media violence

By Jose Murray,2014-06-26 05:13
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media violence

Lets fight against media violence

    Wherever we are , bad news come flooding to us . for example , so-and-so were killed for what reasons. To some degree , bad news can make people alarmed lest indulging in fools paradise. However ,in most

    cases ,they have gone too far down to media violence . Research indicates that media violence has not just increased in quantity; it has also become much more graphic, much more sexual, and much more sadistic.

    As news shows compete with other media for audiences, many news producers have come to rely on the maxim: "If it bleeds, it leads." Violence and death, they say, keep the viewer numbers up. Every day when I get my newapaper subsripted or click the news home , I can see explicit pictures of slow-motion bullets exploding from people's chests, and dead bodies surrounded by pools of blood, are now commonplace fare.the headline tends to be “scandals ,drugs , deaths and something else passive. I often get into a

    panic ,fearing that maybe one day I will suffer some of them . in addition , I feel disappionted towards the press for their excessive description ,crocks and gimmicks.

    Violence in general, and sexual violence in particular, is also a staple of the video game industry. The current trend is for players to be the bad guys, acting out criminal fantasies and earning points for attacking and killing innocent bystanders. Although these games are rated M, for mature audiences, it's common knowledge that they are popular among pre-teens and teenaged boys."As easy as killing babies with axes."

    Virtual violence is also readily available on the World Wide Web. Children and young people can download violent lyrics (including lyrics that have been censored from retail versions of songs), and visit Web sites that feature violent images and video clips. Much of the violence is also sexual in nature. Many kids view these sites as the online equivalent of harmless horror movies. But their pervasive combination of violence and sexual imagery is disturbing.

    Some argue that exposure to media violence causes aggression. Others say that the two are associated, but that there is no causal connection. (That both, for instance, may be caused by some third factor.) And others say the data supports the conclusion that there is no relationship between the two at all.

    I am in favour of the first opinion.Media violence desensitizes people to real

    violence. Through observation ,imitation ,hint and motivation , the young could go astray. Media violence stimulates fear in some children .A number of

    studies have reported that watching media violence frightens young children, and that the effects of this may be long lasting. People who watch a lot of

    media violence tend to believe that the world is more dangerous than it is in reality. they become more passive, more anxious, and more fearful. Gerbner calls this the "Mean World Syndrome." They overestimate their risk of being victimized by crime..believe their neighbourhoods are unsafe. believe "fear of crime is a very serious personal problem". assume the crime rate is increasing, even when it is not .

    It’s obvious that the media violence does great harm to us . so we should fight against it.on one hand,It seems clear that in a globalized, increasingly unregulated world, the protection of children is going to rely increasingly on the vigilance of media-aware parents, public pressure from consumers and professional groups, and the responsiveness of a responsible media sector. On the other hand , the victory needs us to be self-control , and incorruptible ,upright and do soul-searching often and not taken by the nose of the media.

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