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     717 E. Main Street, Blytheville, Arkansas 72315

Dear Teen,

     Welcome to the 5th Miss Lights of the Delta Outstanding Teen Pageant. It will be held during the

    Thanksgiving weekend, Friday evening, November 28 and Saturday, November 29. It is an Official

    Preliminary to the Miss Arkansas’ Outstanding Teen and Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Pageants. Accordingly, we are governed by the same rules and operate under the same franchise as they do. Miss

    Lights of the Delta Outstanding Teen is OPEN to all young ladies in the state who are at least 13 on the date

    of the pageant and no more than a 17 year old high school Junior. A 17 year old high school Senior must

    compete in the Miss pageant.

     We are looking forward to a great and fun Pageant this year and are so glad you plan to be a part of it.

    Makenzie Moore is the reigning Lights Teen and was the Talent winner and 2nd Runner-up at the State

    Pageant. Our winner this year will receive a $200 cash scholarship, an official crown, entry into the State

    Pageant, wardrobe assistance and guidance needed to prepare her for competition in the Miss Arkansas’ stOutstanding Teen Pageant in Hot Springs June 23-27. The 1 Runner-up will receive a $150 cash ndscholarship and entry into next year’s Lights pageant, the 2 Runner-up will receive $100 cash scholarship rdthand if there are enough entries, awards will also be given to the 3 and 4 Runner-ups. Mississippi County residents are eligible for the Arkansas Northeastern College Scholarship Award of tuition for 15 college

    credit hours.


1. Read the State and Local Contestant Contract, make sure you qualify, sign, date and notarize this form.

    You may submit a contract used in another pageant this year (August 2008 to now). Also include required

    verification. Read, sign and notarize the Contestant Release and Indemnity Agreement.

2. Complete an Official Resume and Platform Issue. Be sure to be specific in filling out these forms as this

    is what the judges will be referring to during your interview. These must be typed on the computer, not



    YOU ARE TO WRITE ABOUT MISS LIGHTS OF THE DELTA TEEN. Keep these simple and limit to 1 or 2 sentences. Use your space on that page for Accomplishments, Interesting Facts you should

    include clubs you belong to, church organizations, travels, hobbies, sports. ALSO ELIMINATE THE LINE AFTER NAME THAT SAYS TITLE.

3. Secure a business concern to sponsor you in the pageant. They will get advertising for the sponsorship;

    you need to get a check from them for $100 payable to the Northeast Arkansas Scholarship Pageant.

4. Enclose a portrait picture of you, WAIST UP, OR HEAD AND SHOULDERS (billfold size or larger) to

    be reproduced in the program. It may be color or black & white. The picture in the program will be in color

    if that is what you send in. It will be returned to you.

5. Copy of Birth Certificate will be returned to you.

     thth6. Latest School Transcript 7, 8 grade only may submit Report Card if transcript not available, it will

    be returned to you.

7. Release signed by current ED if you are a current title holder(found on our website)

8. Queen’s Intent Contract (found on our website)- this can not be filled on the computer, you print it off

    and do it by hand. This confirms that you understand Lights is not just a crown but that the titleholder will

    be involved in activities and events.

9. Cover Sheet (found on our website)- this cannot be filled by computer, print off and fill by hand.

     All the above should be mailed to me by the deadline November 19. Please email me that you are

    working on your forms so that I will be expecting them.

    FITNESS/ACTIVE WEAR cheer style shorts or skorts, tank tops or tshirts, *Teens will compete in

    ankle socks and any color or style of tennis shoes. Contact me if you have questions.

    *TALENT - TIME IS NO MORE THAN 2 MINUTES! You may use a tape or CD for accompaniment.

    If using tape only have one song on the tape you turn in and be sure and make a practice tape so you don’t

    wear out your performance tape. Tech really prefers CDs. Have your name on tape or CD. BE SURE AND


    *EVENING WEAR- Gown of your choice. *INTERVIEW No business type suits; teen appropriate and trendy (dress, skirt and top, capris with

    jacket, pant suit) Interviews will be 6 minutes with no opening and no closing. You may be asked at the end

    if you would like to add anything and will be given 30 seconds to do so.

    SCORING is: Interview-35%, On-stage Question 5%, Talent 35%, Evening Wear 15%, and Physical

    Fitness/Active Wear -10%. Pageants are required to use a Final Ballot. Auditors will give Judges the Top 5

    in random order and the Judges place them in the order they feel reflects their overall performance. This

    will determine the final ranking.


Wednesday, November 19: ENTRY DEADLINE We absolutely must have all entry materials in our

    hands by this date so that we can plan the pageants and get the program to the printer. An extension can be

    granted only by the Executive Director. However, competition order is set in reverse order of entries ststreceived. The last one that we receive will be 1 in competition and the 1 one we receive will be last.

    Our theme will be “Winter Wonderland” and will be decorating with snowmen and snowflakes. For Opening, we will be providing some type of tee shirt, probably “hoodies”. We want you to wear them with

    jeans and boots or heels. You might want to wear a colored top under it and accessorize with a long, winter

    scarf. I will let you know the style & color of the shirts in the information letter you will receive before the


Friday, November 28: REHEARSAL starting at 4:00 p.m. at the Blytheville High School Auditorium, th600 N. 10 St. A light supper snack will be available for you and your parent. No pageant clothes needed

    for rehearsal but be sure to bring heels, accompaniment tape or CD and any props you need for your talent.

    We will be practicing all phases of competition.

SPECIAL EVENT: all contestants are to bring to rehearsal a Christmas Tree Ornament they have decorated

    with their name, picture, anything! to be placed on the Lights of the Delta Christmas Tree. You will enjoy seeing the ornaments made by past contestants.

SPECIAL EVENT: immediately after rehearsal, contestants and queens will board a bus for a special tour

    of the Lights of the Delta Festival. This is one of the largest moving light displays in the South. If weather

    permits, we plan to have a hayride through the display so bring a light blanket .We will have photos with

    Santa, hot chocolate and popcorn. Bring or wear jeans, sweater/sweatshirt. Depending on the temperature

    you may also want to have gloves and a cap or earmuffs with you. Only the girls may go with us on

    bus/hayride but parents may follow in their cars. It is $10 a car to tour the Lights, so make some friends and car-pool!

    Saturday, November 29: Depending on the number of contestants, we may split the pageant and have a Saturday afternoon competition and Saturday evening competition. Specific competition events will be determined when we finalize the competition schedule.

     INTERVIEWS will take place at the Blytheville Holiday Inn beginning at 9 a.m(later if we do not split

    the pageant). Your exact time will be emailed or given to you at rehearsal.

     COMPETITION: If split, the AFTERNOON COMPETITION will begin at 2 p.m. Opening Outfits will be Lights of the Delta T-Shirts which will be given to you by the Lights Association and jeans or slacks. Specific events will be designated later, for example, Teens in Talent and Miss in Swimsuit and Evening Gown.

     SATURDAY EVENING COMPETITION will begin at 7 p.m. (with or without an afternoon competition). We will again open in Lights of the Delta T-shirts and jeans/pants.

    SPECIAL EVENT: After the pageant there will be a reception/party for the new queens and out-going queens that everyone is invited to attend. It will be at the Holiday Inn or High School. There will be food and a chance to visit… this is a fun time that the girls and parents have enjoyed in the past.

     Tickets for each show will be $10 for Adults and $5 for students. A combination ticket for both shows (if we split pageant into Sat. afternoon and Sat. evening) will be offered at $15 for Adults and $8 for students/children. They will be available at rehearsal or at the door

     If you enter and then win another Outstanding Teen Preliminary before our pageant, your sponsor fee will be refunded to you. If you just drop out of the pageant, it will NOT be refunded. We do encourage you to enter all preliminaries for which you are eligible. But we also encourage you to not wait until after other preliminaries to enter so that you get placed in the line-up sooner.

     We do not allow anyone except our hostesses backstage. There will be Hostesses to help get your

    wardrobes in and help fasten gowns, etc. If you want to have hair or make-up fixed and can work it in our schedule, Crystal Harrison Harshman, who has done teens at State, has a salon in Blytheville. Her telephone number is 870-762-6030. There will be no hair or make-up people backstage. You may bring lighted make-up mirrors, curlers, curling irons. We will have mirrors and dress racks but you may also bring your own rack.

     For those that want to stay in Blytheville during the pageant, the Holiday Inn (870-763-5800), Hampton Inn (870-763-5220), and Comfort Inn Suites (870-763-7081) will all offer special pageant rates this is

    available by calling the motels directly to make your reservation. The Interviews are in the Holiday Inn but the other 2 motels are just across the street.

     If we can be of any help to you before our rehearsal on November 28, please feel free to call or email me. We will help any contestant who requests assistance; however, all contestants will be treated equally. Thank you for your interest and I hope to hear from you soon. Remember the deadline date, Wednesday, November 19!

Eva Lee Graves, Teen Director

     Phone: 870-763-2951, cell: 870-740-7476, Email:

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