Meeting Minutes Date November 20, 2007 Location GSA Boardroom, 6

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Meeting Minutes Date November 20, 2007 Location GSA Boardroom, 6

    Meeting Minutes

Date: November 20, 2007

    Location: GSA Boardroom, 6th Floor, UniCentre


    Andrew Brunatti Co-Chair Ryan Utter Co-Chair

    Jenny Butterfield Secretary Megan Kinsella VP Academic Alison Lamont VP Culture Shawn Friele Soiree Liaison; Member-at-Large Sarah Peek VP Social

    Dan Holton, VP External/Fundraising


    Nishu Gulati Treasurer

    Amanda Clarke Secretary Teralynn Ludwick VP Sports Jessica Oliver GSA Liaison Shrishma Davé GSA Liaison; Member-at-Large

Summary of Issues Discussed

    1. Issue 1: Hockey Night

    2. Issue 2: Holiday Party

    3. Issue 3: Clothing

    4. Issue 4: Kareoke Night

    5. Issue 5: Business Cards


Issue 1: Hockey

     Point 1: 23 people interested

     Point 2: Reservations


    1 Interested students will write NPSIA SA a cheque

    2 Cost: $58.38 each: offer option of cash or cheque

    3 Make the cheque out to “NPSIA Student Association“: Alison will email

    Nishu to confirm this is correct title


1 Call about this: Alison

    2 Ask Vivian about the procedure:

    3 SA is purchasing 50 tickets

    Issue 2: Holiday Party

     Point 1: First choice: Royal Oak in the Glebe on Friday;

     Second Choice: on campus

     Point 2: Time: 7:00-9:00, and then suggest off campus


    1. Reserving a Place:

    ? Many bars are unwilling to take 100 people for a Friday night

    ? If the Royal Oak can accommodate us, we might change to the Thursday

    night to get the Royal Oak at the base of Elgin Street

    ? If we do it at the Royal Oak on Elgin, we can get deals on platters and a cash


    ? or we can keep the party on campus? Option of Mike Place, Baker Grill

    or the Boardroom

    ? If we book a conference room on 20

    th Floor, we can get the food, put up

    decorations, etc.

    ? Forget about option of party on Thursday

    ? Forget about option of booking a bar if we fail to get the Royal Oak on Friday


    1 Call about this: Sarah

    2 Responsibility: call Royal Oak; if it falls through, we need to talk to Vivian

    about booking the conference room on the 20th Floor Dunton Tower

    3 Purchases: if Royal Oak falls through, we need to purchase a cake, or

    platters, nachos, etc. from Farm Boy

    4 Amanda researched that cost would be $190: food platter, cheese platter,

    spinach dip, bar-tender, etc.

Issue 3: Clothing

    Point 1: cost

    ? silk-screening: $35 set-up with no charge per piece of clothing (t-shirts)

    ? tshirts themselves are $12-13 each

    ? $125 set-up for embroidery

    ? $6 per piece of clothing to be embroidered

    ? two charges to have a design on the front and one on the back


    1. Do this and that:

    ? Don need to have design on the front if you have it on the back

    ? $155 set-up costs for hoodies, zip-ups, sweatpants with embroidery; hoodies

    are $27; sweatpants TBA; zip-ups $44; zip-hoodies are $32

    ? If we choose to offer one or the other (embroidery or screening), we can save

    approx. $125

    ? People are showing greater interest in the zip-ups and hoodies, rather than

    the t-shirts


    ? Call about this: Dan

    ? Order: Regular hoodies Men/Women; Zip-up hoodies Men/Women; Zip-

    sweaters Men/Women; Unisex t-shirts with silk screening; Polo shirts with


    ? Dan will send out an email with the desired order, plus pricing

    ? Need to confirm the order this week, unless we decide to push the ordering

    back to January

    ? If we push it to January, Dan might be in China, so someone else might have

    to take the lead

Issue 4: Kareoke Night


    ? Call Ryan on this: he will send out email

    ? Made a reservation for dinner before hand; spots are almost booked up

    ? You can email Ryan or call ahead to book space

Issue 5: Business Cards

    Point 1: emails with problems related to ordering

    Point 2: sending out another email; need to entice people to order

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