MelRoes School of Dance

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MelRoes School of Dance

    MelRoe’s School of Dance

    Newsletter December 2006

    Fall Semester October - January

    MelRoe’s Policies

    th? Decmber tuition is now due. Tuition is due by the 10 of each month. Any

    tuition paid after the due date will automatically have a $15.00 fee added to their

    monthly tuition. Tuition MUST be paid in full in order to continue taking class the

    following month. For example, November tuition must be paid before a student

    can take December classes.

    ? Watch Week is the first week of the semester. Our next Watch Week is in

    February (February 1 7.) We encourage you to invite family and friends to

    observe your child’s class.

    thnd? The studio is closed Dec 18 Jan 2 for the holiday break! Enjoy

    rdthis time off with your families! Classes will resume Wednesday, Jan 3.

    ? Dress Code: Appropriate dance clothes AND are REQUIRED to participate in

    class. No student will be allowed to take class without proper dance attire and

    shoes. Please NO jewelry or baggy shirts or pants.

    Ballet Classes: All ballet students need to wear a solid BLACK leotard with pink tights

    and pink ballet shoes. Ballet skirts are optional. Hair must be in a tight bun.

    Combo / Tumbling / Hip Hop classes: All students need to wear Leotard / tights /lycra

    shorts/ dance pants with the appropriate shoes. Absolutely NO baggy T-shirts or boxer

    shorts! Hair must be pulled back off face and neck. Boys may wear fitted T-shirts and

    sweat pants or shorts. Please check with the instructor for appropriate shoes.

    ? Attendance Policy: Attendance in class is expected. Any missed class due to

    sickness, weather, or holidays may be made-up by attending another class.

    Missed classes must be made up within the semester. Class attendance is

    MANDATORY the week of any performance in order to perform.

    The Fall Semester is October - January. Any class missed during this

    semester, may be made up until the end of January. Please check with the

    front desk for make-up times.

    ? Weather Policy: In case of bad weather, please call the studio and listen to the

    message to see if we are holding classes. In the past, we have usually closed when

    the Independence District cancels school, however, there are some cases where the

    weather changes before MelRoe’s classes begin. ? Change Class Request Form: If your child is adding or dropping a class in

    their tuition schedule, please see the front desk to complete a Class Change

    Request Form. This form MUST be completed before your tuition payment schedule

    can be changed. Class change requests will be determined according to current

    enrollment in the class.

    ? Lost & Found Box: There is box in the office that has lost shoes, clothes, coats,

    etc. This box is getting FULL!!! Check the box for all lost items. Please put your

    child’s name on dance shoes and bags to avoid getting lost. ? Parking: Parents may park in front of the first 4 garage doors, however, we can

    NOT block the driveway of the house next door which belongs to our landlord and

    his landscaping business and we can not block the last two garage doors that

    belong to the karate school.


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    thHoliday Show December 10!

    thWe have scheduled a show on Sunday, Dec 10 at Union Station. This is a great opportunity for our students to be able to perform this holiday season. The show will be from 3:00 4:00 (please arrive at 2:30 in your child’s first costume. We would like all classes (except for tumbling classes because of the space needed for mats) to perform.

    Each class is learning a holiday routine and will have home-made costumes.

    Information on the home-made costumes needed for your child’s routine will be posted on the bulletin board in the front lobby. Please see the front desk if you have any


    rdSkating Party December 3

    Our MelRoe’s Booster Club is sponsoring a skating party on December 3 from 6:30 8:30. ALL MelRoe’s students are invited and may attend at NO CHARGE (sibling and

    parents are $1.00 each if you are skating.) The skating rink is located in Liberty (take

    291 North):

     Northland Rolladium

     1020 Kent Street

     Liberty, MO 64068


    This past month we held a Cartwheel-A-Thon to help raise money to purchase new

    equipment needed for the studio. Thank you to all the students who participated in the

    Cartwheel-A-Thon and helped raise money. We truly appreciate your support!!! We are

    going to use the money that was raised to purchase new equipment that is needed for

    instruction in the classes.

We are extending the due date to give students more time to collect their donations made

    to the Cartwheel-A-Thon. Money can still be turned in up to Dec 4th. Remember, the class that raises the most money gets an ICE CREAM PARTY!!!!

Dance Conventions

    Starting this fall and winter, there are several AWESOME dance conventions coming to

    Kansas City!! We have posted information about each convention that is available to our

    dancers and encourage ALL dancers enrolled in a Combo/Ballet/Hip Hop class to attend

    any of these conventions. It is a great opportunity to take dance classes from famous

    dancers all over the country!!! Please sign-up in the front lobby.

    th Feb 3-4, 2007 Tremaine (Fees due by Jan 5)

    th March 10 11, 2007 Adrenaline (Fees due by Jan 25)

    nd Mar 31 Apr 1, 2007 West Coast Dance Explosion (Fees due by Mar 2)


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National Acrobat Competition

    The MelRoe’s Star Tumblers have been working very hard to prepare for the National

    Acrobat Competition (NAC). Practices will continue this month as we prepare for the

    upcoming meet in January. Please continue to check the front lobby bulletin for more


Open Gym Practice: There will be an extra practice on Saturday, January 20th

    from 10:00 Noon for all tumbling students or Star Tumblers competing in the

    NAC meet.

A Great Acrobat Mat Special!!!

    This is a special that you cannot pass up!!! The company that we buy our tumbling mats

    from is having a holiday sale on mats - $139.00 (plus $25.00 s/h.) This is about HALF

    of what they normally cost!!! What a great way for your tumbler to practice SAFELY at home!!! What a great Christmas gift idea, too! More information is posted in the front

    lobby. If you would like to order a mat or two, please see the front office. This offer is

    stgood through January 31 !

MelRoe’s Merchandise

    Get your MelRoe’s fashion for the fall/winter. We have MelRoe’s T-shirts, hoodies,

    jackets, warm-up suits and dance bags. We have several cool designs to choose from.

    Please see the front office for samples and order forms.

Happy Birthday To You…

    Abi McCaulley Dec 2 Destiny Perkins Dec 17

    Kelsey Whitehurst Dec 2 Kacey Caviness Dec 19

    Samantha Morain Dec 4 Christi Coffey Dec 19

    Cathy Ann Baker Dec 7 Holly Caviness Dec 23

    Sierra Perkins Dec 9 Alyssa Lakin Dec 26

    Roxanne Bootka Dec 11 Lindsay Lamken Dec 31

    Ally Jones Dec 12

    Kristen McCulley Dec 14

    **Don’t forget to get your Birthday Bag filled with goodies

    during your Birthday month- see the front office!!!

MelRoe’s Booster Club

    The MelRoe’s Booster Club is a GREAT way to fundraise money for extra dance expenses.

    If you need Booster Club information, monthly newsletters, or forms, please check the

    filing bin by the front door in the lobby. All correspondence and Account statements

    from the Booster Club officers can be picked up in the office each month. Also, please

    turn in all order forms and Payment Request forms to the box labeled “Booster Club” by

    the office door. If you would still like to become a member, please see the front desk for



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We Need Santa’s Helpers!

    We have adopted two families in the Independence School District to help during the

    holidays this year. Our goal is to help these families by providing gifts and enough food

    for the two week holiday break. We are asking our MelRoe’s families to help by selecting

    items off of our “Giving Tree” in the front lobby. Each mitten on the tree names specific

    items that are needed. If you would like to help, please bring your items in to the

    thfront office by December 7. Thank you for your support to these families in need.

Let’s Get Cookin’

    This month, the Booster Club is working to put together a “Recipe Book” as a fundraiser.

    We would love to have ALL MelRoe’s students submit their favorite recipes to put in this

    book. The class that submits the most recipes, gets a PIZZA PARTY!!!! More information

    about the recipe book is posted on the Booster Club bulletin board in the front lobby!

Check Out Our Website!

    We have a website where students and parents can get information about our studio.

    Our address is and you can download information such as monthly newsletters and other handouts used at the studio. This will also give

    information to new families about our studio. Check it out!

    Please keep checking the front lobby bulletin board

    on a WEEKLY basis for important upcoming information.

    Spread the News…Referral Program! The Referral Program at the studio gives our current students a chance to earn FREE

    classes. Here’s how it works…If you tell a friend or family member about MelRoe’s and

    they come and ENROLL in a dance / tumbling class, YOU GET $5.00 OFF YOUR

    TUITION!!!! Now, the new student MUST tell us that YOU referred them to the studio

    and YOU will get $5.00 off your next monthly tuition automatically! Here’s the best part…if you have 5 friends enroll at MelRoe’s, you get $25.00 off your next monthly

    tuition…there’s NO LIMIT!!!!! So, start telling everyone you know about our new classes

    and remind them to mention your name when they enroll!!!

Recital Information Mark Your Calendars!

    It’s time to start thinking about our annual recital! This year we are celebrating our

    th10 year!!! We have the recital dates so mark your calendars for July 20 & July 22

    (Dress Rehearsal July 20.) Please continue to check the front lobby bulletin board

    the next few months for upcoming information on recital.

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