Applied Data Delivers Quick-Turn, Fully Integrated System Solution

By Herbert Grant,2014-07-01 16:05
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Applied Data Delivers Quick-Turn, Fully Integrated System Solution


For Immediate Release

     Applied Data Delivers Quick-Turn, Fully Integrated System Solution for Bus

    Radio's Mobile Application to Start New School Year

    Sprint-Certified System for Voice and Data Cellular and WiFi Communications Offers Age-

    Appropriate Content on School Buses

    Columbia, Md., August 13, 2007 Applied Data Systems, a leading supplier of embedded computer systems and a member of the Eurotech Group, S.p.A, announces today the completion of a quick-turn,

    completely integrated and enclosed communications system for Bus Radio, based on the BitsyXb product

    line with the Linux operating system. Bus Radio is a national radio program for school buses that

    broadcasts age-appropriate music, entertainment, public service announcements, news and educational

    programming to students ages six to 18. The Bus Radio contract was announced in March 2007, with first

    units produced and delivered just four months later to deploy as the 2007-2008 school year begins.

    Applied Data performed all aspects of system development, including industrial and electrical design and

    management of third-party cellular testing.

“With this program, Bus Radio’s goal is to make school bus trips both safer and more fun. We give the

    units and programming to the school districts for free, and ensure that our radio program presents

    messaging and content that is appropriate for all age groups. Applied Data Systems won this contract in

    the spring, and with a lot of hard work, delivered what we needed to be ready for the start of the school

    year,” said Michael Yanoff, CEO of Bus Radio.

With this program, schools can improve bus safety by providing entertainment during the ride, lowering

    overall noise on the bus, and reducing distractions for bus drivers. The Bus Radio system delivers content

    to school children on their daily bus rides, offering public service announcements, age-appropriate music,

    news items and contests. Programming is updated every evening so material is fresh each day.

The Bus Radio program is one of Applied

    Data’s fully packaged product offerings. Bus

    Radio, because of the mobile aspect of the

    program, also required third-party

    certification of the communications

    functionality. Applied Data Systems worked

    with the contracted wireless carrier, Sprint

    Nextel, to certify that the physical units are

    compliant with all required communications

    and exceeded the requirements defined by

    the carrier.

Programming content is updated using a high-speed WiFi network connection. Bus Radio also uses the

    Global Positioning System to send GPS location coordinates to the bus control center for real-time

    tracking of bus location and status. When necessary, the bus driver can quickly establish a two-way

    voice telephone conversation with a 911 operator by simply activating the integrated panic button feature.

    School administrators can also access live GPS data on their bus fleets throughout the day.


    “Bus Radio offers a service that lowers noise and reduces distractions on school buses, and with another

    school year about to begin, the systems that Applied Data delivers to Bus Radio will make the daily bus

    commute safer and more enjoyable for students and drivers,” Robert Olsen, president of Applied Data

    Systems, commented. “Applied Data’s team applied expertise with mobile communications, metal and

    plastic enclosures, project management, and low power embedded computer systems to bring this project

    from contract to production in time for the fall launch by Bus Radio.”

Applied Data Systems is an active contributor to the Debian Open Source Community.

About Applied Data Systems

    Applied Data is a global leader in the design, development and production of application-ready embedded

    computer systems. Applied Data architects systems that help companies bring their value-added products

    to market quickly through the latest technologies with advanced graphics capabilities, low power

    consumption, and robust functionality. Applied Data Systems specializes in helping customers connect

    their applications to the latest available wireless, mobile and enabling technologies. Applied Data

    Systems is a Maryland-based subsidiary of Eurotech Group, S.p.A. For more information, please visit the

    Applied Data Systems website at

About Bus Radio

Bus Radio is a national radio program for school buses that broadcasts age-appropriate music,

    entertainment, public service announcements, and educational programming to children ages 6 to 18 as

    they ride to and from school. The company was founded in 2005 by entrepreneurs Michael Yanoff and

    Steve Shulman. The duo has a track record of providing responsible, valuable services to the public

    education industry that dates to 1989 when they founded Cover Concepts, a program that helped school

    districts defray the cost of textbooks. Bus Radio is privately funded. For more information, please visit the

    Bus Radio website at

Contact: Rebecca Wisner

    301.490.4007 x146


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