The film Greatly Distressed directed by is a story about a family

By Diana Myers,2014-06-26 01:35
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The film Greatly Distressed directed by is a story about a family

     The film Greatly Distressed directed by Wang Jing is a story about a family. When I first saw this movie I dont appreciate it like I do know. Because, I am so young that cant understudent what

    happened in that age. However, after I saw many commount of it, I realize what an amazing and moving story it is.

     First, I learn the peoples characters of HuBei from a wowan named Li Baoli. Her strong spirt

    move me deeply. Second, the beginning of the story is about in the 1980s, Li Baoli and her husband dont have knowlage, like so many works in that time,so they cant adapt to the social

    environment. That due to Ma Xuewu killed himself. The most impressing scene to me is the ending. Bao Li finally realized the truth and faced a new life. As the matter of face, she just think

    t be saved. her child wants her to do that, the problem between them still don

    In my opinion, Greatly Distressed is a touching film. The actress playing the characters of Li Baoli give an amazing performance in the film. Judging from the wild clapping and cheers that filled the cinema, everybody agreed that it was indeed the best film of years.

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