their copies and other

    member’s copies will be mailed. Thanks to Sue Cordes for all the work in preparing the

    directory and Coley DuPont for printing the directory free of charge.

    ? The communication plan for new permit applications is in place. The first permit was

    posted on the website on September 5

    th. Any questions regarding permits should be

    directed to Cecil County. Permits will remain on the website for one month and after two

    weeks the county will issue the permit. In addition Mary Gipe is sending a permit alert

    to all people that have given their email to the pier club or included it in the community

    directory. The information will also be posted on the Pier club bulletin board and

    community building community bulletin board.

    ? Audit of Books George Cordes has a volunteer to assist in the audit. Anyone else

    interested should see George

    ? Lighting for Dock - Jim Gipe will order the lights when they become available with the

    understanding that we can return them if we aren’t satisfied for any reason. We have

    budgeted $1,000 for two test lights.

    ? HPCA Community Building Bulletin Board John is trying to find a company that sells

    message board for the front of the building.

    ? Washing Post Article - Hack’s Point Beach Pollution Problems Since the last meeting

    John has written letters to our representatives, Maryland State Delegates, Michael Smigel,

    Richard Sossi and Mary Walkup and the Maryland State Senator E J Pipkin. He has also

    talked to and written County Commissioner William Manlove. The letters contained the

    concerns and solutions recommended at the August meeting and asked that we be

    involved and kept informed of any actions or plans to identify and improve the current

    situation. A copy of one of the letters is part of these minutes. Since the letters were sent

    John received a call from Commissioner Manlove who said he is asking for funding to

    determine the cause of the problem and an email from Delegate Smigel saying he was

    setting up a meeting with the Maryland Dept of Environment and Dept of Natural

    Resources. Both said they would keep us informed.

    ? Piling Caps on the Community Dock The Pier Club will be putting piling caps on

    uncovered piling to bird droppings problem.

    ? Paving Discussions continued on the repaving of the walkway and ramp. Based on our

    current cash position we will proceed with the project in the spring. We will ask the

    contractor to also give us the cost to dig up the old drain pipe and widen the area around

    the chain fence for easier wheel chair access.

    ? The Swim Platform will not be disassembled at this time The pulley club has requested

    to use the platform to repair pulley lines and will disassemble the platform when they are

    done with it.

    ? The step at the top of Farmdale was repaired

    New Business

? There was a motion to put a new bench at the end of Riverview Ave. equal distance from

    the DuPont and Shubert property lines and replace the bench at the entrance to the

    community pier The motion was passed and $500 was approved for the project. Mark

    Hopkins volunteered to put the benches in and get the materials needed. He will inform

    John Bertinatti when he locates the benches of exact costs.

    ? Mark Hopkins requested permission to paint the back of the community building. He

    will match the existing paint color. It was agreed to allow Mark to paint.

    ? Individuals representing themselves as officers of the Association. John has been

    informed by Cecil County employees that certain members of the community have called

    the county and requested information in the name of the association. In one case a letter

    was sent to the association to the attention of a member of the association at their home

    address. John asked that such requests stop immediately and informed the county that the

    Association address and list of officers is on the website.

    ? A suggestion was made to investigate an ING savings account to improve our rate of

    return on our CD. Lucy will look into ING’s offerings that may apply to the Association.

    ? There was a discussion on posting meeting minutes on the website prior to approval and

    before the next meeting - John explained the process of preparing the minutes and agreed

    to post the unapproved minutes prior to the next meeting and hopefully within two weeks

    of the meeting. Any recommended changes will be made and posted to the website prior

    to the meeting. Minutes would still have to be approved at the next meeting. Copies of

    the minutes will be available at the meeting and the approved minutes will be posted on

    the website after the meeting.

    Meeting was adjourned at 9:45 AM.

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