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     THMonday 18 April 2005 @ 7.15 pm


    Name Organisation Name Organisation Amy H (Chair) JCC Josh L (Vice Chair) JCC Donna M Leics County Council Angela E Yth Dev Worker HBBC Sasha R Leics County Council Gemma B Bosworth College

    Mkt Bosworth High School Katherine M William Bradford C C Amber A

    Amanda S JCC Tara A Bosworth College Josh M JCC Lucy P Bosworth College Phil S Connexions Hannah G Redmoor High School Kate O’F Connexions Malcolm Cox Leics County Council Keegan G JCC Simon D J Leisure Svs Man. HBBC Nisar N Dixie Grammar School Katie O’G William Bradford C C Daniel H William Bradford C C Alison C William Bradford C C

    Cabinet Portfolio Holder, Richard B Cllr Nicholas Davis Arts/Culture/Sport/Health HBBC Neemu H JCC Philip Nollett Admin Support - HBBC James Hunter Leics County Council

Apologies: Lorraine Simpson (LCC), Emily Bonner.


    The meeting opened at 7.15 pm.

    Amy Hewitt greeted the members and introduced guest speakers to the meeting.



    ? The YC letterhead is now finished and ready for use.

    ? The Poster featuring the Heraldic Shield supported by two teenagers is almost complete.

    ? Samples of the Pens, Bugs and Keyrings were passed around the meeting for all to admire. These

    are all marked up with the Youth Council ‘Your views’ logo and the Jitty website address.

    ? Josh and Nisar modelled the Youth Council Hoodies and they were distributed to all Youth Council


    ? The group is working on written promotional material to be used to widen knowledge of the Youth


    ? Arrangements have been made for the Youth Council to hire a market stall in Hinckley town centre

    during the St Georges Day event on April 23rd to raise awareness of the Youth Council and to seek

    new members. Nisar pressed for interest from members as to date only two completed parental

    consent forms have been returned.

    Action: Members were told they could turn up on the day but would need to bring a completed

    parental approval form.

    The Jitty

    ? James Hunter is keen that the Jitty should be a major vehicle for the promotion of topics on behalf

    of the Youth Council.

    ? Phill S asked that a report be written on the effectiveness of the promotional event through the St

    Georges Day so that he could add it to the Jitty.

    ? It was suggested that an article on the Easter residential leader training would also be an

    appropriate item to place on the website.


    Katie gave an update on the credit card sized leaflet that this group is working on. This is intended as an aide to young people and will signpost them to useful agencies/organisations with contact numbers for advice such as sexual health, careers, drugs abuse. It is hoped to submit the final design to the next YC meeting for approval.


    The members were pleased to welcome Donna M and Sasha R from Leicestershire County Council who were invited to give a presentation on the Youth Champions Grant Scheme; which they hope the Youth Council will agree to pilot.

    The scheme is sponsored by Leicestershire Together, which is the Local Strategic Partnership for Leicestershire. This partnership is made up of a range of organisations (29 in total) including the Police, Health Authority, Connexions, and Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council. The aim of the partnership is to improve the quality of life for the people of Leicestershire. Leicestershire Together is making available a sum of money to enable the Youth Council to manage small projects, which are intended to benefit the community.

    The aim is to give young people aged 13 to 19 access to grants from this fund to finance their own schemes, which will be overseen by the Youth Council. The fund has a cash pot of ?2500, which may be increased by a donation from Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council and/or other organisations.

    A fuller description of the Hinckley & Bosworth Youth Champion Grant Scheme is given on the attached sheet.

    The organisers of the scheme would like the Youth Council to Trial the project, which if successful will be rolled out over the whole County.

    There were several volunteers prepared to form a new committee to run this Grant Scheme. They were: Hanna G, Amanda S, Katherine M, Josh M, Alison C and Katie O’G.

    Malcolm Cox stressed to the meeting that the success of the whole scheme, throughout the County, was dependent on the efforts and commitment of this group.

Action: Donna M and Sasha R, organisers of the Youth Champions Grant Scheme to attend the next rdYouth Council meeting on 23 May to offer assistance with it’s launch. The Youth Grant presentation to

    be included onto the Jitty website.

    4. SUMMER ACTIVITY BROCHURE Simon Jones, Leisure Services Manager, HBBC

Simon J gave a presentation on the Summer Activity Brochure - Strategy Plan.

    He stated that:


    ? Young people were deemed to be a priority group within the strategy.

    ? There is a need to work together with the Police, Voluntary sector, Borough Council and Youth


    ? This Multi-agency approach should produce a better end product than the efforts of individual


Summer Activity Brochure

    ? Simon asked for contributions in the way of articles to incorporate into the Summer Activity thBrochure; the deadline for these is 27 April.

    ? This brochure will be going out to 18,000 young people aged between 5-19 years of age through

    schools, libraries, youth groups, churches the police etc. ? The short deadline to publication precludes the addition of school activities in this year’s edition, as

    had been requested by some members.

? The Jitty website to be included in the brochure.

    ? Simon J to circulate draft document for comments.

    Action: Contributions to the brochure to be submitted through:

    Angela Egan at:


? A Poster headed ‘Report Racism’ supplied by the Community Safety Unit of the Borough Council

    was distributed to the Youth Council members, with the request to put them up on a prominent

    notice board, either in a school or youth club etc.

? A Snowdrops poster was passed around the meeting; this gave contact numbers and addresses

    for use by those affected by drugs abuse.

Summer Activities

? Malcolm Cox has a budget to cover summer activities.

    ? He will be looking to the Executive Committee for ideas on how it will be spent.

    ? A stipulation is that it should lead to the recruitment of new members to the Youth Council.


    ? One suggestion from the Youth Council was to finance a trip to the Concordia to see a production

    of The Young Ones. This is a musical in which some of the lead players are YC members. st June. Ticket costs: ?7/adult. ? The date for this is Tuesday 21

    ? There was widespread support for this idea.


    It was decided to try to purchase 25 tickets, but it was anticipated that there might be some difficulty in

    obtaining this number.

Adventure activities

    Other suggestions were:

Ten pin Bowling Snow Dome Scuba Diving Adrenaline tubing

Tobogganing Ice Skating Walking with Wolves Paint-balling

Residential/Camping adventure pursuits rafting, abseiling, canoeing etc.

? The options must include opportunities for new participants.

    ? Adequate notice would be required in order to arrange risk assessments.

    ? Malcolm offered to demonstrate the bidding process with regard to obtaining funding for these

    activities, as this is an important aspect to achieve success.

    Action: A vote was held which gave authority to the Executive Committee to decide which activities would be feasible. A special meeting of the Committee to be held, they will pass their decision to



    Malcolm is in the process of organising a sailing day.



     rd May was discussed. Find attached. The Agenda for the meeting on 23


     rdThe next Youth Council meeting will take place on Monday 23 May at 7.15 pm at the Council

    Chambers, Argents Mead, Hinckley.

    Sub Group Meetings will take place at 6pm.

    Youth Council

    Forthcoming Meetings - Dates

     No meeting in August th Mon September 26rdthMon May 23Mon October 24 thstMon June 20Mon November 21 ththMon July 18Mon December 12

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