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Mike Mountain Horse School

    Partners in Action for Our Children”

    School Council Minutes

Date: Wednesday, May 11, 2005

    Time: 7:05pm

    Place: Staff Room

    Attendance: Paul Bryant, Marina Bullock, Ken Gentek, Marcia Kearl, Lisa Neher,

    Sherri Thompson, Kim Trotman, Lisa Visser, Melina Warnock, David Platt, Lana


1. Welcome

2. Minutes ~

    “I make a motion to approve April 13th meeting minutes.” Ken Gentek

    Seconded: Kim Trotman

3. Treasurer’s Report: Attached

    Checks for outstanding receipts were handed out.

    Please turn in any outstanding receipts to Lisa Visser for reimbursement. Because of the cost

    increasing from last year to this, there was an overage in the AHS expense. (To be voted on at next meeting)

4. Principal’s Report: Attached

    Regarding the University Drama production; next year the Teachers are in favor of having another

    one in lieu of a Christmas concert. (December is a very busy month and Teachers felt that the students would be

    much more teachable if they never had the distraction of a December Concert.) The feedback was mostly good

    other then it was harder to see children that were performing on the floor, it was suggested that

    perhaps a larger stage area would raise the kids up high enough to see them. The children were for

    the most part responsible for creating their class participation. Next year our school will have its

    own sound system so that we don’t have to keep renting one. **** A master list of things that are needed to make the performance a success.

    Budget :

     94% of the budget is spent on Staffing needs

     Our school spends $14,000.00 on coping ( Not including Paper)

     Next years budget has been reduced slightly too approximately $40.00 per student.


     Teachers have a classroom budget that they use to pay for coping {2.5cents} per sheet, text books,

    and resources supplies.

    Grade 5 Survey: Our School scored above Average over all. 85% 18 out of 20 questions were marked

    above average. Students were able to fill out the survey online. There is some concern that our

    students don’t feel like others are being nice. Also with regards to the question regarding if

    students felt that compared to other schools, is our school clean, perhaps students have not had the

    experience of attending another school so they did not know the condition of other schools.

    5. Hot Lunch: April Subs were by Riverview Catering. (In the Grandstand.)

    All of the comments were that they were awesome. He is going to put together a menu for around

    $2.50 a meal for more choices for next year.

Kinder stayed for this month’s hot lunch to get ready for next year. Kids really enjoyed it. Special

    thanks to Lisa Visser (for always coming in to count change), Bev Gallimore, Tracy Davis, Tracie

    Truscott and all of the hot lunch helpers.

Rubbermaid containers will be purchased to replace the nasty Styrofoam containers that have been


Hot Lunch is over for this year. Paul & Sherry to meet regarding dates for next years Hot Lunch

    days, it is suggested that they be held on the same day as Spirit Assemblies.

    6. Committee Reports

    Spirit Committee: Thank-You Letters and Certificates to be sent out to all of our sponsors.

District Council:

    o Council Minutes to be attached to our MMH Website. There are more possible policy

    changes on the Districts website, if you are interested in reviewing them please do so.

    o Surveys were reviewed and the District is very pleased with the results.

Website: Councils email address is

    Appreciation Committee: Staff Appreciation was today. Teachers really like

    the notes that the children wrote for the teachers. Medals were made for all staff members

    to show them that we think that they are worth there weight in Gold.

     For Student Appreciation, the kids were given Freezes.

Kids of Steel: The Lethbridge Kids of Steel is directed, organized and volunteered by

    parents who love kids and fitness. If you would like to get involved please contact one of

    the race directors; Schools with the most participation in

    the city receive a plaque to proudly display. June 19 is the date of this year’s race.


    To help promote Kids of Steel in our school we will be having a Fun and Fitness Club for

    students in grades 1-5, Friday Mornings May 20, May 27, June 3, June 10 and June 17

    beginning at 7:30am until 8:15am.

    Workshop: CPR Course May 26 from 4 10 Cost is $40.00 per person. Maximum of 15

    people. The purpose of Bill offering this course is to help out the people that can not afford to take

    it otherwise.

    3 Year Plan: (Located on the website if you are in need of a copy.) Suggested to change the wording of

    the Hot lunch Policy to include, the Goal of Hot lunch is to provide Hot Lunch at the Lowest

    possible cost within reason with the excess to be rolled back into Hot Lunch. *** People need to

    be made aware that Hot Lunch is not for Profit.

    Please send Ideas for updating the three year plan to Marina at

    8. Other:

    ? Crossing Guards ~ It was suggested that more supervision is needed of crossing Guards

    because people are not stopping at flashing lights, it would be nice if the kids had Adult

    supervision on every shift. If parent’s have concerns regarding Crossing Guards, please send them

    in to the office.

AMA is changing the crossing guard jobs for next year. Grade four kids have been trained so they will

    be ready to start in the fall.

? Hoodies: 42 more Hoodies and 25 more T-Shirts were ordered.

    ? The school has purchased Uniform tops for our students to wear at different out of school

    functions, i.e. Basketball games etc.

    ? Tuesday, June 28 is the last day for students.


    ? Fill out a copy of the Poverty Intervention Survey and return to the office for Mrs.


    ? Ideas for updating 3-year plan to Marina

    ? Executive to fill out District reports and return ASAP

    ? Council Evaluation Forms Please fill out and return.

    ? Next meeting vote needs to be held regarding AHS overage.

    ? Update and return Job Description Duo Tangs so they can be handed out to next

    year’s council.

    9. Adjournment 9:27 pm Thanks for coming.



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