Minutes of the GUSC committee meeting 201008

By Alfred Henry,2014-05-21 15:57
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Minutes of the GUSC committee meeting 201008

    Minutes of the GUSC committee meeting 20/10/08

Present: All

    Bardowie: Currently we are paying ?30 per boat, to keep our boats at Bardowie.The charge is going up to ?50. If we get rid of some of the larks and obviously keep all the

    fireflies it won’t really work out as too much more expensive.

Ali, Charlie, Meg and Rob are going down to Bardowie on Wednesday to try and

    salvage some of the larks and decide which ones are completely broken and not worth


    Booze Cruise: It was a success! We are waiting to hear from Sunsail about the damage deposit cheque. Alan MacLeod still owes ?50.

    Captains: Need to fill in entry forms for SUSA. The captains are thinking of running an extra training session next weekend in preparation for SUSA.

For BUSA fleet racing, the names on the sails need to be fixed.

    SUSA champs: The GU is booked. We need to pay a deposit but Andy may be able to hire it for free. Socials for the other nights need to be sorted out-speak to G1 or

    curlers to book a venue and get some free food/nibbles.

For the ball get Gregor to DJ? And have a magician for entertainment. The cheapest

    meal at the GU works out at ?19.75 a head. Have a drinks reception beforehand? For

    the social ticket we need to work out a sensible price to charge; cheap enough so

    everyone will buy one, but still covers all costs etc.

Social secs:

Next Wednesday- a trip to the arches for a change from Viper stCocktails and centurion- 21 November thChristmas dinner- 5 December thMulled wine and mince pies- 12 December

Ali should put these dates on the website so members know well in advance what is

    happening. Other ideas for socials include a flat crawl (move from flat to flat and have

    a different drink in each), a sub crawl with the ski and surf clubs.

    Treasurer: We can possibly claim back the money on the trailer from GUSA.We STILL owe Craig money, we can pay him in instalments (?300 this term,?500 next


Andy was thinking of buying a video camera to use for training purposes, beginners,

    team training etc. Will look into prices.

    Sponsorship: Fred has had a lot of bounce back emails and lots of companies are not willing to give money as they have spent their budget for the year and so on.

We need to get sponsorship for the SUSA champs.

    Club kit:

    Tristan is sorting out team jackets and Roj is designing sexy new hoodies.

Constitution: This document, which Meg picked up from GUSA and seems to be a

    bit outdated, says that we should have an honorary commodore. This member of the committee would be an old member who has left uni but would be useful for giving advice, having experience in the club. The constitution also talks of the honorary secretary who is in charge of safety and works with the commodore, basically the vice commodore. It is worth reviewing the committee positions and deciding for next year what ones we should keep or change.

    There was chat about getting a first year rep. Mixed feelings on this, nothing has been decided yet.

A.O.C.B: Start charging for open sailing (?1) to cover fuel and other costs. Rob and

    others are driving down to Blackpool next Thursday to pick up the trailer. The mast arrived the other day at the gym. It has a bash in it but it was signed for. Rondar are a bit worried about sending another one incase the courier wrecks it again.

    The website is going to cost ?2 a month to keep. We would have to get rid of the gallery, so no photos but we can use facebook instead-put a link on the website.

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