Meeting of Biggar High School Parent Council

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Meeting of Biggar High School Parent Council

    Minutes of Biggar High Parent Council

    Meeting 8

    Monday, 3 November 2008

Present: Violet Johnston, Joanne Jones, Amanda McLean, Jackie Millar, Annwyn Noble, Karen Pilpel,

    Kate Renwick, Kate Smith

In Attendance: Sharon Abernethy, David Chalmers, Margaret Potter

Apologies: Isobel Lindsay, John Lyon

Minutes of previous meeting 1 September 2008 - accepted

Matters Arising

    ? Activities Transport DJC will forward figures to Kate Smith asap. Work is underway to set up

    a joint forum from SLC Parent Councils. Forum will tackle a range of issues including cost of

    transport for activities in rural areas.

    ? CEOPS Internet safety information session went ahead on 22 September. Disappointing

    turnout. Consider publishing internet safety information/website link on school website. A list of

    common chat room abbreviations is available in school.

    Chairpersons Annual Report

    Kate Smith distributed copies of the Parent Council annual report and summarised the content to those


    ? Fundraising - Mobile Phone recycling fundraiser - had generated donation of 34 phones. Not

    enough yet to exchange for funds. Will try and promote again just before and just after Christmas.

    ? Information - Parent Council members had attended school information evenings and Parents

    and Partners Meeting arranged by SLC staff.

    ? Consultation - Members have been included in consultation on a range of issues including last

    years HMIe visit and the school dress code.

    ? Health Promotion - Jackie Millar represented the Parent Council on Health Promoting Schools

    Committee. Kate Smith thanked Jackie for her support with this.

    ? Events - Biggar High School and Biggar Primary Parent Council’s jointly held an information

    evening in Biggar High which was chaired by Judith Gillespie/SPTC. Also invited parent/carers

    from pupils of associated primary schools to an internet safety information evening in Biggar High

    ? Future Plans - include promoting record of achievement of former pupils on the school website.

    Nominations very welcome. Achievement of all kinds will be recognised. Also plan to be

    involved in the formation of a joint forum from SLC Parent Councils. The excessive cost of

    providing transport for activities in rural schools is one of the issues which will be addressed by

    the forum.

    David Chalmers commended the effort which members had put into becoming established during this

    first year. He had appreciated feedback from parent council members on a number of issues. Members

    discussed Karen Pilpel’s suggestion about seeking volunteers to take on tasks. It was suggested parents who feel unable to take on the commitment of being a Parent Council member might welcome

    the opportunity to help out occasionally with things like tea/coffee at parent evenings.

Captains Report

    This year’s Captains Claire Galloway and Chris Lawrie introduced themselves and explained how the formal school captain selection process works. Vice Captains this year are Simon McCurrach and

    Emma Hendrie.

    ? New (vertical) Registration System most pupils, having initially been unsure of how well this

    would work, now consider the new groups to be working well. Noted that younger pupils feel

    more comfortable in approaching older pupils than perhaps they would have been before.

    Captains and M Potter are liaising to resolve issue of appointing class representatives.

    ? Children in Need Day arrangements under way.

    ? Commonhealth Games S1 and some S5/6 pupils on 10 October. Considered to be a success.



    ? Activity Evenings a wide range of activities and well attended. ? S5/6 Health Day Speaker from Teenage Cancer Trust made quite an impression. Profits from

    Rock Night to be donated.

    ? Young Musician well supported by entrants, parents and guests. ? Remembrance Service Captains will attend. ? Year Book and Hoodies Captains intend to get the ball rolling quickly. ? Prom/After Party Committee has been formed

    ? Rock Night and Dance Show arrangements in hand

    Multiple Family Group the views of a parent Violet Johnston introduced herself, explained how the group works and the benefits to parents and

    children who have participated.

New School Building

    David Chalmers delivered a presentation on the new School Building. Hoped that slides will be soon

    be available on school website.

Election of Members

    Karen Pilpel and Kate Renwick standing down. John Lyon Isobel Lindsay and Kate Smith remain.

    Kate Smith thanked Karen and Kate for their valued contribution and welcomed new members Violet

    Johnston, Annwyn Noble, Amanda McLean, Joanne Jones and Jackie Millar

Election of Office Bearers

    Chair: Kate Smith

    Secretary: John Lyon

    Treasurer: Annwyn Noble


    Sharon Abernethy will continue as Parent Council Clerk.

Date of Next Meeting

    Monday, 1 December 2008


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