Talk about people

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Talk about people



     Book 7 unit4,7 Book8 unit9,10

     罗塘中学 魏艳平

     What does she look like?

     Part 1:height

     She is„„


     medium height


     What does she look like?

     Part 2:build

     She is„„.

     thin heavy

     medium build

     What does she look like?

     Part 3:hair

     She has„„

     long hair

     short hair

     What does she look like?


     She has„„

     straight hair

     curly hair



     What do they look like?

     She wears glasses

     He has a beard


     shorttall (of)medium height

     face has

     bigsmall eyes ,nose ,mouth, ears a beard, moustache



     thin fat/heavy (of)medium build



     glasses short long a necklace, a ring She wears a watch, a scarf straight curly

    a tie, gloves blond , grey, brown a hat Is bald



     What is he like?

     wild,crazyquiet,calm, shyoutgoing, lazy--hardworking warmheartedcold

    easy-going,kind serious,strict friendlyunfriendly , honestdishonest funny,

    talented, creative, lovely, energetic, diligent

     DISCUSSION What other things do we need to talk about people?

     personal information

     When were you born? Birthday\Age: When is your birthday? How old are you? Hobbies: What do you like best? Whats your hobby? How many people are there in your family? Family: Who are they? Where are you from? Nationality: Where do you come from? What

    s your nationality? Jobs: What do you do? /What is your job? What is he/she?/Where do you work?


     -er: teacher,driver,writer,singer

     -or: visitor,actor,inventor -ist: scientist,pianist,artist -ian:


     -man: policeman,fisherman,fireman

     -ress: actress,waitress -ant: assistant,accountant

     Achievements he made(the things he did) and the experience

     won, made, wrote, played, created, invented got,received

     When he was born,„„ When he was a child, After he graduated,.. in,时

    间:„ ,时间: At the age of ,

     How to describe someone

     1. appearance /look

     2. character 3. personal information 4. achievements he made(the things he did) and the experience

     Listening practice

     认真阅读表格:每空不超过 个词 认真阅读表格:每空不超过3个词

     Something about Mary

     Nationality Look

     Australia medium height

     a little heavy

     with big eyes

     long black curly hair Hobbies

     reading and chatting

     My Net Friend Mary I have a net friend. She is from Sydney, Australia . The girl is fifteen years old and is studying at Apple Tree School. She is medium height and a little bit heavy with big eyes. She has long black curly hair. She likes to wear blue dress. In her spare time she likes reading and chatting on the net . I like my net friend very much.

     She was born in September, 1982 and she first appeared in a movie at the age of 3. when __1__ was 15, she acted as Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl. At 17, she became the youngest to __2__ the "Golden Horse Award" for Best Actress. She is Li Xiaolu, who has beautiful eyes and long straight black hair,a smart and talented actress. When Xiaolu was 4 years old, she was seriously __3__.she had a fever and __4__ in bed for three days, knowing nothing around her. Her parents were worried. But then


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