MedSoc Meeting 7 Minutes

By Lauren Carroll,2014-05-21 06:07
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MedSoc Meeting 7 Minutes

    MedSoc Meeting 7 Minutes


    1. Portfolio Brainstorm Session

    ? 10 minutes:

    - What do you hope to achieve in 2009? - within your portfolio

    - with Medsoc in general

    - These will be reviewed sometime in the middle of the year to see if we have

    achieved these goals

    - Possibly suggest unachieved goals to next medsoc

    2. 2009 Calendar

    ? is in hard copy

    ? send in dates for each of the portfolio to Priyanka

    ? list of events :


    - Dr Yes

    - Morning Tea

    - BBQs ? world vision

    - Charity fund raiser night - Skills night (GSPN/RHUUWS) - MSC rep election

    - Election 2010

    - Annual general meeting - Unofficial hand over day Social

    - medball

    - red party

    - med camp

    - ? way medschool party

    - blue party

    - revue

    - music

    - inter-year sports day

    - oration

    - debating final

    - Blood drive

    - AMSA

    - Emergency challenge

    - Mentor

    - Leadership development - Women’s in health night

- election for reps

    - communication reps; under angie - there will be a first year, second year, and two clinical school reps

    - “feedback nights” ; essentially an open meeting with an agenda where people can bring

    up issues

    - medsoc meetings

    3. Welcoming Class of 2013

    ? O-week social events Sarah’s o-week committee ? Need to speak to Sarah about other academic/medsoc intro events

    ? Medsoc presentation “Welcome” on Day 1

    ? Two videos :

    - “Why come to UWS? What is Campbelltown like?”

    - “meet your medsoc”

    ? Medcamp recap of presentation + sign-up for reps for sub-committee

? Need to get date for when information is sent to the first years

    ? Angie is in charge of the publication to be sent to the first years with their acceptance


    ? This is a short letter containing sean‟s intro, o-week dates, what to bring

Bookshop Organised by Arjun

     UNSW Bookshop and Connect bookshop

     It will be on a Monday

     Have both on the same day, but in different rooms

     $1500 for sponsorship to be first

     $1000 to be second

     possibly ask USyd bookshop?


     position of year reps (under Communications portfolio)

     MSC reps

     Social reps?


    4. Showbags

     Bags themselves sponsorship

     In the bags we will have

    - Booklet with a lot of information about the medschool, Campbelltown,

    intro to the Medsoc, how to get involved, Matt Barbers guide to


    - Red bull, mints…things to keep them going during the day

    - If required we can buy soft drink and packets of chips from the

    medsoc budget we can also ask sponsorship if they want to buy soft

    drinks for us and in return we will have a sticker of their company on the


    - Sponsorship items

     Sponsorship gear

    5. Membership Cards

     Working party

     A blanket letter and going in and personally speaking to the manager, and some form of follow up

     Plastic/paper and laminated card

    6. UWSMS Merchandise

     t-shirts Medcamp t-shirt company


     polo shirt





     metal pins




     Aarani wiling to organise; to get a quote, contacts and research into merchandise

    7. Budget for Next Year

     Hoping to get about $40,000 a year

     Budget for medball has to be given to Indu

     Budget for next year should be done

     We need to get audited that can possibly be sponsored

     Not for profit? Or not for distribution?

     Running costs for MedSoc

    8. MedCamp Tradeshow

    a. review of what’s going on

     Tradeshow at Medcamp is in Arjun’s control – Indu to talk to Jeremy about

    timetable for Medcamp and having the tradefair on the day

     Medsoc stall

     Sponsor safari

    9. Website

     Articles during summer break

     Possibly have links to AMSA big issues, and people can discuss policies

     Changing to the format of the discussion board

     Nish Medcamp and Dr. Yes post

     front-page article announcing the sports reps and possible social reps

     Fortnightly bulletin eMUWS

     Logo with emu of with a stethoscope?

     Similar to the email bulletin sent out for the voting for best lecturer

     Send email to first years and unregistered members to make sure they have registered to the website

     Prize for first years next year

    10. Media Releases

     media section on the website

     possible new position of „a media liason‟ and a „historian/archivist‟

     The media liason will ensure that the media knows about our events and we can get


     The historian will keep a record of all the posters, articles and minutes

     There should be an application process for these positions

    11. Financial Management

     document presented, written by Tim Wills, Gokul and Sean. It includes :

    - responsible management of the funds given to us

    - issues

    - fund should be used as a means of getting more money

    - school of medicine does not want to hold our money or process small

    accounts (eg. Medball)

    - However, if we get large donations they have suggested that those

    donations be made to UWS Foundation, where it can be invested and a

    highrate return can be received

    - We need to work out how the MedSoc receives money back from the


    - There are conditions (ie. Annual audit). This is to ensure that money

    has been spent responsibility. The audit has to be done annual

    - What are the consequences of an inappropriate audit?

    - Donations made through the foundation are tax-deductible

    - If we can be ensured for free by UWS, if we are not granted insurance

    then we must seek external insurance

    - In document, change “SoM” to “UWS foundation”

    12. Affiliation with the SoM

     official document (MOU)

     what should this entail?

     Office bearers attend meeting with Tim Wills to discuss MoU

    13. Policy for Travel Grants

     have a list of events that we are willing to sponsor

     however people can suggest conferences that they want to attend

     differences in amounts given for international conferences

     it is a situation that needs to be discussed on a case to case basis depending on the

    conference involved, the number of people applied, location of conference

     we should have an information night for conferences

     possibly on the same day as the leadership day

     AMSA and GHC will not be included

    14. Community and Charity

     High School Visits Sex education “Dr Yes”

     Post about it on the website

     Do we want to talk to high school students? Or primary school students?

     Dr. yes is a skit, with 6 or 5 people

     Year 7 or 8 for Dr. Yes

     Might be possible to coordinate with community outreach program Tim Wills

     When we do it we should try and get media attention to advertise

     Sponsoring a child

    - the money is organised by each year level

    - possible involvement with GHN

    15. Other Business

     AMSA position revamp in the agenda will be discussed in the next meeting

    Meeting attended by : Angelina Di Re, Aarani Somaskanthan, Kyle Sheldrick, Indu Annabattula, Sean Williams, Arjun Chandran, Nishanta Tangirala, Priyanka Sagar

Apologies : Sarah Barlow, Paren Nadeswaran

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