Program Outcomes Assessment Report Audit for June 2005

By Louise Perry,2014-10-17 14:31
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Program Outcomes Assessment Report Audit for June 2005

    Program Outcomes Assessment Report Audit for June 2005,

    Updated August 2005

    Division Program or Department Report Met with

     Submitted Assessment Dean or Supervisor Director Coordinator Engineering & Workforce ?? Development Rocks, Jacquet (Sliney)

     Drafting and Design


     Electrical Utility


     Electronic Engineering


     Industrial Technology


     Mechanical Engineering

    Storms (Ekegren)

    College-NOW Cardwell

     Engineering Academy ?????????

    Doty/Cyders ? Health Sciences Milner

     Educational Assisting ? ?

    Doug Ramsey (not e-file)

     Human Services ?


     Radiological Sciences ?


     Physical Therapy Assistant ?


     Respiratory Care ? ?

    Slabodnick (not e-file)

     Associate Degree Nursing ? ?


     Practical Nursing ?


     Massage Therapy ? ?


    Business Easley

     Accounting ?


     Business Administration


     Computer Information Systems


     Criminal Justice ?


     Digital Media ?


     Early Childhood Education ?


     Adminstrative Info Technology ?


     Paraglegal Studies


    Arts and Sciences ? (Division Coleman meeting)

     English ??


     Speech ?




     Social Sciences




     Natural Sciences


    Student Success ?? Center/FYE


Assessment Coordinator met with Academic Council 9/29/04, 7/6/2005

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