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By Wayne Brown,2014-06-26 04:25
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    ADD: 1-1-4-1,Golden palm No.126Jinma Rd, FREE TRADE ZONE, DALIAN, CHINA

     FAX:86-411-87542797 TEL:86-411-87542793

    Unit Price Quantity Amount Remarks Item USD /FOB

    10sets Kiln 5.5-9μm 29,500 295,000 Bushing shall be extra (100~150kg/day/set)

    Applicator 10sets 610 6,100

    Forming Winder 10sets 4060 40,600 For 5.5-9μm Transformer 10sets(6 pcs/set) 13,200 132,000 For 5.5-9μm Infrared temperature 12 sets 820 9,840 measurement device

    146400 Temperature Controller 12sets 12,200

    Automatic feeder 12sets 1,020 40,800

    level controller 2sets 6,100 12,200

    alloy probe 10 pcs 3,050 30,500

    Roving machine 10 sets 6,100 61,000

    Equipment quantity Yarn Twister 2 sets 50,800 101,600 according to the capacity Bushing accessory 10sets 820 8,200 For 5.5-9μm Mixer 1set 10,160 10,160

    Can be made by yourself sizing preparation and the or circulatory system by us Product line of basalt fiber 2 sets 101,540 203,080 900 ton/year composite rebar(tendons)


    (water piles, Sic Tube, Paper Shall be extra bobbin, etc)


    NOTICE: The life of the kiln is 5-6 months. After working for a period, it need to be replaced the kiln lining,

    electrode. The bushings also need recondition. The guarantee of other equipment is six months.

?. The Cost as follow:

    1. Transferring technology: 540000USD

    2. Training, installation and debugging, including the visa, lodging, traveling expenses, etc:


    . The method of payment

    1. Equipments: after contract stamped, 80% of the payment must be paid in one week. When

    equipments are checked after finished manufacture in our factory , you should pay off the remain

    20% .

    2. Transferring technology: after contract stampeded, 100% of the payment must be paid.

    3. Installation and debugging: 90% must be paid between the equipments are shipped and installed.

    When finished equipment installation, 5%must be paid. Then 5% would be paid when the

    equipments are working well through the debug warming.

?. Schedule planning

    After stamped the contract pay the advances, equipments will be ready in 8 months, we will guide

    the installation in the coming three months. Warming up adjustable needs about three months after

    the installation.


    1. Equipments for lab: USD125,000.00~460,000.00 (different price based on different equipments)

    2. Size of kiln: 1500mm*800mm*700mm 0.6 ton

    3. Bushing weight: 400 holes: 1000g/pic (according to the market price)

     200 holes: 500g/pic (according to the market price)

     4. Power: electricity 380V

?. If the buyer needs inspection, the buyer should pay the cost.

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