Meeting Minutes Date 28 January 2008 Location GSA Boardroom

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Meeting Minutes Date 28 January 2008 Location GSA Boardroom

    Meeting Minutes

Date: 28 January 2008

    Location: GSA Boardroom


    Andrew Brunatti Co-Chair

    Ryan Utter Co-Chair

    Nishu Gulati Treasurer

    Jenny Butterfield Secretary

    Amanda Clarke Secretary

    Sarah Peek VP Social

    Megan Kinsella VP Academic


    Alison Lamont VP Culture

    Teralynn Ludwick VP Sports

    Jessica Oliver GSA Liaison

    Shawn Friele Member-at-Large

    Shrishma Davé Member-at-Large

Summary of Issues Discussed

    1. Issue 1: Socials

    2. Issue 2: Upcoming Faculty Meeting

    3. Issue 3: Finances

    4. Issue 4: GSA

    5. Issue 5: SA Website

    6. Issue 6: Valentine’s Day

    7. Issue 7: Soiree

    8. Issue 8: Clothing


    Issue 1: Social Lieutenant’s Pub on Elgin St.

     Point 1: Friday, Feb. 1, 9pm

     Point 2: “Groundhog Day Social”

     Point 3: Daytime Winterlude Skating Date: Feb. 9 (Dow’s Lake)


     1 Tuesday Feb. 12: Mike’s Place NPSIA Kareoke Night

    2 Wed. Feb. 6: Pizza Party Dunton Tower

    3 NPSIA vs. MAPPA Ice Dodgeball Event/Paintball


    1 Call and give the bar a heads-up: Sarah

    2 Send out an e-invite to NPSIA students: Ryan

    Issue 2: Upcoming Faculty Meeting

     Point 1: Changes of courses between clusters: send Amanda an email

     Point 2: Degree Options: don’t bring up; complaints deemed invalid


    1 Email Amanda if you have any issues you wish to be dealt with at the meeting

    Issue 3: Finances

     Point 1: Outstanding accounts: sports, hockey, and NPSIA lounge fees

     Point 2: Problem since Teralynn ($265) and Allison are not here to represent

     Point 3: Ryan collected the available funds


    1 Address issue of repayment to SA members at next meeting

    Issue 4: GSA Activities

     Point 1: Pizza Party: 12 - 1:30 in Dunton

     Point 2: We are able to visit any other the pizza parties in other buildings

     Point 3: Reps have to attend their committee and departmental meetings in order

     to get funding

    Issue 5: SA Website

     Point 1: update for (ie) calendar dates; links to important NPSIA websites

     Point 2: upload Minutes to website


    1 Amanda is going to start working on it now Tasks:

    1 Call about this (person responsible)

    2 Purchase that (person responsible)

    Issue 6: Valentine’s Day

     Point 1: Mike’s Place Valentine’s Day Party on the Tuesday


    1 Call the pub to verify this is available: Sarah

    Issue 7: Soiree

     Point 1: Friday March 14

     Point 2: NAC is venue

     Point 3: Charity:


    1 Speaker is still up in the air

    2 Rick Hillier has positive feedback

    3 John Manley is very positive feedback Tasks:

    1 Allison, Amanda form a subcommittee for Soiree Afterparty

    2 Start planning party with the given information

    Issue 8: Clothing

     Point 1: no minimum for orders, so we have gone ahead with next level of prep

     Point 2: cost for set-up: $230.00


    1 Went ahead with golf shirts, sweatpants, zip ups hoodies and sweaters, and


    2 T-shirts are silk-screened; hoodies are silk-screened on the back; rest is


    3 Colour: samples on the way

    4 Check on the colour of the logo, that it is true to sample: Andrew Tasks:

    1 Formalize colours once samples are in

    2 Set-up colour scheme with order forms in the Resource Centre

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