Minutes from the AGM 20th February 2007

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Minutes from the AGM 20th February 2007

    thMinutes from the AGM 20 February 2007

Present Phil, Iain, Martin, Watson, Tamsin, Amanda, Joanne, Clare, Phil, Ram,

    Sophie, Dave

Apologies Nic

Minutes for the last AGM missing

Matters Arising none

Captain’s Report present (see attached)

Treasurer’s Report – present (see attached)

Secretary’s Report – no report submitted by Jamie (resigned in December), report by

    Tamsin attached

Jamie has told Phil that he has no Captain’s or Secretary’s forms so Iain rings Jason

    who says that they are either in the cage or Jamie has them.

Training Coordinator’s Report – included in Captain’s report

Competition Secretary’s Report – included in Captain’s report

There is no report by the Publicity Officer as we do not currently have a Publicity

    Officer. However, we have had one article published in the ‘London Student’ and

    another to be submitted.

Tamsin’s inadequacy at remembering the date is discussed as the article written is

    dated March 2007 oops

Social Secretary’s Report – present

    Agenda altered (Point 5.7 added WOP’s Report)

WOP’s Report – see attached

    RLSS Essex Branch AGM usually held in April (on a Sunday) but we are unsure of

    the dates at the moment. We have no awards to collect

    here but an email will be sent with the details of the

    meeting when they are known.

Iain enlightens the committee with a story concluding that there are magazines in

    Wetherspoons (and also a monopoly board in one).

Purples Ball Phil, Iain, Martin and Roxy are attending, Tamsin is unsure, Watson is

    unable to attend.

Phil rubs it in that she only has two more days of lectures ever (but another year and a

    half at university).

Club Colours Watson and Tamsin have been nominated to receive Club Colours.

BULSCA Captains’ Meeting we have received no news about this but would like to

    discuss how the first Nationals have been run (level of

    success) and the appeals procedure (this should only

    be used in exceptional circumstances; the Head

    Marshall could discuss penalties and appeals made via

    a form).

Any Other Business Southampton University Lifesaving Club are organising a trip

    to Spain for a week in September.

Election of New Officers

Captain Watson

    Why is the SDP important? It informs ULU of the success of the Club and its

    intentions for the future.

    Voted unopposed.

Treasurer Martin

    Iain asks Martin to state Pi to ten decimal places Martin borrows Watson’s

    calculator. Voted unopposed.

Phil acts as a returning officer

    Secretary Tamsin

    What is Tamsin’s typing speed? Unknown but depends on length of words!

    However, Tamsin is able to touch type.

    Why are minutes important? Should be written within twenty four to forty eight

    hours, they inform members of the status of the club

    and keeps them up to date with the current affairs of

    the club.

    How often should committee meetings be held? Approximately once a fortnight,

    alternating between Tuesday and

    Sunday sessions. Voted unopposed.

Training Coordinator Iain (possibly Kamil, but only if no one else wants to run for

    Training Officer).

    Do you have a Training Development Plan? It is in Iain’s head at the moment but

    can be written down if it would please

    the Club. There will be lots of

    handouts to supplement the practical

    side and the packs will be updated. Iain is asked to recite the Drowning Chain, the Rescue Sequence, the Chain of

    Survival and the Water Safety Code.

    Will you be competing next year? Yes. How is Pi relevant to being Training officer? It’s not.

    Phil declares that she needs the loo; Iain requests this to be minuted. Phil runs off to

    the loo, followed by Watson. Phil and Watson return.

    Iain voted Training Coordinator unopposed.

    Competitions Secretary none as yet.

Publicity Officer Phil Sprake

    Would like to purchase a new flag.

    Voted unopposed.

Social Secretary Amanda

    Voted unopposed.

WOPs Clare and Kamil will be asked if they would like to become WOPs.

An EGM will be held to fill committee places if necessary.

Iain is willing to share Training Officer with Kamil if Kamil is interested.

     thNext meeting Tuesday 27 February 2007, 19:30.

Captain’s Report 2006/7

This year has been a difficult one due to the small size of the committee and club. However, our

    results at the few competitions we have attended have been encouraging, we got our highest placing

    for 2 years and we have run an awards night each term, so all members should have had the

    opportunity to take an award this year.


    We signed up 120 people to our mailing list at Fresher’s Fair, however less than 10 people turned up

    to the first session with only 3 people becoming regular members although we made the required 20

    person membership deadline.


    We purchased a large amount of kit this season which has been well used in training.

    ? 6 pairs fins

    ? rigid backline

    ? poolside cage

    ? 2 yellow torpedo buoys

    ? 2 whistles

    ? 4 stopwatches

We sold the remaining kit this year and are looking to do a joint purchase of club hoodies with

    Men’s Lacrosse and possibly look into tracksuit tops.

    We are also in the process of buying new protocol lifesaving books and a Heart Start AED

    defibrillation trainer.


    Iain Long has represented the club on the Finance Committee.

Committee Meetings:

    These have not been as regular as intended due to commitments of the committee members but we

    have held one at least every month. Tamsin Jones was elected as Secretary at an EGM in January

    after the resignation of Jamie Wallis in December.

In conclusion the year has been successful and although we have a lot to work on for next year we

    have lots of ideas and enthusiasm! Many thanks must go to my committee: Clare, Iain, Tamsin,

    Watson and Amanda.


    Secretary’s Report 2006 – 2007

    (Well just 2007 really)

     thI was elected secretary at the AGM on 30 January so I haven’t got much to say as a

    secretary…well, it’s only been 3 weeks!

    Diary of the secretary th30 January elected secretary st1 February nothing lifesaving related nd2 February collected fins for competition rd3 February Birmingham Competition th4 February came home from Birmingham competition th5 February nothing lifesaving related th6 February went training th7 February nothing lifesaving related th8 February nothing lifesaving related th9 February nothing lifesaving related (went home) th10 February nothing lifesaving related th11 February nothing lifesaving related (came back to London) th12 February nothing lifesaving related th13 February went training th14 February nothing lifesaving related (good night out with all the single people) th15 February nothing lifesaving related th16 February nothing lifesaving related (great night out) th17 February nothing lifesaving related th18 February went training, was told I had to write a report th19 February wrote the report, realised that I didn’t actually have anything to say th20 February AGM and pancakes (hopefully!)

    I think my role as secretary has gone swimmingly (please excuse the pun, it wasn’t intended) and there have been no major problems, the only minor one being my inability to make yahoo groups

    listen to me! But to be honest, I haven’t had enough time as secretary to mess it up yet…

Training Report 2006/7

Autumn Term

    We ran an awards night in December with Watson gaining his Award of Merit and Iain his LS3. Training was focussed around re training all members of the club with the new protocols. All members had completed the syllabus for the Bronze Medallion by the end of term. We focussed competitions training on the skills needed for the speed races with some short swim sessions.

Spring Term

     th, with Tamsin and Phil entered for their AoM. An awards night is being run on the 25

    Swim training increased and a good number of incidents were practiced in both wet and dry sessions. The Community Lifesupport Award was a great success, proving easy to run and appealing to people not already members of the club. 5 people gained the award and the hope is to run it as the first session of the Autumn term next year.

Summer Term

    It is hoped that we will run fortnightly open water training sessions at either Serpentine Lido or Hampstead Ponds.

    We will run a Bronze Medallion award so that by the end of the year all members will hold a lifesaving award.

Competition Report 2006/7

Due to the small size of our competitive squad this year we have only sent teams to 2 BULSCA

    league competitions.

    Southampton: team comprised of Amanda (capt) Watson, Phil and Martin th overall, the breakdown of results: We were placed 16th Wet SERC 24 th Dry SERC 4

     Rope joint 19th

     Swim and Tow 18th st Obstacles 21

    Birmingham: Team comprised of Phil (capt), Amanda, Watson, Tamsin th We were placed 6 overall.

London: Unfortunately we were unable to field a team for our own competition. We were unable to

    run the last speed event due to a late start and were unable to get any more pool time. We had 20

    teams enter, if we are unable to extend the pool time next year then we will have to limit entries to A ndrdand B teams only. Southampton won with Loughborough in 2 and Swansea 3.

Future competitions: th Phil has entered 4 races in the Student Nationals at Bath on 3/4 March th Loughborough BULSCA competition 5 May

     Bournemouth Beach Weekend

     Bournemouth Regatta


    Phil, Clare and Nic entered the regionals at the beginning of September, and performed well,

    creating a good start to the season.

    Evaluation of the season so far:

     We have continued our good performances in the SERCs this year. Unfortunately our rope

    throws need more practice in a competition situation to improve speed and accuracy under pressure.

    Our swim times are still in the lower half of the competitions and this must be improved with more

    intensive swim sessions and encouraging A team members to train in their own time. thThe 6 place at Birmingham was the highest place we have gained for 2 years, well done to all team


    I would like to encourage more members to compete in RLSS Regionals, it is an excellent way to

    improve incident skills, especially for future captains and to practice speed events without the

    pressure of a team.


    Organising regular socials this year has been difficult as people have had very busy schedules and member numbers have been down, however we have still had a few including; a halloween bar crawl around camden, bread making, drinking games in a nearby pub and of course the competition social. We have also attended socials as a team at other club competitions, including Brimingham and Southampton.

    The competition social was the main event that I had to organise and I felt it went very well, we were lucky enought to get the food and social at the same venue which made things slightly easier. I think the night was enjoyed by all that could be there.

    In the coming year I hope to plan more socials and try to encourage more socialising before or after training sessions. Ideas that I have had so far are; going to a ceileidh, going to "church", entering some pub quizzes, seeing some plays or a cinema trip and maybe a short weekend break. Hopefully by implementing plans to increase the number of members it will improve socials dramatically, by making more people available to attend each social and also to bring in new ideas for socials.

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