MINUTES General Committee Meeting Date 14 10 2009 Location

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MINUTES General Committee Meeting Date 14 10 2009 Location


    General Committee Meeting

    Date: 14 / 10 / 2009

    Location: 55 Oxford Street

    In Attendance: Nicole White, Aimée Mollart, Matt Harper, Lisa Carpenter, Andy Prudom, Pete

    Pollock, Grace Harvey, Tom Askew, Will Brown

    Apologies: Kayleigh Butcher

Meeting Opened: 5.05pm

    1. Minibuses

    Wellsey, Mark P, Daz and Gaurav doing the training

    Will possibly cost ?10

    2. RAW

    Nicole spoke to RAW at Freshers Bazaar but hasn’t heard anything since

    Will turn up at their AGM to give them the ultimatum about their kit in our garage

    3. Freshers Camp

    Home Contacts are Grace’s housemates

    56 of us all together, 11 are Northampton (SAGUN)

    Meet at swimming pool car park at 6pm on Friday

    Site set up can start at 3pm

    We will be using the mess tent as well as the alpine hut as there are sooooo many of us

    SAGUN have been told to arrive from 7pm

    Nicole to meet Pete at the garage at 12 on Friday to sort out kit that needs transporting to the


    Food: - Friday pm = soup

    - Saturday pm = Spaghetti Bolognaise

    - Cooked Breakfast both Saturday and Sunday Page 1 of 3

     - Eggs for which will come from Wills parents (hopefully)

    - Lunches = Sandwiches etc.

    Health forms have been sent out

    The Gas Logo is to be displayed on the back of vehicles carrying gas

    Paul T and Will both have kit which will be bought along

    2 activities have been book to run at the same time

     - Scogui freshers will get priority and then Northampton

    CRB’s there will be 2 cub packs on the site at the same time and not all freshers have CRB’s

    but the ratio will be enough to keep an eye on everyone.

     - need to make sure we know who has one

     - use wristbands from Kirstie if she still has some.

     - need to find out who’s has already or is running out soon.

    Grace DON’T STRESS!!!!

    4. SGM

Will include a report from the committee along with a full finance report

     - What we’ve done beforehand

     - To be sent/given to Aimee so she doesn’t have to scribble reallllyyy realllyyy fast!

    Grace to send an email out about the role of freshers rep.

[Lisa leaves: 5.30]

SGM notice can’t be sent out until the camp documentation is ready. If it’s not ready by the

    weekend then its approval will be postponed to the AGM.

    It will be fancy dress (optional)

    Find out how many people want stash

    5. Night Hike

th6 March 2010

    Guiding have a problem with it being too early in the year and think its too long so want a

    shorter route

    Need to make sure paperwork gets circulated earlier

    6. Rally

Is in 4 weeks time

    We have a 55 seater coach booked which will need paying for when we have enough money in

    the account

    CRB’s will be needed. They will need to be through SSAGO preferably, but Scouting or Guiding

    ones may also be accepted.

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    7. Community Events

th7 Nov 09 Brownies take over the tracks

    th25 April 10 Girlguiding UK has a carnival in Birmingham, do we want to get involved? 20/10/10, 20:10 Final Girlguiding UK Centenary thing in Loughborough. Local Guiding would like us to be involved

    thSaturday 17 October 4 members are moving a shed for Woodbrook Guides

    8. AOB

st1 Aid Kits has been restocked

Rally coach company are not fussy about when the payment is received

     We’ll be picked up at 6:30 on the Friday


    - Medium T-shirts have sold out

     We need to order more

     - Hoodies to stay purple

     - I anyone wants any other stash we can get some with the next order.

SSAGO Centenary merchandise is being designed

st1 Aid Course is being run in February

th27 March is the Beaver County Fun Day from 11-6.30. Does anyone want to help

Rich Crook has provided us with more shelving

Signs and Traffic Cone to go to skip

    Plastic Chairs are being found another home

Summer Camp & Camping Barn

     Talk about at the SGM

     Bids to be taken at Xmas Crafts evening

     Dates for Camping Barn

     Either side of Easter up to the organiser

[Will and Matt leave: 6:10]

    thFebruary Rally 12-14 February 2010

    Meeting Closed: 3.40pm

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