Planning for Assessment Center Preparation

By Charles Scott,2014-10-17 14:14
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Planning for Assessment Center Preparation

    Assessment Center Preparation: Outline of 4 sessions for candidates to prepare for the Assessment Center

    Session 1--Overview of Materials

    This session will give candidates opportunities to explore the following NBPTS online materials:

    ; Certificate Exercise Descriptions

    ; Level 1, 2, 3, and 4 Rubrics

    ; Both of the Selected Assessment Center Exercises

    ; Standards

    This session should be facilitated at the NBPTS website with groups of candidates in a computer lab or as a projected presentation; or with individual candidates at a computer.

    Activity Materials Time


     Certificate Knowledge Center.

    1. Review Helpful Hints for Candidates Handout

    2. Go to the NBPTS website and locate Candidate Resource Center.

    3. Locate the Certificate Knowledge Center

     Assessment Center Orientation.

    1. Locate the certificate and click on the Assessment Center Information/Assessment Center Orientation.

    2. Skim through section 1 and 3 to learn about required forms and tasks to be completed before they can go to the

    assessment center.

    3. Review Section 4 to identify and discuss (a) what to bring to the assessment center, (b) regulations, and (c) the

    overview of the test day.

    4. Exercise Descriptions. Review Section 2. Ask participants to locate their certificate exercise certificates and read

    what will be required.

     Scoring Guide--

    Return to the Certificate Knowledge Center and locate the certificate scoring guide.

    ; Locate the Table of Contents on page three to identify the page numbers for each of the six assessment

    center exercises.

    ; Read the Introduction.

    ; Selected Assessment Center Exercises. Scroll to the end of the scoring guide to locate the two selected

    assessment center exercises. Skim through to identify the structure of the exercises

     Introduction, Criteria for Scoring, Directions, Stimulus, and Prompts

    ; Rubrics. Choose one exercise from the Table of Contents and skim through the level 4, 3, 2, 1 rubrics.

    ; Standards. Identify standards that may apply to each exercise.

     Homework for next session

    ; Print, study, and bring the following to the next session:

    Their certificate exercise descriptions

    Level 4, 3, 2, 1 Rubrics for each exercise

     Both of the selected assessment center exercises

     Appropriate Standards

    ; Begin to identify resources to use to study for the exercises.

    Prepared by Dr. Lynn Gaddis, NBCT at Illinois State University March 2003

    Session 2Identifying Study Focus

    This session will give candidates opportunities to use a KWR chart to identify the content to be studied. Candidates will use the exercise descriptions and rubrics to identify content, what they know, what they do not know and need to study, and resources to support their learning. Candidates should print copies of these documents prior to this session.

    Activity Materials Time

     Welcome and Review of Session 1.

     Using the KWR to identify content, areas for study, and resources. ; Selected Assessment 1. Choose one of the selected assessment center exercises. Center Exercise

    ; Read through the exercise description (found in assessment center orientation), level 4 rubric (found in scoring ; Exercise Descriptions

    guide or listed as “Criteria for Scoring”) and appropriate standards to identify content. ; Rubrics

    2. Identifying Content. ; Standards

    ; For the selected assessment center exercise, identify key content in the Exercise Descriptions, Rubric, and

    Selected Assessment Center Exercise.

    ; Identify common key content throughout these three documents

    ; Identify standards appropriate to this content.

    ; Skim the appropriate standards for clarification of meaning of these concepts.

    3. Review the KWR chart.

    4. List key content and appropriate standard on “Assessment Center KWR” handout under the content heading.

    5. List what you know and do not know under the appropriate heading.

    6. Identify resources you already know will help you and resources you need to discover.

     Collaborating to support learning.

    1. In certificate-alike groups, discuss reasons for choosing content from exercise descriptions, rubrics, and selected

    assessment center exercises. Use the standards to clarify meanings.

    2. Identify resources to support one another’s learning. Include websites, handouts, books, articles, people, etc.

    3. Identify professional development activities that may support preparation for the assessment center.

    4. Develop a schedule for collaboration in sharing resources and professional development activities prior to the

    assessment center date.

     Discovering how prompts are derived from exercise descriptions and rubrics.

    ; Read through the selected assessment center exercise materials

    ; Compare the statements in the stimulus and the prompts to the exercise description and the level 4 rubric (Also

    found in criteria for scoring).

    ; Identify and discuss how the prompts were created from the exercise descriptions and level 4 rubric.

     Homework for the Next Session

    ; Select an assessment center exercise not shown in the selected assessment center exercises in your certificate.

    ; Prepare a sample assessment center exercise in the format of the selected assessment center exercises in your

    certificate. Groups may decide to write to the same one or to different exercises.

    ; Be sure to write 4 prompts that will help you to demonstrate evidence that you know the content outlined in the

    exercise description and level 4 rubric.

    ; Practice writing for 30 minutes in response to one of the NBPTS selected assessment center exercises.

    Prepared by Dr. Lynn Gaddis, NBCT at Illinois State University March 2003

Session 3Creating Practice Questions

This session will give candidates opportunities to analyze selected assessment center exercises prompt statements, write practice prompts, and practice responding to

    effective practice questions for each exercise.

    Activity Materials Time


     Discovering characteristics of the prompt questions.

    1. Read the prompts in both selected assessment center exercises.

    2. Identify commonalties in the prompt statements.

    3. In groups, share the exercises you wrote. Evaluate to the following questions:

    ; Does the prompt or pairs, encompass all of the key content found in the exercise description?

    ; Does the prompt encompass all of the key content found in the level 4 rubric? ?

    ; Does the prompt essentially rewrite the level 4 rubric key content

    ; Does the exercise include all the components shown in the selected assessment center exercise?

    4. Revise the entries written by candidates to be used as practice exercises.

     Collaborating to share resources.

    1. In groups, share and discuss how resources for each exercise may be used to prepare for the assessment center.

    2. In groups, deliver professional development activities that will support each other in preparing for the assessment


    3. Identify progress made and further resources and professional development necessary to prepare for the assessment


     Practice writing to a selected assessment center prompt.

    Practice writing to one of the selected assessment center prompts.

    ; Set the time for 45 to 60 minutes to begin to respond to prompts within a time limit.

    ; Read the selected exercise. Write a response to each of the 4 prompt statements. Be sure to adhere to testing

    regulations during the 45 to 60 minutes.

     Evaluating Responses to selected assessment center prompts.

    1. List the key content from the exercise description and the level 4 rubric on the handout for evaluating responses.

    2. Exchange papers with a partner.

    3. Read the paper to identify evidence of the key content of the level 4 rubric. Write notes about what you find for each

    key content.

    4. Discuss both papers by identifying evidence of the key content in the level 4 rubric and what is missing.

    5. Discuss strategies and skills necessary to improve performance.

    6. Develop a plan of study and practice to improve performance.

     Homework for the Next Session

    1. Carry out the plan to improve test-taking skills.

    2. Continue to gather resources, participate in professional development activities, and study for the assessment center


    3. Practice writing responses to each of the 6 assessment center exercises.

Prepared by Dr. Lynn Gaddis, NBCT at Illinois State University March 2003

    Session 4Using the NBPTS Word Processor for Practice Tests

    This session will give candidates opportunities to learn how to use the NBPTS Word Processor, practice a 30-minute assessment and set goals and strategies to improve skills.

    Activity Materials Time


     Demonstration and practice with software.

    1. Go to the NBPTS website and to the Candidate Resource Center and to the Certificate Knowledge

    Center and to your certificate and to the Assessment Center Information and 4 Prep for the Test Day and to the Take

    the Tutorial and to the First-time candidates Next Generation.

    2. If you see a bouncing NBPTS logo, you need not download the macromedia software. If you do not see it, follow the

    directions to download it free.

    3. Scroll toward the bottom of the page and click on “Start the tutorial”

    4. Read through the introduction slides by clicking “next” until you see a window with “Using this tutorial”, “Questions

    and Answers”, “Practice the Computer Skills You Will Need”, and “Explore the Test-taking Situation”.

    5. Proceed through each of these sections.

    6. To explore the test-taking situations, you may either respond to those questions presented or ignore them and practice

    on this site using your selected prompt questions.

     Practice 30-minute assessment.

    1. Prepare 4 prompt statements for one of the exercises in your certificate.

    2. Go to the “Explore the Test-taking Situation” in the tutorial.

    3. Use this word processor to respond to the 4 prepared prompts for one exercise in your certificate within 30 minutes.

    4. If possible, print your response and evaluate using the key concept list from the level 4 rubric for that exercise in your

    certificate as done in session 3.

     Identify further study and practice.

    1. Identify what went well, what did not work, further strategies to develop, and actions to improve performance.

    2. Collaborate to identify areas for independent and group study and practice.

    3. Develop a plan for study and practice.


    1. Continue to revise practice prompt statements for each exercise, identify resources, and study.

    2. Practice writing responses for each of the exercises in 30-minute situations using the online tutorial word processor.

    Be sure to practice using the selected assessment center exercises from the NBPTS website and those you have


    3. Evaluate your responses to the four prompt statements in each exercise by identifying evidence of the key content in

    the level 4 rubric.

    Prepared by Dr. Lynn Gaddis, NBCT at Illinois State University March 2003

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