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    The Report of 2012 Winter Longchuan Work Camp

    JIA-GD1202-LCCON Camp Code

    1. Mend the highroad

    2. Change the electric wire Project 3. Nanlong village visit:Eliminate discrimination against Hansen’s disease

    4. Chiguang High School promotion:Invite the local students to join us

    Nanlong Village, Chiguang Town,

    Location Longchuan County, Heyuan City, Schedule 2012-02-08~2012-02-16

    Guangdong Province, P.R. China

    JIA Work Camp Guanzhou Committee; JIA -Work Camp Coordination Organizer Cooperator QIAO (Japan) Center

    Project Ando(Japan) Fion 1********6 Team Melissa,Fion,Yang,Lam,Sam(China) Coordinator

    Mail******* Participants 20 students from China,8 from Japan

1. Background

    1.1. Geographic Information

    Nanlong village located in Chiguang Town, Longchuan County, Heyuan City, Guangdong Province, is a very poor village compared with others. The village is surrounded by hills and the traffic is very inconvenient. The distance between the village and the Chiguang Town is more than 15 kilometers, part of which requires about five kilometers’ walk across the mountains. The mountain road is very muddy

    and slippery in rainy days. So no truck can go inside.

    (the villagers’ house and the ghat) (the plan view of the house )

1.2. History

    Nan long village, used to be a hospital to isolate Hansen's disease (leprosy) patients, was built in 1958. There are now 8 villagers living in the village, with an average age of 72. Villagers can’t work because of

    the ages .As a result their daily expenditure mainly depends on the monthly 160 Yuan subsidies as cost-of-living and 50 Yuan as medical expenses from the government. Although they have been cured for a long time, they now still suffer discrimination from the outside world. But to our gratulation, after

    our three times work camp there, the discrimination is being eliminated.

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1.3. Living conditions and guarantee of subsistence

    1.3.1 Accommodation condition



    (the villagers’ yard) (a camper is washing the cistern )

    As at a high-lying location, the water delivers difficultly. Villagers have to build a water source far away from the village at the mid level of the hill with a tube delivering the water down. In August 2007, the first camp transformed the water supply facilities. In the village we built a reservoir, and a simple cistern at the source. Most of the time, the water is enough to meet the basic needs of villagers’ lives.

    However, the villagers still suffer water shortage in winter.

    The Source of the Daily Water Supply

1.3.2 Villagers' daily life

    Among those 8 villagers, only one of them is female. Their average age is 72. There is neither a couple nor children. Some of the villagers have foot ulcers and other deformities Scleroderma. Most of the villagers are in a good mental outlook. Because the houses in the village were built in 1958, some of them have collapsed and the others need repairing. Moreover, the rooms left are very limited, so most of the villagers just have one or at most two rooms, finishing all the personal affairs such as cooking, sleeping and bathing in one room.

    Some villagers grow a few paddies, corns, soybeans and other crops. Besides, some villagers raise a few chickens by themselves. Even so, the villagers still mainly rely on governmental subsidies to support their lives. In summer there are many mosquitoes and other insects in the village.

1.3.3 Medical condition

     There has a certain distance from village to clinic in town.Whats more, inconvenient transportation

    and irresponsible for the village from standing director, the villagers medical isnot in very good security.

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    The villager can only get treatment from the village head-LuoBo,which know about some medical technology a little. For heavier disease, it is difficult to get timely support and treatment.

1.4 Relationship With nearby natural village (Nanlong village)

    At first the villagers from Nanlong village to villagers from KangFuCun still have deep misunderstanding, there exists obvious discrimination. After our efforts by several issues of work camp, now villagers' point of view has changed greatly. At ordinary times the villagers of KangFuCun and Nanlong village keep a good contact, occasionally, there will be some villagers go into the KangFuCun and chat with the villagers, drink tea with them, and they also will takethe same bus to market in Chiguang town.

1.5 The history of work camp

    In August of 2007, Nanlong KangFuCun is carried out the first work camp, the volunteers remade water supply facilities of village, at the same time they also held a series of recreational activities with villagers together, for the villagers to the joy and external information. Villagers and campers did establish a certain affection, for the work carried out of the camp has laid a solid foundation.

    Every spring and summer vacation there will be carried out work camp, until the 2011 summer, nine period of work camp have been carried out. During the camp, for the KangFuCun’s villagers,

    volunteers repair leak roof, spread on the cement for the village patio, corridor and villagers' room, and the path to the village of four period of dangerous road, village to the risk of garden on the shop section of the cement, built leachate sewer, built the toilet and so on to improve the village environment engineering.

    When the third phase of work camp began, in the Nanlong village were carried out seven period community publicity. Through the effort, we made the obvious effect. Now, villagers of Nanlong village become more comfortable.

2. The Purpose

    2.1 Improve Living Condition

    Based on the investigation and the opinions of the villagers, we are going to carry out the following plan: 1.Mend the highroad 2.Change the electric wire 3.Nanlong village visit:Eliminate discrimination against Hansen’s disease 4.Chiguang High School promotion:Invite the local students to

    join us

2.2 Improve Mental Condition

    According to the home-visiting, we found that the villagers had no access to entertain themselves. They always felt boring and lonely. Their favorite hobby was listening Hakka songs. So in order to content them, we decided to buy radiograms for them. During the camp, we also tried to bring happiness to them. For example, we held tea party and made performances to please them; we visited them every days to communicate with them. Also, at the farewell party, we gave them funny performances which made them laugh happily.

3. Project

    3.1. Construction

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Mend the highroad

     According to the project plan, we mend the highroad which can be led to the village. The materials we used were gravel, sand and cement. we employed a professional worker and we did most labour as his instruction Here are some photos taken before and after the project. Before the project:

During the project:

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After the project:

     Change the electric wire

     Considering the village of wire can't bear village electricity load inl need, and there is a part of the aging phenomenon, there are serious security hidden danger, so we were going to change the village of wire and part of the electrical components for replacement, due to the work required technical content is bigger, we decided to hire the master to finish it in this period at the end of the camp (15th).

3.2 life of the mind

    3.2.1 Home visiting,

    During our camp, we had a chat with the villagers every night, talking something about villagers and

    campers daily lives or something else the villagers were interested in. we did our best to entertain the

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    villagers and built good relationship between the campers and the villagers.

     high school students with JIA

    officer-Harada Ryotaro

3.2.2 Party,

    We held some parties to help the campers to know each other as soon as possible, to developed close relationship between the campers and villagers, and to relax the campers.

3.2.3. Buy radiograms and books for the villagers

    We took some radios, books to the villagers, because they liked to listen to the local music and read books. During the camp, i found every villager took the books and enjoyed the reading. 3.3. Eliminating the discrimination against Hansen’s disease

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    According to the two former camps held in longchuan, we found that the discrimination against

    villagers from Hansen’s disease still exists, which hurts the villagers greatly. So we held propaganda to

    eliminate the discrimination, hoping to bring the villagers back to their normal lives.

    In the nearby village

    We carried out a love-flat transfer plan. At first, we asked our villagers put their handprint and wrote

    down their name on the love-flat, and then we passed the flat to the nearby village, asking all the

    nearby residences to do the same action. Also, we held a photos exhibition and hanged out a big banner

    about the university students helping the villagers and delivered some booklets about hansen's disease

    in the nearby village.

    In the town

     We held a photos and camp uniforms exhibition too. We also hanged out a big banner and asked the

    visitor to write down their name on the big banner. Because that day was the towns shopping days, so

    many people joined the exhibition and signature activities.

    All campers were very proud of these activities. Because our villagers concerned them and the result

    was delighting. Besides more and more nearby villagers and inhabitants in the town knew us and our

    villagers. Some nearby villagers came to visit us and talked to our villagers after our propaganda

    activities. I think such kind of activities should be successive.

    Schedule of all this work camp:

    Date Morning Afternoon Evening

    Watched Olympic Games 2,07,2012 Departure from Guangzhou to Longchuan Arrival in village Held Ice Breaking Party

    2,08,2012 Love-flat transfer Love-flat transfer Home visiting; Meeting

    2,09,2012 Built bridge Tea party Home visiting, free time

    2,10,2012 Built bridge Carried wood Home visiting, free time

    2,11,2012 Carried wood Fee time Home visiting, meeting

    2,12,2012 Photos and camp uniform exhibition, signature A small party

    2,13,2012 Repair the clay road for the truck Carried sand into parvis Home visiting, Meeting

    Free timeHome visiting 2,14,2012 Carried cement and sand into parvis Carried gravel into parvis

    Free timeHome visiting 2,15,2012 Still carried materials into parvis Paved the parvis

    2,16,2012 Paved the parvis Paved the parvis Meeting and party

    Clean up the village Home visiting , 2,17,2012 Party and chatting Prepare the farewell party farewell party

    2,18,2012 Departure

    4. Evaluation

    4.1. Projects

    Generally, projects are completed as plans and carried out successfully. Because of the bad weather,

    our schedule was changed, but we took use of every minute to correct the schedule and made our plan

    more successful. So all the plan were carried out better than our expectation, especially the propaganda

    on eliminating the discrimination against Hansen’s disease. Before the propaganda, we trained all the

    campers. During the propaganda, we impressed the visitors very well. We communicated with them

    about JIA, about us, about Hansens disease and about our villagers. All visitors showed interest in our

    activities. After the propaganda, our villagers thanked us again and again for that .They were very happy,

    maybe they felt the difference.

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    About the bridge and parvis plan, we also carried them out successfully. During the hard work all campers became very united, and we found we learnt many things from each other. The plan about buying radiograms for villagers was delayed because the town couldnt afford enough radiograms for us

    to buy, but we succeeded in buying them at last.

     On the other hand, our work still had deficiency. The expense didnt go very well with the budget, but

    not very bad. Some campers couldnt adapt to the new circumstance fast. For example, some campers

    had skin problem and some got sick because of sunstroke.

4.2. Organization of Work Camp

     Successful. Though most of the campers are new ones and lack of experience, every one took responsibility and finished their jobs actively. Both the campers and leaders worked hard and did conquered some hard work. The life condition was quite hard and the work was heavy. But generally the camp was organized well .It was a success.

4.3. Relationship between Campers and Villagers

     The campers got along with villagers very well. And all the campers tried their best to bring happiness to the villagers. It is meaningful. The language didnt cause too much problem to the

    communication. Both villagers and campers enjoyed the camp very much and generated unforgettable memory .we has built strong relationship with each other.

4.4. Relationship with People outside of Village

     Good. Because of the former two camps, the nearby villagers have very good impression on us. Besides,our love-flag transfer project got all of us ,our villagers ,the nearby villagers and campers, closer. During the home visiting to the nearby villagers, we communicated with each other face to face. So we also built good friendship with them.

4.5. Suggestion for coming work camp

     A. Take care of the campers. The life condition there is bad. The houses are dangerous, the mosquitoes are terrible, the water is not so enough and not so clean. Campers health and safety are

    less important than nothing!

    B. Choose a good period to hold the camp. Bad weather will bring great effect both to the camp life and project, especially in such kind of village located on the hill.

    C. Respect the villagers belief. Nearly every one of them believes the Communist Party. Campers are not necessary to share the same belief, but it is better to respect the belief of the villagers. They have their choices and reasons, and they are freedom to do what they like.

    D. The villagers seem to have much complains about the leader of the hospital. Campers should try to make a fair judgment. If the leader or government does have faults, please take action carefully and avoid the direct conflicts with them. Just try to help the villagers within our capability.

    E. Train the new campers before the camp and help them to get used to the new circumstance.

5. Financial Report (Please see the attachment)

     Life of work camp

    Date Transportation Meal Miscellaneous (daily articles

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