Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

    St. Joachim Catholic School

    10121 Crest Rd ** Old Mines, Missouri 63630


     MISSION STATEMENT: sweatshirt. Students may also wear school hoodies. During the spring and fall months, students may The mission of St. Joachim Catholic School is to wear navy or khaki walking shorts. assist the parents and parish community in the shared responsibility of educating God’s children to be THE PARENT/STUDENT handbook lists a more knowledgeable, responsible, loving Christians. detailed explanation of the Dress Code. Please refer to it for more information.

    ST. JOACHIM CATHOLIC SCHOOL will admit students without regard to race, color, nationality, or ethnic th Grade TUITION RATES for Kindergarten through 8background. The same privileges, programs, and are: activities are available to all students. $49.00 weekly for 1 child/$2548 yr.

     $56.00 weekly for 2 or more children/$2912 yr. stPreSchool: 4 years old by August 1 st Kindergarten: 5 years old by August 1 $56.00 weekly for 1 child/$2912 yr. $64.00 weekly for 2 or more children/$3328 yr.

     st*Tuition is paid weekly from July 1 of the present New student registration begins in March and thyear through June 30. continues throughout the school year. BOOK FEES: $100 per student, payable by 8/31 Registration for continuing students is held each year in March.

    $50 per child, per week for the ? day program. (7:45-12:00 noon) Transfer students from other schools are accepted at any time during the school year at the discretion Fees are payable for all days a child is registered for of the Pastor and Principal. regardless of attendance. $80 per child, per week for the children who must

    transfer to the Day Care for the remainder of the day. UNIFORMS are the required dress for students of St. $75 yearly supply fee Joachim Catholic School. Girls will wear a navy or khaki jumper, skirt or pants with a white or navy polo There are Tuition Assistance Applications available shirt and a white or navy sweater or sweatshirt. to all families. Local Grants will be awarded on a Boys will wear navy or khaki pants with a white or needs basis. navy polo shirt and a white or navy sweater or

    St. Joachim Catholic School

    10121 Crest Rd ** Old Mines, Missouri 63630


The school day begins at 7:45 a.m. and ends at 3:00

    p.m. Students are considered tardy if not in school at 7:45 a.m., or if they leave before 2:50 p.m.

     Visit the parish Web Site:

    Visit the school Web Site:

Lunch is served from 11:00 a.m. through 11:30 a.m.

    The younger students begin first, with the older students following. Parents may eat lunch with their Parties are celebrated for Halloween, Christmas, and child at any time by calling the school office ahead of Valentines Day. Parents may volunteer to be room time. parents at the beginning of the school year.

    St. Joachim Catholic School participates in the Federal All School Birthday Recognition Days are held each School Lunch Program and provides hot lunches. Free month for the students. They receive Birthday & Reduced lunch applications are given to all families Certificates and a special treat. at the time of registration and at the start of a new school year. They are also available upon request throughout the school year if family circumstances


     Because we are primarily a Catholic School, all

     students have the opportunity to attend Mass at least

    once each week and on other specially designated

    Feast Days.

    Each family receives a monthly newsletter, calendar, Students in grades 2-8 are provided the opportunity to lunch menu, and special interest articles each month receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation three times in a SPECIAL ENVELOPE which parents are asked to during the school year. sign and return to the school the following day. Important communications from the school may also Special prayer activities are held during Advent & Lent be sent home in these envelopes at other times during for all students. the month. Reminder notes and memos are frequently sent from the school office concerning upcoming Prayer and Service are an important part of the school events. All of this information will be available on the community’s daily activities.

    school web site as well. All school to home correspondence will be e-mailed as well. Always ask Students participate in the Holy Childhood Association your child about notes or information from the school! education and service program.

     provides information for various parenting topics, including bullying, internet safety, and alcohol abuse. “One child lost to the faith usually becomes a family lost

    to the faith, and not many generations later a whole

    community of unbelievers is set in motion because of

    some earlier neglect of parental duties” (Dr. Carl Henry,

    Theologian, on the Moral Decline in America)

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