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The Energy Foundation is a public charity based in San Francisco, California, U.S.A. The Energy Foundation has a Beijing representative office that supports


    The Energy Foundation

    China Sustainable Energy Program

    Job Opening - Beijing

    The Energy Foundation is a public charity based in San Francisco, California, U.S.A. The Energy Foundation has a Beijing representative office that supports The China Sustainable Energy Program (CSEP,, whose mission is to encourage China’s sustainable development through energy efficiency and renewable energy policy development. Our primary role is as a grant-maker, working with Chinese institutions, government decision-makers, and international experts to assist in China’s transition to a sustainable energy

    future. CSEP consists of eight program areas: Low Carbon Development Paths, Transportation Program, Renewable Energy Program, Electric Utilities Program, Buildings Program, Industry Program, Sustainable Cities Program, and Environmental Management Program. CSEP’s Beijing Office has a dedicated staff of 26 and a dynamic, positive work environment.

    The Low-Carbon Development Paths Program (LCDP) focuses on developing analytical tools to help China’s energy planners anticipate the enormous pollution and health costs that result from dependence on coal and oil, and helps planners anticipate the future impact of today’s policy decision. LCDP supports

    the development of sustainable energy scenarios and the policies necessary to achieve them, as well as analyses of “all-in” social and public health costs

    associated with China’s energy policy decisions. LCDP has supported scenarios

    for China’s carbon emissions over the 2000-2050 time frame, and articulation of

    the policies necessary for achieving cost-effective carbon reduction.

    We seek a responsible, energetic, and highly professional individual fluent in Chinese and English, with a background in the energy or environment field and in-China government policy experience, to help us run LCDP. The individual would be hired as a Program Director, based in the CSEP office in Beijing.


    The Low Carbon Development Paths Program Director is expected to execute the following tasks:

    ; Execute the goals and strategies of CSEP in coordination with the Director

    and Deputy Director of CSEP;

    ; In cooperation with the CSEP Director, Deputy Director, set budgets and

    program priorities, and work in a timely manner to identify opportunities

    for the LCDP budget;

    ; Provide due diligence in China regarding potential grantees, including

    assisting prospective grantees with developing proposals that will further

    the strategies of CSEP;

    ; Develop contacts for the CSEP program in the low carbon sector,

    including personnel in the central and provincial governments, research

    institutes, and private business. This will involve self-initiated phone calls,

    meetings, and travel on a continual basis, aimed at making LCDP projects

    as effective as possible;

    ; Monitor and evaluate the progress of China-based grants in the LCDP’s

    areas of emphasis, including scenarios study and all-in-costs pricing of

    fossil fuels;

    ; Write grant recommendations for consideration by the Board of Directors

    using excellent written English;

    ; Develop and write grant evaluations once grants have been funded, for

    consideration by the Board of Directors;

    ; Develop and execute foundation-implemented projects (FIPs) within

    China, such as strategy sessions, workshops, and conferences; ; Organize and execute Policy Advisory Council meetings and other Energy

    Foundation-related meetings within China as necessary;

    ; Accompany Chinese officials and others engaged in CSEP projects on

    travel tours of U.S. or other national “best energy policy practices” sites;

     Keep the CSEP Director, Deputy Director, informed of contacts, meetings, ;

    project progress, and recommended refinements to program strategies,

    including cc’s of correspondence and (informal) weekly updates;

    ; Draft correspondence to prospective grantees or to reject inquiries or

    proposals (P&Is) that originate in China and that do not fit CSEP

    guidelines or strategies;

    ; Forward all correspondence involving suggested grant proposal

    amendments or P&I rejects to both the Director and Deputy Director of

    CSEP for review in advance of mail out or delivery.

    ; Work directly with prospective Chinese grantees to develop and refine

    proposals and budgets, so that proposals are submitted in a timely


    ; Keep projects that have been funded on schedule and on track; ; Provide input to the Program Committee regarding grants strategies and


    ; Develop substantive background in all CSEP sectors so as to be able to

    represent the Energy Foundation in public and private forums; ; Develop contacts within China for CSEP, including face-to-face meetings

    and telephone discussions to the maximum extent possible;

    ; Be willing to travel within China and internationally to accomplish the

    tasks listed above.


    The Program Director is to exercise best efforts to demonstrate the following job qualities:

    ; A deep understanding of the dynamics of energy policy, including the

    latest trends and actors, in China;

    ; An ability to develop excellent grant recommendations, evaluations, and

    China-based foundation-implemented projects (FIPs);

    ; Excellent strategic abilities;

    ; An exceptional ability to work in effective policy venue at multiple levels

    and actors;

    ; An ability to demonstrate at all times an energetic, “can do,” cordial, and

    professional demeanor and attitude;

     An ability to establish positive links among Chinese organizations and ;

    between international groups and Chinese counterparts;

    ; An ability to train and enable Chinese government officials, government

    NGO personnel, private NGO personnel, and others;

    ; An ability to be flexible, responsive, and timely;

    ; An ability to work with others willingly and responsivelyincluding the

    CSEP program staff, the CSEP Program Committee, the CSEP Policy

    Advisory Council, consultants to CSEP, CSEP grantees and contacts, and

    to the extent requested by the Energy Foundation, other funders,

    including foundations and multi-lateral organizations;

    ; An post-graduate degree in energy, environment, climate science,

    economics, or other related field;

    ; At least 8 years of working experience in energy policy and/or related


    ; An ability to work fluently in either Chinese or English, and to develop

    solid English writing capabilities in order to execute excellent grant

    recommendations and evaluations for the Board of Directors.

    Start Date: Immediate. Competitive compensation package; excellent benefits.

    Please send cover letter, resume (both in Chinese and English), and English writing sample immediately to Li Xin, Manager of Professional Development, The Energy Foundation Beijing Representative Office, Room 2403, CITIC Building, No. 19, Jianwai Dajie, Beijing 100004. Email:


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