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    Meeting: Class Reps Council

    Date: 2008-10-16 Week 6

    Venue: CSG01

    Time: 18.00

    Attendance: Have Been Recorded

    Apologies Have Been Recorded


    Item 1 Apologies 1.1 Noted: Apologies were noted. 2 Announcements 2.1 Noted: Class Hoodies How to order them

    Gavin Kavanagh explains how to order hoodies. Hoodies may be ordered

    and designed online a Mr Kavanagh may be

    contacted at or 087 6714454. As a minimum

    order of 20 is required, Mr Kavanagh suggested small classes combine.

    Generic UL hoodies in pink and grey may also be ordered in Week 7 in SU

    Photocopying Room.

    2.2 Noted: New ULSU Logo Launch

    Deferred until next meeting.

    2.3 Noted: Halloween Ball

    The Campaigns and Services Officer informs that the Halloween Ball is thon in the South Court Hotel on the 30 October. Tickets are on sale now

    and cost ?15. Tickets are in various colours to indicate bus times, of

    which there are many. This is one of a series of events occurring during

    Halloweek (Week 8). Two tickets will be raffled at the end of Council. 2.4 Noted: Christmas Shoe Box appeal

    Welfare Officer informs that she wishes to receive one shoebox from

    each household. People will be asked to bring shoeboxes next week

    (Week 7) to be stored until November.

    Campaigns and Services Officer informs that he wishes to establish


    another working group to deal with the appeal.

    2.5 Noted: Bus Usage Recommendation

    Campaigns and Services Officer brings an article (“Coach Operator

    Admits Indecency Charge”) to the attention of the Council. He

    recommends not to use Curtin coaches for class parties. Class reps

    should contact him for a list of approved bus operators.

    2.5 Noted: Homophobic Attacks on Campus

    Equality Officer notes that agenda item is incorrect and should refer to

    the Lodge. She informs that two homophobic incidents have occurred

    recently in the Lodge. She informs that the SU does not accept this form

    of treatment towards students based on sexuality or any other reason.

    She intends to run an event in Semester 2 to raise awareness. Anyone

    with comments or ideas should contact the Equality Officer, Welfare

    Officer or Campaigns and Services Officer.

    3 Minutes of Previous Meeting (2008-09-30) 3.1 Noted: Minutes were approved. 4 Matters Arising 4.1 Noted: No matters arising. 5 Working Groups Reports 5.1 Noted: President informs that there is little to report as only the

    Campaigns and Fees Working Groups have met. He requests that

    members either attend or send apologies, or they will be deemed


    6 Motions and Resolutions 6.1 Noted: Election of College Council Officers: Education and Health

    Science Officer

    Collages Officer gives brief explanation of the roles and responsibilities

    of the position. th year General Nursing) nominated herself and Graham Marie Lynch (4stCummins (1 year Biological Science) seconded the nomination.

    There were no other nominations and Marie Lynch was deemed elected

    to the position of Education and Health Science Officer.

    7 Officers’ Reports 7.1 Written Reports were presented 7.1.1 President’s Report

    ? Screens initiative

    ? Protest

    ? Bike Scheme

    ? AGM

    ? Love Parade and Mental Health Week

    7.1.2 Welfare Officer’s Report

    ? SHaG Week (Part 1)

    ? Positive Mental Health Week

    ? Anti-Fees Protest in Cork

    ? Childcare Bursaries

    ? Meetings and Committees

    ? Homophobia


    7.1.3 Campaigns and Services Officer’s Report

    ? Fee‟s Protest in Cork.

    ? Love Parade Mental Health Week

    ? Stables and Scholars meetings

    ? Pool tournaments

    ? Planning For HalloWeek

    ? Halloween Ball planning

    ? Rag week discussions

    ? Still on crutches

    7.1.4 Communications Officer’s Report

    ? Pulse

    ? Launch of New ULSU logo

    ? „Exclusion Soc‟ article

    ? Deadline for next Pulse issue Week 8

    7.1.5 PSA President’s Report

    ? Childcare Bursary Administration

    ? PSA AGM (Wednesday of Week 7)

    ? Re-integration policy

    ? Payment/Accreditation for teaching policy

    ? Proposal for amendments of the Postgraduate Charter

    ? Organisation of the PSA Ball

    ? Student Queries

    7.1.6 Equality Officer’s Report

    ? Anti-Homophobia Night

    ? Cake Party

    ? Equality in UL

    7.1.7 First Year Representative Report

    ? Election to position

    ? Exec Meetings

    ? Email Service

    ? A Rep for Each Course

    ? Anti-fees Protests

    7.2 Education Officer’s Report

    Noted: Education Officer gave an oral report as to his progress to date,

    including reports on the following:

    ? Faculty Meetings

    ? Working with First Year Rep to encourage first years to become

    involved with the Class Reps system

    7.3 Community Relations Officer’s Report

    Noted: CRO gave an oral report as to his progress to date, including

    reports on the following:

    ? Community Forum

    ? Death Protocol Board

    ? Working with Equality Officer re: Cake Evening tho On the 28 October

    o Would like 10/15 Class Rep volunteers to help

    o Everyone is invited but would like numbers

    7.4 Clubs Officer’s Report

    Noted: Clubs Officer gave an oral report as to his progress to date,

    including reports on the following:

    ? Clubs and Societies Constitution

    ? Local Lotto


    7.5 Questions for Officers 7.5.1 Noted: Niamh O‟Mara (4th year Law and European Studies) questions the

    SU‟s response to recent break-ins in the Briarfield area.

    7.5.2 Noted: CRO informs that there will soon be a section in An Focal

    promoting security, and the issue is being discussed at meetings. 7.5.3 Noted: Niamh O‟Mara (4th year Law and European Studies) queries

    whether a Garda station in Castletroy would be beneficial. 7.5.4 Noted: CRO states that he fears a Garda station in Castletroy would

    criminalise students, and that he would prefer to see increased Garda

    presence or a private security firm.

    7.5.5 Noted: President informs there will be no station for Castletroy. He

    informs that after complaints from both students and other residents

    there was an increased Garda presence in Castletroy. He encourages

    everyone to report any incidents to the SU and Gardaí as it is essential

    that they know. th year Law and European Studies) states that 7.5.6 Noted: Niamh O‟Mara (4

    she has heard Garda believe crime has increased as off-campus student

    accommodation is rented to people relocated from other areas of

    Limerick rather than students.

    7.5.7 Noted: President notes that the population around Limerick has


    7.5.8 Noted: Welfare Officer states that the relocation programme has been

    going on eight years and that the rise in crime is a nationwide issue. She

    also encourages people to report incidents to the SU and Gardaí. She

    states the there are five officers dedicated to the Castletroy area. Shen

    encourages people to be vigilant in their areas, and to refrain from

    saying who may or may not be responsible.

    7.5.9 Noted: CSO states that security of a house is the responsibility of the

    tenant and landlord. He states that increased Garda presence may not

    be ideal, as they are around at times when students might be caught for

    petty crimes but not present at times when trouble may occur. He

    feared this would create a negative image of students.

    7.5.10 Noted: Clubs Officer inform that he has twice been the victim of break-

    ins. He states he and his housemates pushed their landlord to install an

    alarm which they switch on when they leave the house. nd7.5.11 Noted: Aoife Caulfield (2 year MMPT) comments that houses are being

    observed and vigilance is required.

    7.5.12 Noted: CRO states his main concern is the welfare and safety of

    students. He encourages students to ask landlord for better safety

    measures. He hopes to include a checklist for ensuring a house is safe

    and secure when leaving in An Focal. th7.5.13 Noted: John Condren (4 year Law and European Studies) queries why

    the Nitelink service has been cut down. He notes that there is much

    confusion as to times.

    7.5.14 Noted: CSO explains the Nitelink service has been extended rather than

    cut down. He has published the times in An Focal each week, online and

    on posters around campus and is working on a permanent sign at the

    Stables arch. The Nitelink now runs every 45 minutes rather than half an


    7.5.15 Noted: PSA President informs that the service has been extended for

    two reasons, the safety of students, and to connect to where students


    live. A 45 minute route is needed to include the new stops. They looked

    at locations and numbers of students in each and worked with the bus

    company to create the new service. This was brought before and passed

    by Council. st year Biological Science) stated that an 7.5.16 Noted: Graham Cummins (1

    armed Garda unit patrol weekends in the UL area.

    8 Items for Discussion 8.1 A.O.B.

    No A.O.B.


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