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    November 14, 2005

President’s Report: The meeting began at 7:00 p.m. Marianne Absher discussed several items. The

    Yahoo email is going well; almost 300 members and excellent feedback. Members can request the

    Daily Digest if they prefer all messages from one day combined in one email. Remember Flex Tix at

    the holidays sports, theater, spa gift certificates, etc. indicate LHS as beneficiary and buy tickets

    with no cost to PTSA, or no additional cost to the buyer, but 20% profit given to PTSA. We will be

    creating Standing Rules day to day description of how we operate. We will need a Job Description of

    each Committee & Officer short but encompassing; please send to Cindy Smith by Christmas.

Teacher Report Mrs. Probst attended for the Social Studies Dept. Susan Taylor chosen by BB&T as

    Economics Teacher of the Year. This Dept. advises the Student Council, which sponsors Homecoming,

    Service projects such as a Food Drive, and Winter Wonderland. Mrs. Probst is a rep. on the Scholarship

    committee which recommends students for awards. LHS Curriculum students must have a3 SS credits

    to graduate Civics & Econ, US History, & World History. There is a new Freshman Academy close,

    personal interaction. We are back to EOC testing in this dept after 2 years off. To prepare, Benchmark

    quizzes are given weekly and Academies for remediation. This Dept. offers 3 AP classes (US Hist,

    European History & Econ); they would like to offer more. Last year they had AP Govt. Students who

    earn a certain level on the national tests get college credit. Registration will begin next month, as

    teachers will make recommendations for their current students.

Administration’s Report – Dr. Gainey said Homecoming went well; with 900+ kids at the dance, the

    largest attendance yet at the game, a pep rally and a Parade for the first time all were great. Freshman

    Academy has begun with 33 students; they had an Award Ceremony for them; want to build on it but

    funding may be cut for Small Learning Communities. New staff: Ms. Canada switched to Career

    Development and Angie Tucker is the new counselor in her place; Joannie Amerson will take over for a

    retiring English teacher; Ms. Libidi is a new Reading teacher who will work with at-risk students in 2

    Freshman English classes; and Ms. Ranier will teach Electronics in the spring; a new Math teacher; a

    new Special Programs teacher in spring; and an Asst. Principal moving to Testing Coordinator and

    relieving Linda Taylor of that responsibility; and a new Asst. Principal will join us. The fall play,

    Frankenstein was impressive. Orchestra and Band won many honors recently. Soccer and volleyball

    teams have improved over the season.

     thJan. 18 & 19 are exams; with Jan. 20 for makeups. Jan. 26 at 7:30, 49 students will graduate. Dec. 23 Jan. 2 winter break. Graduation will be held in Reynolds Coliseum; don’t know number of seats yet.

    Dress for no AC. Thanks to Jan Willis for the Artist in Residence program; there are banners in the new

    building. Jan. 4 Open House at the Tarrboro Community Center to meet parents in that area. Green

    Rd. next. Lunch Bunch best one yet. UNC letter from Admissions Office reminding students to

    take a serious schedule, even if they are admitted, it can be revoked. Benchmark quizzes given to

    prepare for EOCs, and have item analysis for teachers. The painting of the intersection at Leesville

    Road is not a school sponsored event. It is a police matter. DOT will clean it; not sure of when. He

    does not want such painting on campus. Dr. Gainey isn’t comfortable signing the bond found by PTA,

    but will cover an equivalent amount of funding ($560).

Secretary’s Report: The minutes from last month’s meeting were reviewed and approved.

    Treasurer’s Report: Kim Jones went over the budget. We are doing well in Membership. Golden Corral night brought in $76.88. A donation has been given by Dudley Willis’ company. Sportswear doing well. It was noted that we have projected $500 income from a school store, but not started this project. The report was approved.

     st1 Vice President: Misty Brazelton reported for this area; she is working on setting up Restaurant Nights; let her know of any connections. We will do them on the Third Tuesday, and Jan. 17 will be Handy Kitchen, who will donate $15% of their receipts beginning at 10:00 a.m. Manchesters declined; saying they could not handle the increased numbers of diners.

    Membership: Mariah Best submitted a written report: Current base membership funds: $3001, Contributions of $3257; for a total of $6258 with 562 Members. We have more total money than at this time last year. The categories are different: last year base funds were over $4000, while contributions were about $2000.

    Programs: Laura Ann Murray reported that there will be lunches for parents of Seniors in December and January, then we’ll go back to Juniors, etc. On Jan. 5th at 7 pm in the Media Center we will have College Night day to day hints on college life. Give her any contacts.

    Academic Boosters: Debbie Helfrich reported that the Oct. breakfast was held for NHS inductees. Their committee’s next meeting will be Nov. 30; see her if you would like to help. This Thurs. night

    will be the NHS induction; we are supplying food or donated money. The next event will be a breakfast or Spring Induction for NHS.

    Apparel: Lura Pieringer let us know they may sell sportswear at home basketball games in the beginning of the season. They did sell at all home football games, and there will be a notice in the Pride Post with a coupon for hoodies. They will also sell at Open House.

    Awards: Leslie Rupert told us of a Presidential Volunteer Award; will give details to the Administration to approve and then distribute to Seniors. May put info. in newsletter.

    Newsletter: Marianne reported a Nov. 18 deadline for submissions; ideas for future articles welcome.

    Newsletter Mailing: Debbie Helfrich said the next mailing will be Dec. 7at 8:30 a.m. in the cafeteria. They are mailing about 1900 because they send only one per family.

Publicity Angie Welsh reported that Susan Taylor’s award will be in the Newspaper and a PTA


    Student Directory: Laura Sheppard said that some are printed, but most in process. They left out the calendar to save money. They will be distributed this week. 2800 were ordered; the possibility of giving one per family to save costs was discussed, as well as the idea of selling extras. Some HSs sell

for $5; they cost 50-60 cents each to print. Jim Hinton wrote a program last year to manipulate the data

    by class. One idea is to list everyone alphabetically.

Teacher Appreciation: Cindy Smith reported that they had done Halloween treats for staff, and a

    Custodial Appreciation lunch with food from Handy Kitchen. For Winter, she has a new idea a gift

    wrapping center where staff bring in their gifts to be wrapped for free. She will need people to wrap as

    well as donate paper. She will put in newsletter and on Yahoo to gather people. A calendar was given

    out with these dates: Gift Wrap (Dec. 13, 15, 19), Cookies (Dec. 20), Valentines Day candy & cards

    (Feb. 14), Spring cupcakes and candy (Apr. 13), Staff Appreciation Day apples and white chocolate

    snack mix (May 2), Staff Luncheon & door prizes (June 12)

Volunteer Coordinator: Zoe Timmons gave a written report she is forwarding names to committees as

    she receives them. She will also compile a list of “general” volunteers and make it available to all


School Improvement: A written report by Denise Bennett was given. Denise is on the Outreach

    Subcommittee and they have a plan to reach parents and students from the entire community by holding

    3 meetings at satellite locations: Jan. 4 at Tarboro Rd. Community Center for students in SE Raleigh

    area, with dinner prior to the meeting paid for by sponsors including Food Lion, McDonalds, KFC and

    Wendy’s. Communication for it will include: flyers at that location and local library, announcements at

    area churches, and newspapers including The Carolinian and The Triangle Tribune. All PTSA members

    encouraged to attend. Other meetings will be Feb. 6 at Green Road Library for Brentwood students, and

    a meeting to be announced for the Glenwood Road area.

     Project Graduation: The event will be Saturday, May 20and no location has been announced yet; we

    will need volunteers.

Wake Ed. Partnership: due to her husband’s illness, Janice Ryan has stepped down from this post.

    Please keep her family in your prayers.

Unfinished Business: We can sign up for Food Lion online now. Tell others, even out-of-town relatives.

    You need to renew yearly.

New Business: Our 3 VPs will be a liaison with some committees, and will check in monthly with them

    starting in January.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

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