May 28, 2007 - Student Legal Fund Society

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May 28, 2007 - Student Legal Fund Society

    Box 70

    6138 Student Union Boulevard

    Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1

    Ph. : 604.827.1208

    Fax : 604.827.5028



    On Monday, May 28, 2007, 6:50 p.m 7:20 p.m.

    In Room 249J, Student Union Building, UBC

PRESENT: Aaron Sihota, Elisabeth Sadowski, Angela Escobar, Michelle Ng

Aaron acted as the Chair of the meeting.

    1.0 Adoption of Agenda

    Aaron moved that the meeting’s agenda be accepted as presented; Angela seconded and

    the motion passed.

2.0 Approval of Minutes

    Minutes from the April meeting will be approved at one of our upcoming meeting.

3.0 Funding Application Approval

    Angela made a grammatical change to the draft on page 3 (from “case onto the SLFS

    Litigation Committee” to “case on to the SLFS Litigation Committee”).

    Aaron made the following changes to the draft:

    ? Page 5: from “funds spent to date (with receipts)” to “funds spent to date (with

    original receipts)”.

    ? Page 3: from “We then send you a letter explaining the Board’s decision” to

    “We will then contact you to explain the Board’s decision”

    ? Page 8: the second line of our mailing address should read “Box 70” rather than

    “Room 249L”

    Angela moved that the Board approve the funding application as presented at the

    meeting following the changes made above. Aaron seconded the motion and it passed.

4.0 Other Business and Updates

    4.1 Canadian Springs

    Aaron suggested we may want to renew the contract with Canadian Springs in order to

    have fresh water in our office. Angela mentioned that the previous Board (2006-2007)

    Student Legal Fund Society May 28, 2007

    Minutes of the Board Meeting

    very recently decided to cancel that contract because it was an unnecessary expenditure and was not really being used by the Board. Angela holds the opinion that the water is not necessary and would oppose the idea of renewing that contract.

    However, if the Board does in fact hold office hours during the 2007-2008 year, then it may be feasible to have it because the office will be in more use. Further discussion of this matter will be left for a future meeting and once we have determined a schedule for office hours.

    4.2 Website

    Chris has said that there is already a designed webpage on the SLFS office computer. Aaron brought up the possibility of hiring someone to do the website for us, but Elisabeth mentioned she could compile it herself and would look further into it. Hiring an outside party will only be done if there are problems with web design or other matters that require further expertise beyond what Elisabeth has.

    We had a call from Enrollment services regarding the listing of our website on the Calendar (print and online). By the time the website has content, it will be too late to include it in the print calendar. We are aiming to have it on the online calendar, which appears to be updated sessionally. The next update will take place in mid-July. If we cannot make the mid-July deadline than we will have to wait for the following calendar update in early to mid October. We are also going to look at including our contact information on the AMS Insider Agenda.

    4.3 Lit Comm

    Angela has arranged the litigation committee for the 2007-2008 academic year and has forwarded the names of those who will sit on the committee to Aaron. To clarify a previous misunderstanding, Angela stated that the lit comm. does not need to approve the funding application discussed in item 3.0 above. The only matter under discussion with regards to lit comm. is how the Board and the committee will be interacting in the future. Angela is working on drafting guidelines with Professor Ramsay and aims to have some draft to present to the Board by end of June or mid-July.

    4.4 Hoodies

    Aaron mentioned the hoodies have been ordered and will be arriving within two weeks, due to a delay with the manufacturer.

    4.5 Case withdrawal Aaron mentioned the recent application for funding we had received has been withdrawn by the applicant since the University offered to settle the case. The matter will be filed just in case anything else arises in the future.

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Student Legal Fund Society May 28, 2007

    Minutes of the Board Meeting

    4.6 Other Business

    4.6.1 Future summer meeting dates

    Elisabeth brought up whether we will be meeting monthly over the summer, as perhaps

    it is unnecessary when there are no pressing matters to discuss. Aaron commented that

    he wanted at least monthly meetings to ensure all directors were up to speed with what

    the status of certain projects were, and to ensure there was no breakdown in

    communication and suggested our next meeting be in mid-June. Angela suggested that

    we may still meet monthly, but it would not be required that all SLFS directors are

    present, as long as we are collectively responsible for ensuring quorum is met if a

    motion needs to be passed.

    Overall, future meeting dates for the summer are yet to be determined. However, those

    present agreed that the period from mid-August to early-September will be busy and we

    will hold more meetings throughout that time period in order to organize our marketing

    efforts at the start of the academic year. There is a possibility of meeting in mid-July to

    discuss progress lit comm. guidelines. Angela will update the Board when this matter is

    ready to be discussed.

    4.6.2 Phone messages and mail

    Aaron, Michelle, and Angela are all around campus over the summer and will be

    checking phone messages and our mailbox periodically. Regarding phone messages,

    please recall that there is a spreadsheet on the computer meant for tracking our calls and

    how they have been dealt with. Remember to fill this out when you are dealing with a



    President Secretary

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